Record BREAKING PPV numbers for Nate Diaz vs. Jake Paul REVEALED! Bisping’s UFC 292 PREDICTION

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SEAN O’MALLEY says he’ll be the biggest star in the UFC if he beats Aljamain Sterling at UFC 292

MARLON VERA explains why UFC 292 fight with Pedro Munhoz is ‘very risky’

DEMETRIOUS JOHNSON picks Aljamain Sterling to defeat Sean O’Malley at UFC 292

NATE DIAZ VS. JAKE PAUL PPV numbers revealed

MICHAEL BISPING gives his prediction for Aljamain Sterling vs. Sean O’Malley fight

IAN GARRY responds to critics

00:00 – Ian Garry responds to critics
01:43 – Michael Bisping’s prediction for Aljamain Sterling vs. Sean O’Malley
03:08 – Nate Diaz vs. Jake Paul PPV numbers revealed
04:12 – Demetrious Johnson picks Aljamain Sterling to defeat Sean O’Malley
05:43 – Sean O’Malley says he’ll be the biggest star in the UFC if he beats Sterling
06:26 – Marlon Vera on why UFC 292 fight w/ Pedro Munhoz is ‘very risky’
07:47 – TOP 3 MMA memes



All right let's get this show started in An interview with UFC news a few days Ahead of UFC 292's fight with Neil magni Ian Machado Gary shared his honest take On matchup and said that he sees this Fight as the perfect opportunity to Prove that he's the real deal the truth Is no one was watching this fight Because of Jack Neal or Naomi they're Watching him because I'm the guy in that Octagon that's the truth Neil has been Fighting since I was 12 years of age Neo Is and has been ranked since before I Was an amateur Neil has seen every style Every look that the UFC has had he has Fought the best of the best he has Fought contaminers he's fought Rising Prospects Neil is not going to care About what I'm going to try to do he's Going to try to implement his own game He has been around he's a veteran of the Sport and he knows what he does best by Making the fight his his way I'm not gonna allow that I'm far too Fast I'm far too intelligent and I'm Fine too good at what I do I am here to Show the world By using Neil magni as my example just How good I am I'm breaking to the top 10. Gary also sent a message to everyone Who's doubted him it also gives people Up the demo it also gives the others Feel oh but he's not going to be X Y and Z great I love that people down me I

Love the people that people want to Fight them because I show up and I prove Just how good I am against the people That they keep doubting me against so Guess what the future is inevitable I've Said this to you before when I show up I Get my hand raised I do it in Spectacular fashion and against Neil Magni and against anybody else in the Top 10 it's going to come to fruition I Promise you just Began the most recent episode of his bym Podcast Michael Bisping showed his final Prediction for the upcoming Sean O'Malley vs Al Jermaine Sterling fight Bisping believes that aljo will be too Much for sugar on the ground and we'll Catch him with a submission in the third Round I'll come out with it real quick I Think algeman is going to do what he did To Corey San Diego which was cut the Cage off immediately ran right at it Took away the range cut the cage off Caught the kick got the body lock took The back stand and dragged him down and Then charged him out unconscious Crazy and that is exactly what I'm Basing my pick on it's on that resting Ability I mean listen of course we can There's a world where all Mali Stuffs The takedowns is a world where he uses Under hooks against defense if he is Taking down he bounces back to his feet And he gets back in the open and he uses

That beautiful boxing which is beautiful And The Stance which is and the way Blends it all together your strike is Very very nice and I'm a fan I love Watching him operate I really do but as You said and as I said already I just Don't think that stopping the tape down Sprawling and under hooking will be Enough I think algeman takes him down And either he gets his finish Or at least a decision and I could be Wrong but I think I'm gonna say right Now prediction third round So I think I think he takes him down I Think he mounts him and ground and pound And then we know the one from there you Turn you give up your back and that's That but hey I love Sean I'll be happy Just a few short weeks after the Jake Paul versus Nate Diaz boxing match the YouTuber revealed that the event did Very well in a recent edition of his BS With Jake Paul podcast he stated that His fight with Diaz did over 500 000 Pay-per-view buys also the events gate Reportedly set the record for the American Airlines Center in Nellis yeah Very very very happy with the fight like An amazing event so much has come out of It so much love support uh good things All everyone on the business side we Absolutely crushed it it's looking like Uh 500 000 plus pay-per-views biggest Gate and that's U.S pay-per-view so like

It means more that because it costs more Um in the US so massive number massive Success there's like statistics that Show the Google searches from that night We were like number one most search uh Google Trend by like 10 times Um trended everywhere it's just biggest Gate biggest ticket sales biggest Sponsorship so This Saturday night Al Jermaine Sterling Will be looking to defend his Featherweight title for the fourth time In the main event of UFC 292 against Sean O'Malley during a recent appearance On the MMA hour Demetrius Johnson made a Short breakdown of the fight and Explained why he would pick aljo to beat Sugar at UFC 292. it's hard like it's it That's a fascinating fight I think aljo Has the advantage of fighting higher Caliber athlete his grappling is I would give the strength advantage to Aljo I give the Shrek and Advantage a rhythm Advantage way more to Sugar Shawn O'Malley so if alojo walks Across the distance like he's been doing Against everybody else but he did the Peter Young when he's done the Henry Suhudo when he's done to everybody which He will do against sugar Shawn O'Malley He's got to make sure he gets his hands On him like if he tries to make a Kickboxing fight and strike and fight

His chance of getting knocked out Knocked out go up significantly higher Right but if he goes across the cage and Just gets his hands on O'Malley I haven't seen O'Malley have a good Clinch game Um he's got some good takedown defense But you know aljo took down my boy Henry Suhudo So it's it it's a tough fight but if I Had to pick somebody like if I was on a Desk and I'm like they had a you know if You have to pick somebody you're getting Fired I'll probably pick aljo because He's been through uh tough fights like I Think he should spot higher caliber guys In a recent interview on unlocking the Cage Sean O'Malley discussed the Potential impact the total win at UFC 292 has on his career according to Sugar Winning the belt would make him the Biggest star in the UFC at the moment And do you believe being the draw that You are already that should you have a Title around your waist you're the Biggest star in the UFC do you believe That yeah I really like that Bell for People that need them I I don't feel Like I need a belt to be able to be a Draw to be exciting to be able to build Big build fights I lose this fight my Next fight's gonna be big it's gonna be Big it doesn't matter Um so I do pretty I do agree with that

In my case Um me with the bell I believe biggest Star in the UFC at the moment yes Arlen Vera believes UFC 292's fight with Pedro Munoz is very risky in a recent Interview with Jimmy Smith on SiriusXM Cheeto Vera discussed the opponent Change and said that Henry sahuda was a Bigger name than Pedro Munoz but Believes a fight with Munoz won't be any Easier and he has a lot more to lose I mean you go from Henry used to have a huge name right yes Because you know a little dorky guy with His iPad talking about fights and acting Like a coach but then he's still having A big name former Champion uh gold Medalist It was it was a huge fight I mean that's That's a huge fight but then you got Somebody like Pedro there is just as Good just stuff But just with a little less of a name Right but At the end of the day for the people That really knows fighting I don't Understand fighting that's a risky fight So I didn't took like okay this is gonna Be a little easier or whatever I'm I'm Going Through Hell together this win no Matter what so I know the risk and then And I'm just a guy that I mean I could Not fight and hug and just wait for a Terrorism

But I'm not that guy I'm not the guy That I don't like to stall I like to Prove myself and and I just know how Good I am I can go in there and get it Done Here are the top three memes we found on The internet today third place was found Over Reddit and was posted by a user Named adventurous class 791 Our second place meme was found over Twitter and was posted by a user named W Simu MMA And her top picked meme of the day was Found over Instagram and was posted by a User named as shopped As It Gets Thank you guys for watching if you liked The video please leave a like And Subscribe to our channel to keep up with The latest MMA News