Francis Ngannou GOES OFF on judges & TAKES AIM at Dana White! MMA Community SLAMS judges! Tyson Fury

MMA news today:

MMA COMMUNITY slam judges over controversial scoring in Francis Ngannou vs. Tyson Fury boxing match

FRANCIS NGANNOU goes off on judges

ARIEL HELWANI & FRANCIS NGANNOU take a shot at Dana White

BACKSTAGE FOOTAGE of Ngannou celebrating with his family

JON JONES undergoes successful pec surgery

COACH JAVIER MENDEZ reveals who Islam Makhachev will probably fight next

ROMAN DOLIDZE calls out top middleweights to a fight

00:00 – MMA community slam judges over controversial scoring in Ngannou vs. Fury fight
04:04 – Ariel Helwani & Francis Ngannou take a shot at Dana White
04:38 – Backstage footage of Ngannou celebrating with his family
05:18 – Roman Dolidze calls out top middleweights to a fight
06:11 – Jon Jones undergoes successful pec surgery
06:49 – Javier Mendez reveals who Islam Makhachev will probably fight next
08:05 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get the show Started Francis nanu had the performance Of a Lifetime on Saturday knocking down Tyson Fury and nearly pulling off one of The biggest upsets in the history of Professional sports in Riyad Saudi Arabia in the end Fury won a split Decision by the narrowest of margins However many believe that enanu was Robbed by the judges here are some Reactions from the MMA Community Including enanu himself he wrote Table Tennis champion of the world Tyson say Thank you to those two judges because I Didn't win this fight this boxing world Wild but some judges should be Responsible for their actions this type Of stuff is what up people's careers Isra replied great serve Against All Odds and coming out on top stepping into The squared Circle and going toet to- Toe with the greatest heavyweight in Boxing my brother Francis you shook up The world Darren till tweeted my next Fight is going to be in the world of Boxing but me it's when corrupt shambles Of a thing Francis won that fair and Square either way he won no matter what Unlucky Fury not a bad fight good night Nate Diaz said this is a boxing match a Limited fight not a bad as man contest Tyson Fury lost and the boxing Commentary biased as dumb asses they Need to learn how to box Junior do

Santos posted this clip captioned he won I saw that come on you just W the fight You Be [Music] That oh my gosh there's no doubts There's I don't know how how the the Judge saw something different than that You know Franc was chasing him Connecting the attractive punches he was Connecting all the good punches came From him you know tys much respect to Tyson but he was only touching he B you The fight he doesn't make s you know Like what they just beat here and also He knock like he got a knock Down on on Tyson that's the TRU just be the best boxer in the History ofwe box know he just did that Daniel Cormier posted this Clip all right so Francis and G just did Some unreal [ __ ] and you know your boys Got to react to it I mean wow home on a Saturday get to watch a fight like that The lineal heavyweight champion in the World Francis lost a split Decision only thing lost tonight was Boxing cuz but Francis and G showed that He's Real make sure you guys tap in in the Next hour I'm going to have that video Up on my YouTube channel I'll pop that Link in my bio let's go and here's how

Conor McGregor and Kamar Usman reacted To the controversial decision oh SC for The fans you know Queens very real the Queen [Applause] Is himself very well Also this one of Those is Awesome down Ed seat each blink of a Shot can the whole thing it was an Awesome match R play the tyon did have To give that opportunity down that's a Risky doesn't know who is he he doesn't Know what his sto is what his approach Is going to Be I'm impressed About Happy Clean hard of shots you know it Should have been usces but you know he Felt the power of uh of brances so he Decided to just point fight like he Couldn't knock him Out course come on now he felt power so He just decided to point fight a dance Round This ISX this is what they Do Ariel helwani has taken shots at Dana White for his past comments about Francis and ganu he posted this clip on His IG page captioned remember when People actually believe this is BS in January what will you say now I think Francis is in a place right now where he Wants he doesn't want to take a lot of

Risk you know he he's got it in his head That there's there's bigger Opportunities outside the UFC with um You know L her Opponents G responded in the comments Writing the opportunity is real man I Don't know about lesser opponent here's Some backstage footage of Francis and His family moments after his impressive Fight against Tyson Currently without a fight seventh ranked Roman doid has called out an array of Top ranked middleweights from Robert Whitaker to Paulo Costa and hamai shimay He's even willing to fight unbeaten Rising Star B ni all of these top level Fighters talk so much so loud but no one Want to Fight after my Hermanson fight I call Out hamzat he didn't say Nothing Costa wanted to fight in December I call out Him he's quiet weer is calling out guy From 170 even B Nik I just need a good Name and good fight I think it's better Talk less and do more or just don't Talk Jon Jones has underwent a Successful surgery following the severe Pectoral injury he recently suffered During a sparring Session all right Guys things are about to get pretty real

For me you're in a little bit so just Want to say appreciate the support and Uh wish me luck preparing For see how clean Surgery quick Recover might feel great Might mission Complete now it's time for the road to Recovery let's do It in a recent interview on unlocking The cage with Jimmy Smith coach Javier Mendes revealed who will likely be next For Islam makev after UFC 294 Mendes Believes that it's going to be either Justin gei or Charles Ola and he's Leaning towards gei as Islam hasn't Fought him yet Islam makev there's a lot Of speculation about whether he'd fight Justin gatei or Charles Ola next any Preference for you as a coach um as a Coach because he's fought Charles Already uh and and and uh you know Islam Would probably want the better challenge I think he would want Justin because of That reason but uh let's face it let's Face it you and I know you and I say This we say that the UFC looks at what's Going to make the most money they're Going to go what's going to make the Most money not what what's uh what's Rightly this or rightfully that they're Going to go ah you know what this is Going to make us double the money we're Going to go this route so I think uh

Who's going to win in the end is who Gets the most pay-per-view buys and uh I Think it might be Justin based on the Fact that they haven't fought each other And Justin his last fight was phenomenal And Charles was phenomenal and his last Fight against benal but he got cut so It's kind of like I don't know here are The top three memes found on the Internet today third place was found Over Facebook and was posted by a user Named Robert second place meme was found over Facebook and was posted by a user named O MMA and the top piic meme of the day was Found over Instagram and was posted by Username beavers Smash TV Thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk