Khabib’s Teammate SH0T DEAD in Dagestan, Conor VENTS FRUSTRATION at UFC return delay! Colby-injury

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00:00 Dustin Poirier shares surprising prediction for Holloway vs. Gaethje
01:34 Conor McGregor vents his frustration at UFC return delay
02:41 Ilia Topuria sends thre@ts to Paddy Pimblett
03:59 Bisping reacts to Whittaker saying he’d beat DDP 9 out of 10 times
05:16 Covington shuts down Shavkat Rahkmonov fight
06:41 Khabib’s teammate sh0t de@d in Dagestan
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All right let's get this show Started Dustin por is a surprising Prediction for gate chers hallay after The gate chers hallay fight was Announced a large amount of fans Criticized the matchup saying that Max Stands no chance against Justin one man Who knows both individuals fight game Very well is Dustin poier over the Course of his career he has faced them Both twice he holds a 2-0 record against Hallay and a one in-one record against Gatei now in an interview on the MMA Hour poier said that if he could bet on The fight he'd go with the underdog in Max Holloway I'm surprised that uh I I Thought gatei was going to fight Islam You know that's what the fight I thought Was going to happen Um it's definitely Max and gatei is a Fun fight you know I fought both of them Twice this is going to be a fun fight For the fans I'm excited about as a fan Of the sport but I really thought gate Was going to get crack at the BT could you do do you have a preference Or do you have a an inkling who wins That One again if I could bet yes I respect Both guys both guys are great Fighters I Think I would put money on Max just him Being the dog um I see a lot of people Online saying that Max is going to be

Under sized and that man Max is a big Guy you know him and gatei probably walk Around the same way you know Ma Max Isn't a small guy um the and the Striking the timing of Max his range his Durability It it's a coin toss but I if I was Betting I would bet ma Conor McGregor Vents frustration at delay to UFC Comeback announcement an official day is Yet to be announced for McGregor's UFC Comeback fight against Michael Chandler And he is beginning to lose patience With the promotion Dana White recently Refused to confirm the fight saying that McGregor is still not ready to compete Can you clarify what's going on with him Cuz he announced that he's fighting June 29th obviously nothing official has come From the UFC is that what you guys are Leaning towards I know you made some Comments this week too in an interview I Think was Sportsnet and maybe it was Taken a little bit out of context in Terms of like the clarity so where do You things stand with Connor right now Is he fighting in June uh No if when Connor is ready to fight you Know we'll announce it that's what we do June is a possibility though I don't Know okay on Tuesday McGregor took to Instagram stories addressing his return Stating get this day said what do you

Guys think of this situation do you Think the UFC doesn't want McGregor to Return or is it the Irishman who doesn't Want to come back let us know your Thoughts in the comments Below oot Toro rejects a future fight Against beginner patty piml patty has Famously feuded with Toria for quite a While now the two nearly got into a Fight during UFC London fight week Almost two years ago at this point while Torya called for the bout immediately Afterward piml reportedly shut him down During Monday's appearance on the MMA Hour the Spanish fighter was asked about A potential fight with Petty and stated That he's not interested in fighting him Anymore torya also slammed his rival for An embarrassing performance against Tony Ferguson at UFC 296 I I take every Fight as a professional I Look to all my Opponents as a professional but with him It's personal if I see him in the Supermarket I I just smash him right There okay so you so you wouldn't want To have a professional fight with him Profession he's not even ranked did did You watch his last fight yes what was Embarrassing his last fight was Embarrassing the Tony Ferguson Fight yeah why do you think it was Embarrassing the level he showed in that Fight that's embarrassing like he he

Looked like a Beginner Michael Bisping reacts to Robert Whitaker's comments about the Dra's dupy loss Whitaker recently Reflected on his loss to DDP and stated That he's a much better fighter and that He beats him nine out of 10 times Speaking on his bym podcast Bisping said That Whitaker's comments could lead to Some backlash from MMA fans and couldn't Believe that Robert is still Underestimating DDP I mean who doesn't like Robert Whitaker right yeah you're probably You're not but I I feel like he's Probably inviting some CR ISM here for Saying that that's so funny you say that I was thinking the same thing like God He's going to get he's going to lit up For that yeah yeah look listen witzer is Awesome and and he's still awesome he's Had an incredible career and who knows Who knows you never know he might seem As Champion again one day he might be Right and and he might be right like When you look at Dupi it's not the most polished Diamond You will ever see but his takedowns of Legit his Jiu-Jitsu is legit he's got Massive power he's got a good gas tank He digs deep and he's got heart for Goddamn days you put that all together He's a problem for anybody but people Still underestimate him even though he's

The champion Kobe Covington shuts down Shaat rakman fight Covington suffered a L cluster decision loss to Edwards back In December at UFC 296 although Kobe Lost the fight he remains confident that He will work his way back to an Undisputed title shot as he still Considers himself the best welterweight On the planet in an interview with Submission radio he said I'm in a Tuttle Fight every time I fight everybody knows That to get back to that Undisputed Tuttle whoever is the biggest and best Name that the UFC tells me I have to go Through to get there that is what I'm Willing to do I want that Tuttle more Than I want to breathe more than I want To live I'm in my Prime I'm 35 years Young I haven't taken any damage in my Career especially in that last fight Leon didn't leave a scratch on on my Face there were a couple of tiny little Bruises on my leg biging deal I landed Double strik says him I know I'm the Welterweight champion I know I'm the Best welterweight on Earth just because Three judges didn't decide it for me That night that is not going to affect My future and how I train in my Preparation every Day cumington also revealed x-ray photos Confirming a broken foot in the first Round of his fight against leyon and Revealed that he has not been offered a

Fight against shavkat Rockman off he Continued how could I be offered to Fight when I'm still walking in a Walking boot so I can't even think about Fighting until I can get close to 100% I'm 60% right now why would the UFC Offer me a fight especially they know What's going on they're in touch with The doctors they're getting the best Care Possible khabib's teammate shot dead in Dagistan 21-year-old fighter magum Madraso mutv from Norman kav's MMA School in Makala has been shot dead mutv Made his debut in professional MMA back In November and was scheduled to have His second fight in February according To Media reports police have put a Warrant on a 19-year-old dagestani Native named nadir Khan Kadir kanov the Motive is believed to be Revenge as mutv Had confronted Kadir kanov previously Their previous confrontation was violent As mutv and his accomplices assaulted Kadir kanov afterwards mutv allegedly Urinated in the face of Kadar kanov After the group assault according to Police and media this disrespectful Act Is presumed to have been the prime Motivator for the M CCTV footage of the ACT is available on social media showing Mutv leaving his training facility when The as salent pulls up next to a white Vehicle and shoots him eight times mutai

Have sustained injuries to both his head And torso and passed away inside the Ambulance on the way to the hospital our Condolences go out to muta's family and Friends during this difficult time rest In Peace time for today's top Memes Thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk