Sean Strickland FACES OFF w/ Donald Trump +REACTIONS! Northcutt THREATENS to EXPOSE ONE Championship

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00:00 Jon Jones tests out his Rugby skills
00:31 Patricio ‘Pitbull’ Freire goes off on ‘b***h’ Michael Chandler
01:32 Colby Covington accused of faking injury
03:02 Brendan Schaub shares his theory for McGregor’s delayed UFC return
04:48 Sean Strickland faces off w/ Donald Trump
05:49 Sage Northcutt goes off on ONE Championship
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All right let's get this show started Jon Jones tests out his rugby skills During his tour of Australia Jones Participated in tackling practice with The Canterbury Bulldogs rugby league Team where he got to put his rugby Skills to the test check this Out Patricio Pitbull goes off on Michael Chandler Pitbull an old rival of Chandlers believes that iron has become Soft since joining the UFC roster the Two fought back in 2019 at Bellator 221 Where Patricia finished Chandler in the First round by way of TKO now during an Interview with Drake Rigs of P said that he hasn't seen The Michael Chandler of old and said He's become a since leaving Bellator for The UFC he said I think it's going to Happen Chandler versus McGregor they They've been talking about it maybe UFC 300 the main event in all that Conor McGregor does what he wants sometimes it Looks like he calls the shots in the UFC So I wouldn't be surprised if something Happens we have to wait and see if the Fight ever happens I think that all Depends if Michael Chandler that fought In Bellator that wanted to win and be The best shows up he's going to take Conor down and smash him he'll win the Fight if it's the that went to the UFC And just wants to show up and entertain

And make some cash he's going to get Knocked out because he's going to try to Strike with Conor he doesn't have the Chint to take a shot Anymore Gilbert Burns questions the Legitimacy of Kobe Covington's foot Injury during a recent interview of Submission radio Covington shed the X-rays of a severe injury that allegedly Occurred in his wel toway title fight Against Leon Edwards at UFC 296 Kobe Stated that he broke his foot early in The fight which prevented him from Fighting in his usual high volume Pressure wrestling style now in an Interview with Allstars UFC welterweight Gilbert Burns questioned the legitimacy Of Covington's foot injury saying that He saw Covington in Miami continuing Life as usual and that he wasn't even Limping or wearing a cast on his injured Foot you can watch the full interview on The allstar YouTube channel we've Attached the link in today's video Description right it's hard to say Because we never saw like his foot in a Cast he just showed an x-ray right no he Was going everywhere he saw him walking Everywhere the X-ray I don't see his Name of the X-ray so oh you oh that's Weird that is that's a weird thing right Right I don't know you know and then we Saw him this guy walking everywhere he In Miami playing poker going going

Everywhere he didn't see no cash they Didn't see anything So I don't know He's it's very hard to believe on Anything that Kobe says you know you Don't know when it's true you don't know When he the character so I just think uh A lot of guys said that he didn't show Up I think he did show up but I think Leon just shut him down you know and Brenan sha reacts to Dana White shutting Down Conor McGregor's June return the UFC president recently stated that McGregor's Chandler is not happening in June as McGregor recently announced and That the two will probably fight Somewhere in the fall many MMA fans Weren't happy with the announcement and Wondered what the real reason behind McGregor's delayed return is speaking on The thick boy podcast Brandon sha shared An interesting Theory as to why McGregor V Chandler hasn't been booked yet and Why the UFC doesn't really want to make This fight happen what do you guys make Of this idea from Sha but we thought Dana was going to announce UFC 300 Main Event and co-main event today but he Didn't do any of that he announced that McGregor Chandler is not happening it's Not happening in June this is what my Skeptical hippo eyes think McGregor has One or two fights left on his contract The UFC never lets you fight your

Contract out especially if you're a mega Star like Connor Manny Pacquiao's coming Out of retirement his number one Opponent he wants to fight is McGregor I Think Conor's like yeah I just need to Fight Chandler and I'm going to fight Manny Pacquiao and the UFC's like no You're not we you only have one or two Fights left we we need to figure out a New deal with you and he's like no I Don't want to do that I want to fight Chandler I'm going to fight Manny Pacquiao probably Jake Paul and maybe Nate Diaz in boxing that's what I want To do UFC's going no way we can't let You go cuz remember too the UFC is also In negotiations because their their Rights are up at ESPN so that's going on I'm sure Conor brings a lot to the table For the negotiation rights to TV whether It's Netflix or wherever they're going To end up so they can't let him leave so They're just prolonging it I think it'd Be a flex on Dana's part too to do it Because remember he wouldn't let Francis Do it what do you think sells more Francis Fury which didn't do great or Conor Manny Pacquiao so I think there's A lot going on behind the scenes we're Not privy to Shan Strickland faces off With Donald Trump a video posted by Influencer Steve will do it on Twitter Showed Strickland facing off with none Other than former president Donald Trump

The two men squared off against each Other before bursting out into laughter Strickland went on to Brand Trump a Legend following the exchange here's the Clip and here's how MMA fans reacted to The Face Off Fred said the only man Strickland actually stared at while Doing the face off laughing him out Pound-for-pound goat said wildest Duo Ever Padilla said this is the most American vid Anthony gton did I just see The Sha Star Struck for the first time Ever Strickland finally didn't look Uncomfortable Kobe definitely crying Seeing this Sean Strickland always knows How to sound like a 40-year-old trucker Broad look at the respect though he Flinched back to make sure he didn't hit The two-time goat soon to be Respect Sage northcut goes off on one Championship North Co was supposed to Fight Japanese MMA Legend shya Aoki at a One event this past January however ever On fight day it was announced that Northcut had been forced to withdraw due To unforeseen circumstances with his Cornermen according to the broadcast on Thursday northcut ticked to social media To slam one championship for an Inaccurate Hatchet job and threatened to Blow the whistle on drug testing he Wrote One Championship is implying that I pulled out the Sha fight for Unforeseen circumstances that is

Completely inaccurate I sent one Championship the necessary paperwork They required to get my coach's visas 48 Days ahead of the event I was told by Them over the phone and by text my main Jiu-Jitsu coach Fabio pra did not need a Visa since I paid for his airfare Flights and trips so he's not classified As a working employee that needed a Visa And that my other coach could get in as A tourist so he didn't need one either My coaches were there for almost a week And I was not informed that two of them Could not coach until hours before my Match I received a text from an unknown Number that texted me for the first time That day that was a ticket salesman Asking me about getting my two coaches Complimentary tickets to watch my fight In the audience I personally believe That one Championship was not going to Inform me that my coaches were not Allowed to Corner me until I arrived at The arena to fight if I did not hear From a ticket salesman hours earlier we Were also told hours before my match That if my coaches violated the visa Requirements and were caught on camera They could be arrested and there was a 99.8% conviction rate on all arrests I Made it clear to one Championship that I Was not flying from America to Japan if I didn't have my three coaches I was Told before I left to Japan by an

Executive that I would not have to fight With without my coaches they knew before I left that I would not be able to have Two of my coaches they never told me my Coaches could be thrown in prison for Any Visa violation there has been a lot Of stuff going on behind the scenes with One Championship with what caused me to Withdraw from my last fight as well as Other things that I will talk about at a Later time on Facebook Instagram and With media Outlets drug testing weight Cutting policies active athletes roster One stability Etc MMA Legend Josh Bernett chimed in on the topic writing This is is very strange since you do not Need a work visa to be a corner man for Someone in Japan trust me I should know Because I've been fighting and coaching And cornering over there for coming on 20 years nobody would have been arrested For Coaching time for today's top memes Third place was found over on Reddit and Was posted by Tlm the second place meme was found over On Reddit and was posted by a user named Capil RB and the top picked m was found over On X and was posted by Doie thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk