Sean Strickland CHOKES OUT another fan! Ngannou’s PFL opponent ANNOUNCED! Rampage-Ferguson advice

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00:00 Dana White opens the UFC Mexico P.I.
01:59 Jon Jones spars Superbon Banchamek
03:12 Rampage Jackson gives Tony Ferguson fighting advice
04:45 Michael Chandler still confident Conor McGregor fight ‘is happening’
06:17 Francis Ngannou announces his PFL opponent
07:04 Sean Strickland chokes out another fan
08:09 TOP 3 MMA memes



All right let's get the show Started let's start today's news with Dana White opening the UFC Mexico Performance Institute the UFC held a Ribbon cutting ceremony for its newest Performance Institute in Mexico during UFC Fight Night 237 fight week Dana White along with fellow Executives Hunter Campbell Lawrence sepine and Duncan French as well as several Fighters including current Champions Alexic rzo and Alexandre Penta took part In the Event Dana wrote this has been a dream and Goal of mine since 2001 to finally be Here and walk the halls of the UFC Pi in Mexico City is a Monumental moment in The history of our sport the impact this Facility will have on Mexico as well as Both Central and South America will be Massive and here's a quick tour of the 50,000 ft Facility LFC performance Institute Jon Jones Spar super bond Bonam in Thailand the UFC heavyweight Champion traveled to Thailand where he Took part in a meet and greet and Imparted fight wisdom two taii fans During a seminar in bangau Thursday Jones posted a clip of him doing a Friendly sparring session with ma Thai Champion super Bon

Bonch I had an awesome time now I have a Red eye to Saudi Arabia um but I'll would just say if you Know you know super Bon I really Appreciate you coming out and showing me Support means the World Rampage Jackson gives Tony Ferguson Fighting advice during an appearance on The Jackson podcast Tony Ferguson opened Up on his struggles to find success in The cage in recent years and received Some heartfelt advice from Rampage not a Lot of people know that about me but I've always been that way where if I Would get burned out on some I would Allow myself to [ __ ] be like that I Would go and throw my medals in the wood I would take my wrestling charts and Char them but why but why though I don't Can know you know what I mean it's it's It's a self-defeating thing that I I had To Break here here's go I'm going see see If I could be a psychologist for a Second is it is it because you just Don't feel like you deserve it that's it But you know what I do you do and that's What I mean it would just I would have To put myself in such a low spot where I Would have to bounce back back higher Listen tell yourself in the morning when You wake up give yourself a mage I Deserve this I deserve this Victory I

Deserve to get back on top I deserve Everything because I worked hard I'm a Hard worker tell yourself that every Morning when you wake up thank thank um The most high you know show your Gratitude thank him for everything thank Him for your Healthy beautiful kids your Beautiful wife everything thank him for Things that you don't have thank him for For things that you want and never never Talk about what you don't have you you Know what I'm saying always thank them For for everything and then and tell Yourself you do deserve it and don't and Don't feel guilty for anything that that That you've done in the past or anything Like cuz we we all ratchet men you know What I'm saying no one's perfect and you Do you deserve it you deserve everything Thank you for saying that Michael Chandler is still confident that the Conor McGregor fight is happening UFC President Dana White recently stated That he's not sure whether mcgreger will Ever fight again however Chandler still Has faith that the fight is going to Happen during a recent appearance on the MMA hour Chandler confidently said that He's had way too many assurances Confirming that the fight is going down To think otherwise nobody's had to feel Like they've waited longer than me right You know um it's I've been ready to Fight since right after the Ultimate

Fighter um but I also understand the Time off has been good the the time with My family has been good business has Been booming outside of me fighting in The cage for a paycheck um but Ultimately yeah I mean Connor's got his Stuff going on he's now promoting Roadhouse that's coming out in March um You know obviously there was the usada Stuff and then now the new drug testing Stuff there was just all these different Layers plus what Dana has said man money Complicates things there's a lot of Money involved in this fight there's a Lot of money in Connor's Camp outside You know what he has build and what he Has amassed and and everybody whether You love him or hate him you you got to Respect what the man has built right so It has complicated things and uh but Either way the Chandler train is cont Continuing to move forward in the the We're not getting off this train this is The fight that is is happening I can't Tell you a date I can't tell you uh a Wait but I can tell you the fight is Happening and I have way too many Assurances um that this fight is Happening to uh to think otherwise Francis Sanu announces his return to MMA Ahead of his boxing match against Anthony Joshua scheduled for March 8th In Saudi Arabia and ganu announced his Return to MMA to face the winner of

Hanan FAA versus is Brian Bader OHA knock down go from LA with the Championship oh in the right hand Dar Vader cemented his legacy Sean Strickland chokes out another fan On the slopes Strickland posted this Video to Instagram of him grappling with A fan in the snow be Easier dog let's go get his ass J no Dude [ __ ] tell you quit [ __ ] Get his ass J bro get his trying Suck Let's go Jay go up out on me [ __ ] let's Go Go let's go don't be a hero dude watch Out the board Tap let's Go Ni time for today's top memes third Place was found over on Instagram and Was posted by daily do M8 the second place meme was found over On Instagram and was posted by Beaver Smash TV the top picked meme was found over on Reddit and was posted by failed Prospect 403 thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk