Dana White GOES OFF on ex-Nelk Bob Menery! Strickland BANNED AGAIN! DC on Tony training w/ Goggins

MMA news today:

DANA WHITE gets mad at ex-Nelk Bob Menery

DANIEL CORMIER gets honest on Ferguson training w/ David Goggins

JAMAHAL HILL predicts KO win over Alex Pereira

MICHAEL BISPING undergoes another surgery

DANA WHITE completes 86 hour fast

SEAN STRICKLAND gets banned on Instagram

00:00 Dana White completes 86 hour fast
02:24 Michael Bisping undergoes another surgery
03:13 Daniel Cormier gets honest on Ferguson training w/ David Goggins
04:40 Sean Strickland gets banned on Instagram
05:30 Dana White gets mad at ex-Nelk Bob Menery
06:36 Jamahal Hill predicts KO win over Alex Pereira
07:46 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get the show Started let kick today's news off with Dana White completing an 86h hour fast White just pulled off an epic fasting PR Check out his latest Instagram video Where he spills how he did it and Precursors the amazing health benefits He Experienced hey guys what's up I just Got done fasting for 86 hours I feel Like a superhero I feel incredible and I Want to tell you how I did it I love Sharing this kind of stuff with you so When I left the event on Saturday night I started fasting and here's a picture Of me Saturday night uh when I left I Just got done this morning uh so Saturday to Wednesday and here are the Pictures of me this morning so I don't Know if you've seen this online but it's Called the 7-Day water fast and this Doctors have done studies on this and This thing is legit it gives you an over 70% chance of not getting cancer Alzheimer's and other nasty disease es And basically you drink water for uh 72 Hours Gary likes that better than 70 Says it's safer and uh I'm going to walk You through what the protocol is uh in This video so the first 24 hours all you Drink is water but you can put Electrolytes in your water um this is What I used I'm sure you could use any Electrolytes you want but make sure

There's z0000 Z sugar zero carb zero Calories this is all zero and stuff Tastes really good this is what I've Been using for a while um so the first 24 hours you drink water and you can use That uh in your water then the next Day this is the cleanest broth that you Can buy this thing only has this thing Only has 45 calories less than 1 gr of Carbs and uh it has like 13 g of protein So all it really has is protein and 45 Calories that is the cleanest broth out Available Chef will tell you that it's Gary Brea approved you can pick this up Anywhere you do this twice a day for the Next two days you drink all your water With electrolytes but you can do the Broth twice a day bone broth the bone Broth twice a day uh for the next two Days you're going to feel incredible and Obviously you know you're doing it for The internal but externally you get Absolutely shredded on this thing Michael Bisping under goes another Surgery Bisping has had a number of Major surgeries in including one on his Neck in January of 2021 which came 15 Months after he had a knee replacement Operation now in a video posted to a Social media the former UFC champ Revealed from the hospital bed that he Needs to undergo another neck Operation back in the Hospital having a little uh procedure

Say be getting another deck operation Have what they call an ablation so Doctor's going to put a needle into the Neck deep into the spine send an Electrical current I think and uh Fred The nerves and hopefully no more pain Hopefully no more headaches so we'll see I'll keep you Posting Daniel Cormier gets honest and Tony Ferguson training with David gogins Recently videos of Tony's brutal Training with X Navy SEAL David gogins Have raised concerns from some Fighters Including Michael Bisping cha senon and Rafael Doos they believe that gogin is Put pushing Ferguson too hard in Preparation for his fight with Patty Piml at UFC 296 speaking on the DC and RC show Daniel Cormier said that he Likes the idea of Tony training with Gogins but questioned whether it will Help him win his upcoming fight as Tony Has never had issues with cardio I tap In on making sure you leave no stone Unturned great call by the former Interim Champion he wants to try to see If it's going to change something for Him he's going to be in shape but I Don't don't know that the fatigue of our Cardio is going to be the issue that's Not what's wrong with Tony Ferguson it's Not that he's not preparing himself Right it's just other things other Reasons are why he's losing and I don't

Know if David gogin is going to be able To change that because dude the the the The weathering and the the the the Beatings that you taking that octagon Can't be fixed just by mental approach And working harder in the gym it just Takes something a little bit more and Also I worry you know Goggins is he Works so hard he don't care how you feel And he's going to make you work I hope He doesn't beat Tony down and overtrain Sean Strickland gets banned from Instagram again after facing a ban on Twitter due to transphobic comments Strickland shifted his Focus to Instagram and its Community however he Encountered another ban on Instagram for Sharing controversial posts prompting Him to make a move to Snapchat so you Guys I miss saying crazy I can't I'm Like a neuter dog on Instagram I'm a Walking talking ban every time I post Something to my story I get banned so I'm hoping that I could go to Snapchat Upload my stories I'm sure all you Mother have Snapchat and I could say all The crazy [ __ ] that's in my brain Without getting banned so hopefully Snapchat's the one for me and I mean I I Still [ __ ] with Instagram but Instagram You guys a little bit too um I don't no Dictator is Dana White gets mad at EXN Boy Bob Menor Dana White goes off again This time he went after EXN Bob menory

In a video posted to his social media Dina had some words for menory and asked His fans to knock his ass out in the Power Slap mobile game all right guys I Need you to do me a favor Bob men is Driving me nuts so I challenged him he Was talking all kinds of [ __ ] I said Okay then then become the number one Player in the world at the power Slap Mobile game he's at number three right Now okay and he's won't shut the up so He thinks he's badass he thinks he's This one of you guys at least challenge Him challenge him and see if he will Fight you on the game the first person To knock him Out um I'll fly you out to the Kobe Cumington uh Edwards fight December 16th Or you can come out to power slap uh Super Bowl weekend here in Vegas I'll Take care of everything somebody get out There either beat him and don't let him Get into the number one spot or Challenge him oneon-one and beat his ass Somebody please kick hising ass Jamal Hill predicts a knockout win over Alex Pera UFC 295 in theory could have been The first title defense attempt for Hill Unfortunately he suffered a rupture to Killes tendon earlier in the year which Has left him sideline since capturing Gold over Glover T Shera by unanimous Decision at UFC 283 in January in the Wake of Alex Pera Ascension as the new

Light heavyweight champion he'll wasted No time issuing multiple call outs to The Brazilian champ in a recent YouTube Video The 32-year-old Fighter fiercely Responded to his critics and confidently Vowed skure a knockout victory over peda Here from Hill himself do not plan on Taking him down I do not plan on Wrestling him I plan on going in there In where y'all think he's just this Otherworldly guy because he did Kickboxing and I didn't do Kickboxing you know this is a completely Different sport kickboxing is kickboxing MMA is MMA I've been doing MMA for years I've been bred in MMA and whenever I do fight him standing I will knock him out and when I do I'm Going to rub it in every single one of The Office here are the top three memes Found on the internet today third place Was found over Instagram and was posted By a username Beaver Smash TV second place meme was found over Reddit and was posted by a usern named Capil RB and the top pick meme of the day was Found over Instagram and was posted by Username as shopped as it Gets thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk