Rose Namajunas SHOWS OFF HORRIFIC hand injury! Jon Jones GETS HONEST on Sean O’Malley! Dana-Merab

MMA news today:

JORGE MASVIDAL open to fight Justin Gaethje for the BMF title

ROSE NAMAJUNAS shows off horrific hand injury

ISRAEL ADESANYA predicts submission win over Sean Strickland

JON JONES gets honest on Sean O’Malley

DANA WHITE throws shade at Aljamain Sterling & Merab Dvalishvili

VOLKAN OEZDEMIR credits training w/ Khamzat Chimaev for his submission win at UFC Paris


00:00 – Israel Adesaya predicts submission win over Sean Strickland
01:36 – Jon Jones gets honest on Sean O’Malley
02:24 – Dana White throws shade at Sterling & Merab
03:30 – Rose Namajunas shows off horrific hand injury
04:04 – Bisping, Gane & Aspinall having some fun after UFC Paris
05:06 – Jorge Masvidal open to fight Justin Gaethje for the BMF title
06:22 – Volkan Oezdemir on training w/ Khamzat Chimaev
07:45 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show started In today's video Israel assigning Predict submission win over Sean Strickland Jon Jones gets honest and Sean O'Malley Dana White throw shade at Sterling and marab Rose now my unit Shows off horrific hand injury it's been Gone and Aspen all have some fun after UFC Paris foreign says he'll fight Justin gaichi for the BMF title and Vulcan uzumir on training with Hamza Shimaev Says he wants to get his first Submission win and believes it's gonna Happen against Sean Strickland this Saturday night at UFC 293 in a recent Interview with tsn's Aaron bronstetter Izzy said that Strickland will for sure Try to take this fight to the ground and It's gonna backfire on him yeah so I Haven't thought about that what do I Want in my career Submission I definitely want a Submission it might be this fight And though he's gonna wrestle like easy You'll be dumb not to so I know he's Gonna try and mix it up he's he's doing This whole thing man dance man dance He's gonna crotch sniff that's what he's Gonna do Everybody gave him that advice before The prayer fight that didn't happen do You think that's why you believe he's Gonna you know not make that same

Mistake again Yeah I mean he's got smart coaches and They all definitely beat it into him and I know they've been talking about it He's like what question if I'm going to Box him you really think he's gonna box With me The Pereira fight I called it I told him Focus on Joker he's Gonna Knock You Out What do you do he knocked him out Because he wasn't focused on his job it Was focused on me But um Yeah he's going to crotch sniff But you know I get down too so it's Whatever During a recent appearance on the Overdogs podcast John Jones was asked About what he thinks of the new Bantamweight champion Sean O'Malley Jones had some nice things to say about The rising UFC star and said that he Reminds him a lot of Conor McGregor he Said Sean O'Malley I'm excited about him He has the look he reminds me a lot of McGregor he's really raw and authentic Here's the kind of rags to riches story That everyone appreciates especially in This country I like him I like him a lot And I really want to see how far he can Take it he's young enough still where he Can take those Leaps and Bounds in his Game he's going to be around for a long Time to beat up algeman like that I

Always put my money on the wrestler O'Malley he's looking like the total Package I'm going to be tuning into his Pay-per-views for the next couple of Years In a recent Instagram story post Dana White appeared to subtly criticize Al Jermaine Sterling and marab Divas Villi While commanding Rose now at Eunice Whitehead recently denounced Murad for Purportedly declining a fight with Sean O'Malley then she commented on what Roe Stated in the UFC pre-fight press Conference she said I adore Valentina I Really do appreciate what she's done for Me if we were to have her fight I would Just have the approach of hey man we Basically went to war in the gym for I Don't know how many months for free so If we can make some money and Inspire Some people in the process then I'd be All down for it to this white commented Gangster this is exactly what your Mindset should be when you are a pro Much respect Rose Now to this murab responded tweeting Every UFC win since my first in 2018 I Called out sugar Shawn at the UFC and Sean ignored my call outs I say I don't Want to fight my teammate and brother Funkmaster MMA and the media goes crazy If there is no immediate rematch I am Number one for this Tuttle match there Should be no questions asked

Rose now my units has suffered a Gruesome injury in her most recent loss To Manon Furrow at UFC Paris on Saturday Night Ryan Butler owl manager for Namaunas at Sucker Punch entertainment Posted a photo on Sunday morning of Rose's badly injured pinky finger on her Right hand he captioned it writing this Is what happened to Rose Nama yunus's Hand in the very first Clash in the First round not being able to make a Fist cause the mental battle to keep Fighting and carried into the second Round by the third round Rose was ready For two more such as the fight game base Palm she is in good spirits and heading Home now here is Cyril gone Michael Bisping and Tom aspinall having some fun With the punching machine after UFC Paris Lord Give me a shots Come on [Music] Jorge Hospital wants his BMF title back In a recent interview with ESPN mma's Mark raymondi the former BMF champ said He's open to returning to the FC as long As he can face Justin gate chief for the BMF belt I think you should defend it Against me if you have me man that's What that's supposed to happen Um If I was to come back to the sport you

Know That's a big if but Is that something that you can see No that's that's something in the future I never uh knock off coming back to Fighting because I I love fighting I Love fighting much It's my favorite pastime it's my Favorite sports my way of life you know So I I can never say I'm not gonna fight But um I think Gage should just stay Active really you know fight keep Fighting stay competing say stay Fighting the world's best because that's What Obama's supposed to do take them All on you know I never It's like One or all they're all the same to me And gagey pretty much has that attitude That's why he's a bad mother because he Fights he's not ducking nobody that guy Literally will fight anybody a wrestler Striker Jiu Jitsu guy he takes him all And that's that's a big requirement S Demir scored his first submission win In over 11 years this past weekend at UFC Paris when he submitted Bogdan Gustav by a rear naked joke in the very First round during the post-fight Presser usdamir credited training with Hamza she might have for his impressive Win and said that he'll be helping Hamza In his preparation for UFC 294's fight Against Paolo Costa I took it how he

Came but I also put a lot of emphasis on My on my ground now I've been training In all summer now for my third camp I Feel really great the first two camps Were back to back I just came it was Like eight weeks eight weeks before the Fight so full Camp a lot of volume you Know three to four training a day really Hard training with hamzat it was really Tough you know he mentioned training With Hamza when you train with a guy Like that camp after Camp after camera Is it something interesting that you can Compare yourself to his wrestling his Rapping and see your own progression of Course you know us because once you're Able to uh protects to take down just Stand back up against this guy you know You know you're gonna be able to do that Against everybody else you know just the Input he put the volume you know and the Intensity he brings all the camp it's Really amazing so he now he's training In Abu Dhabi I'm gonna be also following Him you know during the last phase of His Camp uh preparing for his next fight So I will also be really happy to to see What's next Here are the top three memes we found on The internet today third place was found Over Reddit and was posted by a username Livvales Our second place meme was found over Reddit and it was posted by a username

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