MMA Community CONCERNED for Sean Strickland after NEW VIDEO! Costa STEALS Merab’s food!O’Malley-Vera

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00:00 Paulo Costa steals Merab Dvalishvili’s food
01:30 Ilia Topuria gets a hero’s welcome in Georgia
02:31 Chito Vera explains greasing accusation towards O’Malley
04:13 Sean O’Malley absolutely goes off on Chito Vera
05:26 Sean Strickland posts a heartfelt video on Instagram
07:27 MMA community concerned for Sean Strickland
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All right let's get the show Started let's start today's news with Paul Costa stealing Mor Rob V Vil's food Paulo the comedian Costa is back at it Again this time he stole Mor robed Vil's Food while at the UFC performance Institute for those who don't know this Is Ufcpi the restaurant over there and here Is where the foods for Athletes uh stay you know and uh yes so They made the food for the Treets and uh let me see who I'm going To get Today let's see what we have Today ah right here I I like this may Have [Music] The some in here but I definitely prefer This this is the best One know and for is great [Applause] Always thanks Man you don't need to weit You the Wait [ __ ] I need to weight now You Ilot Toria receives a hero's welcome in Georgia the newly crowned UFC Featherweight Champion returned to Georgia for the first time after Claiming UFC gold last month more than 5,000 people welcomed him at the tibisi International Airport here's the

[Applause] Clip [Music] [Music] H Sho Vera clarifies the accusation of Greasing against Shao melli a few days After the banto total fight earlier this Month Chito sent out a tweet accusing Omelia of being greased to the Bone During their bout at UFC 299 now during An interview on the MMA hour barl went Into more detail on the accusation and Said that Shawn's hair was extremely Greasy and that he couldn't grab him in The clinch bar also said that during the Post fight interviews 's face was very Shock shiny when I was when I finished The fight with the fight with Frankie I Was Dry every time I was grabbing Sean he Was like grabing a fish out of the water He was just like f and maybe he maybe he Didn't attempt to to but he was Extremely luy on his hair and I that's Why when I heard him at at the end of The run I grab his head that KN is sleep All my knees is sleep by really close And maybe maybe if he would have be Dr I Couldn't Hur him maybe not I'm still Where I am for a reason I lost the fight And I'm not gonna I'm not going to find Excuse but matter of fact his head was Extremely greasy even if you see the

Post fights interviews that you can go To MMA fight M yonke his face was shy And after a fight the buzzling is over It's really over I've been in what 22 Fighting inside the UFC once you get out Of the cage after you swear it out There's no buzzling he was really Shin that's that can be that can be Something Shan Elly goes off on chto Vera during a recent episode of his Timbo sugar Show podcast Elli slammed Chito Vera and said he knows stuff about Him that would ruin his life but won't Release it it was funny it's so I don't Get it dude I don't get the whole Cheeto Thing everyone seems to just love this Dude like he I'm like mother is a fake Ass Cheeto sucks I mean well it is a Little it's a little a little Annoying I Know sh that people don't know that Would change their minds on him but I'm Not going to go out there and post it The DM [ __ ] was real I was in his head I Was his brain I was thinking for him and People are oh he's just family that guy Bro and then he comes out saying I'm Greasing my hair bro didn't get close Enough to smell my hair let alone think What what was like greasing my hair Going to do yeah it does get annoying Because the all the stuff they do put on There it's like whoa he is just a Genuine Family Guy it's like if they Knew the [ __ ] we knew it'd be a little

Bit different but that's what what is a Little bit annoying about it for sure oh God I wanted I wanted I'm just I'm like Be the figer man don't you don't need to Ruin his life you already ruined his Career just can be the bigger man the MMA Community is concerned for Sha Strick after recent video on Tuesday Strickland posted a heartfelt video on His Instagram page where he revealed his Recent mental health struggles yo what Up guys man all week I've been I've been Up dude I've been I've been on the Twitter saying crazy [ __ ] just just Spiral and I woke up and I I told my Girl I was like you know babe I feel Like I feel like I'm a danger to people Like I don't feel like I should be out In the world you Know and I think that you know I have everything I'm rich I'm famous like I have Everything I've ever wanted and I still Immensely Unwell and I get in these like mindsets To where like I want to burn everything Down the world like I want to have Nothing so I can just lose it and just Take out everything on people you know And I think that like you guys in a Weird way like my family like I've Shared some with you guys and you guys Have shared some [ __ ] with me that like I feel more connected with my fans than

I think most people feel just cuz we've Gone through we've gone through a lot Together and man you know I have Everything I want dude I still struggle With mental health you Know and my memory is so short that like When I got through this week I think of Myself like once I get past it I think Of myself oh man like that was a really Rough time in my life but then when I Really think about it this happens Multiple times a month every month you Know and again I don't even know what I'm telling you guys this I've just been Kind of going through some I'm fine I'll Be fine I'm going to go train right now Try to hurt all my friends and all the Demons will go away I just want you guys To know that I have everything I could Ever want in the world and I still Struggle so whatever you guys are going Through man hope you all feel better go To the gym train [ __ ] wish you all The best F and Fighters alike pour it Into the coms comments sending messages Of support to Strickland Mike Perry bro Have you tried not sparring so much man Seriously if you took a break from Conta And just in strength and conditioning See if the blood lust clears up a little Bit Johnny Walker said let's take some Mushrooms together I promise it will Change your life to better Rashad Evans Said great message as long as you are

Holding yourself accountable you can Make it through the mental storm Jason Manley your natural instinct to vent Your frustrations here is right on point We are designed to live in community Interdependently and lift one another When we need it you've got an entire Family and extended family of friends That are here with you brother you're One of the most authentic honest and Real people in MMA and our country stay True to your heart and know you're Understood and not alone respect brother My best friend killed himself just a few Months ago he had everything going from Him greatl looking money and success not One complaint always upbeat he never Talks about how much trouble he was Having mentally too proud to say Anything you might have everything from MMA and money and success but your Calling is talking about this and how Others can say something it's not weak To Speak time for today's top memes third Place was found over on X and was posted By doy simu MMA second place meme was found over on Reddit and was posted by sexy Kanye Balls the top picked meme was found over On YouTube and it was posted by not an MMA Expert thanks for watching if you like The content smash that like button and

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