Paulo Costa MOCKS Conor McGregor over USADA situation! Dillon Danis CALLS OUT Jake Paul! Miletich

MMA news today:

DILLON DANIS fires back at Logan Paul after DQ loss

PAULO COSTA mocks Conor McGregor over USADA situation

BOBBY GREEN tells interesting Sean Strickland story

PADDY PIMBLETT responds to critics of Tony Ferguson matchup

ISLAM MAKHACHEV rips the bag open with elbow strikes

PAT MILETICH quits on stool vs. Mike Jackson

MICHAEL BISPING criticizes Paulo Costa following UFC 294 withdrawal

00:00 – 55-year old Pat Miletich quits on stool vs. Mike Jackson
01:06 – Dillon Danis calls out Jake Paul to a fight
02:06 – Michael Bisping criticizes Paulo Costa following UFC 294 withdrawal
03:40 – Paulo Costa mocks Conor McGregor over USADA situation
04:21 – Paddy Pimblett responds to critics of Tony Ferguson matchup
04:56 – Bobby Green tells interesting Sean Strickland story
06:42 – Islam Makhachev rips the bag open with elbow strikes
07:23 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show Started in today's video 55-year-old Pat Milotic unable to continue in the Mike Jackson fight Dylan danis calls Jake Paul out to a fight Michael bisin Criticizes Pao Costa following UFC 294 Withdrawal Pao Costa mocks Conor McGregor over usadas Patty pinet Responds to critics of Tony Ferguson Matchup Bobby green tells an interesting Sha Strickland story and Islam makev Rips the bag open with vicious elbow Strikes this past Saturday the first UFC Welterweight champion Pat Milotic Returned to the Oxon for the first time Since 2008 for a grudge match against Fellow UFC veteran Mike Jackson milit And Jackson went from being friends to Bitter enemies over political Differences as Warriors like to do they Decided to settle things inside the cage For a bout that served as the main event Of cage degression 36 at River Center in Davenport Iowa the 55-year-old Milotic Would dominate most of the fight but did Not make it off the stool to see the Third round round crowning the 38-year-old Jackson the winner by TKO Between Rounds the beef between Dylan danis and Logan Paul continues after their fight Logan took some shots at danis tweeting Honestly nothing to be proud about that Dude a real I'm going to go back to

Living my life but felt good to beat his Ass for six rounds and let him embarrass Himself drink Prime I think Dylan Perfectly embodies the problem with Society all [ __ ] talk behind the screen No action just just another peasant Running his mouth contributing nothing To this world but negativity so happy I Got to expose this clown Dylan replied What did you prove you didn't even Tickle me you backed out of an MMA fight Against me everyone knew I'm not a boxer But unlike others I took on the Challenge even with everything in your Favor weight steroids rounds rules Judges referees the list goes on I won The war clown Dennis also called Jake Paul out to a fight writing Hey Jake Your brother hits like a if you knock me Out I'll retire forever and give Everyone who likes this 2K speaking on his b and podcast Mike Bisping shared his honest thoughts on Pao Costa pulling out of UFC 294s fight Against ham Zim mayv bisbing said that Costa knew that he's not going to be Allowed to fight just three weeks after Surgery and criticized him for being a Pullout Merchant he's out of his mind I'm a fan of Costa I love what he brings To the table I was excited for the fight With chimy EV you know they've been Going back and forth sending each of the DMS and stuff like that and uh Hamza was

In the DMS of his his wife but look at All these canle bouts ikram Hamza Rockold Jared caner Robert Whittier do You know what I mean there's there's More down There he's bit of A well he's bit of a Madman isn't he Yeah well as soon as I saw that he had Had surgery and it was three weeks ago So that's four weeks or five weeks Before the fight I'm like he can't fight Like that because all right let's just Assume that the the surgery you know the Stitch is all heal up just in time yeah You can't rain for a fight when you've Just had surgery you can't lift weights You can't block head kicks you can't Sprawl you can't wrest Elbow time you move your arm it's Putting it under tension and all the Rest of it I mean it's it's a shame that He got a staff infection you know so he Had to have that taken care of cuz that Can be very very nasty can be life Threatening as well but oh well Costa Out Kamar Kamar Ru Usman godamn in the UFC's top troll Paulo Costa is back at It again this time he went after Conor McGregor over the recent usada situation Costa posted this photo captioned looks Dehydrated after usada left Paulo's Juice isn't secret anymore Bacha also Shared some harsh words for for usada Tweeting I hate the way usada chase me

Sometimes in hard training camp I often Had anxiety before going to sleep Because I was woke up at 4 a.m. to your Night and have my blood drawn I could Only sleep after breaking my diet and Slept 3 hours later losing quality of Sleep in morning training once they came At me four times in the same week I did Seven tests that time in only one week Patty piml has responded to criticism Surrounding his match up with Tony Ferguson at UFC 296 many believe that It's not a fair fight as Ferguson has Lost his last six fights and hasn't won A fight since 2019 now in an interview with Theo Patty Said I've seen a lot of people talking [ __ ] about the fight it's quite annoying A couple of weeks ago before the fight Got announced I was the worst Lightweight in the UFC I was and then as Soon as me and Tony Ferguson gets called It's like they're feeding Tony to the Wolves how can the worst in the division Be a wolf use your own logic you gang Ofes Bobby green says he used to beat The dog [ __ ] out of Sean Strickland in Past training sessions in a recent Interview on the jackon podcast green Told the story about how he and Strickland used to train together when They were 21 or 22 years old there Bobby Mentioned he used to beat up the current Middleweight champ with ease stricking I

Hey hey shout out to Strickland you know Uh uh little Backstory um my my dad I got a little White dad um he's a black belt he got His black belt from Sean's coach oh wow So out of respect because Sean was Trying to have his MMA career go we must Have been about 21 22 and stuff he would Call me to go over and spar with Shawn Shawn was fighting at 185 I'm a 155 but I would beat the dog [ __ ] out of him ask Him to the day ask him to the day he'll Tell you Bobby green a problem you know What I mean I don't care what size you Was I fought everybody so all my homies They were heavy weights like my other Homie Loren Lin he was a heavyweight and He was a 205 I to fight these big guys You know but I'm a little 55 out there But I got a lot of like spark in me I Used to beat Sean's ass and finally Sean Started hanging around and he said this [ __ ] one day like he was at practice and He was like man none of the white guys Want to go with me only you guys want to Fight with me I was like hey what do you Mean by you guys and Shan got no filter Either no filter you black Guys you black guys so Sean yeah I I Hate to say it but he hung around with And he got to learn hey how to fight Like a so like right now people are Talking about him being the Floyd Mayweather sh I'm like man who you think

Taught him that he got the shell who you Think taught him that Islam makev rips The bag open with elbow strike says he Prepares for a rematch against Alexander Volkanovski of all Time thank you o Jber I stopped filming and you ripped the bag Open with an Elbow oh well what happens when you lose You Lose here are the top three memes we Found on the internet today third place Was found over Facebook and was posted By a user named Janky the second place meme was found Over Instagram and was posted by a user Named as shopped as it Gets and the top picked meme was found Over Instagram and was posted by a user Named Vericle thanks for watching if you like The content smash that like button and Don't forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk