Misfits Boxing 15 live blog: Elle Brooke vs. Paige VanZant

This is the Misfits Boxing 15 live blog for Elle Brooke vs. Paige VanZant, the main event boxing match going down on Saturday at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.

Known primarily as an influencer and internet personality, Brooke quietly became one of the more successful female influencer boxers during the sports’ rise over the past few years. Sporting a 4-1 record across various influencer platforms, Brooke scored the biggest win of her career in January when she knocked out Andrea-Jane Bunker to claim the Misfits Boxing middleweight title, which she now puts on the line against VanZant.

VanZant first rose to prominence in the UFC, joining the promotion in 2014 and rattling of three straight wins to become a legitimate prospect in the strawweight division. VanZant struggled to build off that early momentum though, going just 2-4 in her remaining time in the UFC before leaving the promotion in 2020 to pursue other interests. Since then, VanZant’s combat sports journey has primarily been in bareknuckle boxing where she went 0-2 under the BKFC banner, but now she makes the jump to the sweet science, where she has an immediate opportunity to become one of the faces of Misfits Boxing.

Check out the live blog for this middleweight title fight below.

Prefight: I’m going to level with you: this has not been a good night of fights so far. Six fights down, six decisions, and not a lot of good action. Thus far the most interesting thing that’s happened is Antonio Brown randomly showing up to walk Le’Veon Bell to the ring.

But now we’re to the main event. Will it be good? Questionable. PVZ hasn’t won a fight in five years and Elle Brooke is not amazing. But PVZ is a scrapper so at least there’s a high likelihood of something fun, if nothing else.

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Round 4:

Round 5:

Official Decision:

Post Fight:

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