Renato Moicano THREATENS to ‘beat’ MMA Guru’s ‘A**’! Conor REACTS to Moicano’s EPIC interview! Dober

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00:00 Ian Garry predicts Geoff Neal will ‘quit’ at UFC 298
00:44 Themba Gorimbo gives respect to his opponent
01:49 Nassourdine Imavov goes off on Chris Curtis
03:19 Israel Adesanya gets back to training
04:46 Renato Moicano’s hilarious post-fight interview
05:53 MMA community react to Moicano’s interview
06:45 Renato Moicano threatens to ‘beat’ MMA Guru
07:24 Drew Dober issues a statement following loss
07:48 TOP 3 MMA memes



All right let's get this show Started let's start today's news with Ian Gary predicting he'll make Jeff Neil Quit Gary and neeler set to clash in a Highly anticipated Grudge battle which Is scheduled for UFC 298 on February 17th in a recent video posted on his IG Page Gary talked about how he's going to Finish his opponent here's what he said Am I going to finish him I'm going to Make him quit he'll choose when he's Done I'd like to [ __ ] kick him to the Buddy and have him do that when the Dog look when the dog look at you like When they're ping for protection that's What they do right dogs look at their Owners when when when they're ping Because that's when they're vulnerable For attack Right there's Me do the face again like That tber gimbo gives respect to his UFC Vegas 85 opponent gimbo faced Pete Rodriguez in a welterweight preliminary Bout at Saturday's UFC Vegas 85 event And he only needed 32 seconds to get his First UFC finish shortly after the when Gimbo met his opponent backstage and Thanked him for taking the Fight Jess doing my medic thank you for Taking the fight bro bless you bless you Man Mexican to you you know what Happened when I when I knew that I was Fighting you Mexican I like oh my

God the most words that mean the most to Me is thank you and Appreciate bless you bro bless you and Yeah man about Was supposed to be my corner but he Called me say to me I love I love you so I'm not going to be your Corner you were initially before another Opponent but then they had to Change yeah BR Bless SRD ovov slams Chris Curtis after UFC Vegas 85 this Saturday's main event Was packed with drama a foul by ovov Against grounded opponent Roman deled Upset Chris Curtis who was present and Serving as quarter man the negative Energy continued to escalate from there After imov beat doid by majority Decision Curtis was seen giving the Middle finger to the Rival who had just Defeated Curtis's teammate during the Postf fight presser nasimov had some Choice words for Curtis and challenged Him to a real tough sparring session at Curtis' gym I was upset because the guy Chris Curtis keep talking in every fight He's cornering he keeps talking to me This is not his job as a corner man to Talk to the fighter uh when I went to The cage against him he was very silent He got dominated and he even quit the Fight because of the headbutt so you Know I just want him to stop talking and Uh let me

Fight I'm not at all interested by Chris Curtis first of all he's so low on the Ranking uh second of all I did a master Class against him I just dominated him He couldn't do anything into the cage But you know if he really wants to keep Talking I can go into his his place his Gym and we can do a real tough sping Session and I'm going to destroy him as As I did into the cage and before Roman Doid we proposed him a rematch in UFC Paris and he declined is rasan gets back To training adisan recently announced That he is close to returning to full Training and aims for a comeback later In 2024 with the spot vacant for UFC 300's Main Event many fans have begun Speculating that the former Champion May Return to headline this highly Anticipated event Michael Kessa also Revealed that dracus dup's management is Trying to get DDP versy done for UFC 300 look for me I would like to see him Fight dricus dupy and I have the same Agent as dricus duplicity and I think That they're they're trying to make it Happen you know he does have a Compromised leg from the fight maybe Working on a new contract I he's also Dropped some new training footage where He's seen working on his ground game Which could be a very important element In a fight against Dupi get on head on

Head one more one more one [Applause] More good good for the Finish again Again come [Music] Get the MMA Community reacts to anato Moo's postf fight interview in the Co-main event on Saturday at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas moano defeated Drew Dober by unanimous decision immediately After the win moano cut a high highly Anticipated promo on the microphone During which he revealed to the world That his 62-year-old father had a baby The day before in Brazil he also told Americans to have more kids go to church And warn that the USA is turning into a Third world country another thing I love This America you know I'm not American But I will be my green green card is Three years in two years I will be a American and after I'm done with Fighting I will serve on the police Officer I want to be a SWAT team and I Want to kill the bad guys make no Mistake that is right and that is wrong And people are forgetting about that People are going crazy that's why I I Want more kids I want people go to the Church I want people to Respect otherwise this great country in The world is going to be a third world Country and I don't want to D here's how

The MMA Community reacted to Moo's Hilarious interview Conor McGregor wrote Wow he has a new little baby brother That's awesome fair play moano senior to Which hanato responded writing McGregor I'm your fan I used to hate you because The trash talk but you Chang the game I Respect you and here's some more Reactions Jared Gordon said I love that Post fight from boyano Dereck Brunson Said money moyano is only getting a show And win money tonight at best with this Heavy grappling Dana calling him show Money moyano right now laughing emotes Shea War princess said this Brazilian Has the best inter interviews Ken McKinny he was ranting about everything Gilbert Burns said moano always delivers In the octagon and on the mic Pay The Man Alan joban more of moano Chitto Vero Swap moano I love It and a moano goes off on MMA Guru Shortly after his victory moano went Live on YouTube with a message for MMA Guru does it just look like a orbital on The right hey tell MMA Guru that I'm Going to beat his ass brother on the Streets my friend looks like yeah all Right good okay show some respect you Know one we without fighting and Then year and a half year and a half Mother and let me tell something mad Respect for d d mother has had as a Truck Drew Dober reacts following UFC

Vegas 85 is loss taking Tex shortly Following his decision lost to hanato Moano Dober issued the following Statement writing not the outcome we Wanted in a game of inches I made Mistakes and hanato moano was the better Man tonight congratulations to him and His team I feel no shame in putting Everything on the line and testing my Abilities against the best in the World time for today's top memes third Place was found over on Instagram and Was posted by a username as shopped As It Gets second pick was found over on Reddit and was posted by a username Fighter Cards and the top pick meme was found Over on Twitter and was posted by doy Simu MMA thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk Sh