Merab Dvalishvili ‘saves’ Sean O’Malley, Alexander Volkanovski relives his glory days in hilarious skits

Alexander Volkanovski and Merab Dvalishvili have day jobs as elite UFC fighters but in their spare time, they both like to churn out some rather hilarious skits on social media.

It’s actually become a calling card of sorts for Dvalishvili after he adopted the nickname “Professor Machine” to mock Henry Cejudo’s inability to say his last name ahead of their fight back in February.

This time around, the Georgian bantamweight decided to play hero after he approached a building and saw smoke pouring out of one of the windows. Dvalishvili springs into action, straps on some firefighter gear but soon discovers the “fire” is coming from UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley.

Dvalishvili has been going out of his way to take small shots at O’Malley’s passion for marijuana as he continues to wait for a date for their fight, which is expected to take place sometime later this year.

Meanwhile, Volkanovski decided to live through the good old days while laying some concrete alongside his mates at a construction job.

The former UFC featherweight champion joked about that one guy who can’t stop talking s*** on the job and that’s when he lays out some of his most legendary moments, much to the chagrin of people just trying to get some work done around him.

Do you remember that time Volkanovski escaped a nasty submission attempt from Brian Ortega?

Did you know Volkanovski beat new “BMF” champion Max Holloway three times?

Well if you don’t have a recollection about those iconic moments, Volkanovski has no problem telling those stories over and over again.

Check out the videos featuring Dvalisvhili and Volkanovski at their comedic best.

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