Khamzat Chimaev RIPS into Dana White for ‘bullsh*t’ title shot promise, MMA Community SLAM Ian Garry

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07:08 Khamzat also calls ‘bullsh*t’ on Dana White for breaking title shot promise
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All right let's get the show started Let's start today's news with a video of South African fans going wild after Draus dup's Victory check out this Footage that the Twitter page super Sport has posted of South African fans Going nuts in celebration of draus dup's Win over Shan Strickland at UFC 297 for The winner by Split Decision L Muhammad has provided an update on his Title shot vers Leon Edwards it sounds Like we are close to finding out the Official date of the balal vers Leon Fight in an interview with TSN balal Said that more details should be Released next week the definite Champion B Muhammad we're we're next that's it uh We're just waiting for a date hopefully We get it soon Dana said he let us know Something next week waiting for that Time have you signed the contract yet do You have a date that has been given to You uh just dates have been discussed And it's just like waiting for how Pieces fall into place and hopefully by Next week everything will be like Permanent right because there's so many Moving parts that go along with Everything I can only imagine what Dana Is doing with all the fights and Everything that he has to deal with so I'm just waiting for that one time he Calls me can set text you got it it's

This time this date and it's all set I Have my target right my Bull's eyes on Leon it's been on Leon for the late last Year even when I was training as backup All I was focusing on was Leon I thought He was going to walk through him Regardless I thought he was going to win Regardless uh so now it's you're going To go against a guy that's been training For you for the last two years the guy That's been thinking about you for the Last four years since our last fight uh And it's going to be one of the the Scariest things for you Because as I as the world seen as coach Scen as everybody seen he is afraid of Me so now you're locked in the cage with Me so it's going to be your worst Nightmare Rob valvil has released Footage of car thieves at his home T his Instagram Mor Rob shared footage that His ring camera recorded showing someone Trying to steal his cars He captured the Video writing your house should be a Safe place I didn't lock my door last Night and some losers were checking car Doors in my neighborhood they stole my Wallet they came back to try and steal The car but my neighbor yelled to them And they ran like Vegas people if you Recognize anybody in these p/v video let Me know I will go to their house and Take care of Business

Raquel Pennington has reacted to her UFC 297 win this weekend Raquel defeated Myra bua Silva in the co-main event of UFC 297 winning the women's bantamweight Title speaking to UFC news Raquel talked About what becoming the UFC champion Means to her honestly I'm in shock it is Uh this has been 14 years of hard work a Dream come true um you know if I'm being Honest it's been a crazy day I woke up This morning sick as can be I didn't Sleep last night I honestly like to be In this position and like feel like I Couldn't do it for a second like it's Been one emotional day and to see Another Mountain that I climbed and I Did not give up on myself Like man after the first round we heard Your corner tell you to believe in your Hands what was the biggest adjustment You feel like you had to make throughout The fight believing uh you know getting Out of my head when it came to like Feeling like I wasn't going to have the Cardio just cuz my throat is hurting and Stuff um and just kind of letting things Go I mean it obviously wasn't the Performance that I exactly wanted for a World title fight but you know what I Mean I go back and look at it and I'll Tell you what it was very technical she Put on a great fight like she she's Tough and so to go out there and like You know just control positions and get

Out of positions and she's a submission Queen and to turn around and put her in A submission like you know there's a lot Of great to take from that fight and I Couldn't be more proud the MMA community Slami and Gary for his reaction to the Sha on Strickland ver drus dupy fight Yesterday we shared a video of and Gary Reacting to the Strickland versus DDP Fight in the clip Gary referred to the Fighters as two amateurs and broke into Laughter shaking his head in Disappointment here's how the MMA Community reacted to the clip drus dupi Shared this photo that quotes Gary Saying I feel like I'm watching two Amateurs fight if I ever have a fight Like that please tell me to retire to Which draus replied don't worry you Never will Twitter user Kota said bro You pulled out your last fight after Making a highlight reel saying you were Going to end him please look in the Mirror NP said you reacted to the last 15 seconds of a 25-minute fight you make It so hard to like you MMA chick didn't You get dropped by an unranked fighter LOL breaking down technique on the last 15 seconds of a 25-minute grueling title Fight is lame when you backed out of Your last fight Max James shared this Gift saying everyone when you're knocked Out Cole Hamza shimay has gone off on Shawn

Strickland this is because Shawn Recently said that Hamza doesn't deserve A title shot now speaking with Brett Okamoto Hamza fired back at Strickland Revealing that he was dominating Shawn In the gym regularly to the extent that Strickland had asked his coach to tell Hamza to take it easy on Him ask that guy who was beating you up Every day in the gym Man so how many times have I meet that Guy how many times I beat him up he went To his coach man he went to his coach Please tell the guy man go easy go easy And the guy going with this different he Said like I went crazy with the guys who Is going 166 or this man he's lying man He's lying he trying to like he say I'm Man I'm this I that I'm against the G He's trying to be a MCH man you're not MCH man when I punched your heart you Went to your coach I said please tell The guy going easy Easy oh man what you talking about I Beat you Have was running from me I been his home I Vis in him gym nobody never comes to My gym and trying to beat me up you know Did you see anyone did you hurt anyone Coming to my gym and trying to beat me Up I went to all these guys I went to All the the gyms I've been everywhere I'm not SC anyone so I'm beat up all of Them I never so I not remember I lose my

Sparing Hamza also called out Dana's Quote unquote [ __ ] title shot Promised to him they all these guys Fight each other only me who was Undefeated undefeated undfeated like you Know 13 and all like you so I don't know Well they asked they they Pro promised Me after this fight after my fight you Will for sure going to fight for the Title and I I win that fight And I don't know what's going on I he Some white says like I don't think com For for next for the title and so that's The [ __ ] man So if you promised me something you have To answer forward F so I the guy who I Always answer for my words so I don't Care if it's some president or some by Like King and if you give me a word you Answer for that you know So I'm grow up like when I give the Award so you also answer and if you're Going to die try to answer That listen up fight fans we've been Working behind the scenes on a Newsletter that will allow you to read And see content we can't always post on Here this will allow us all to better Stay in the Talk time for to to's top memes third Place was found over on Reddit and was Posted by Gio Roll the second place pick was also Found over on Reddit and was posted by a

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