Joe Rogan REFUTES Conor’s ‘CRAZY’ claim that Acting is harder than MMA! Merab RUNS INTO O’Malley!

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00:00 Dana White reveals his biggest win playing Blackj@ck
00:57 Colby Covington continues to takes shots at Sean Strickland
02:32 Strickland accepts Navy Seal fight callout
04:15 Sean O’Malley warns his fans
05:40 Merab Dvalishvili runs into O’Malley at UFC P.I.
06:17 Joe Rogan refutes McGregor’s claim about acting vs. MMA
07:34 Alex Pereira posts intense sparring footage
08:27 TOP 3 mma memes



All right let's get the show Started let's start today's news with Dana White revealing his biggest win Playing Blackjack the UFC CEO is known For being a blackjack King having won as Much as 7 million in a single night and Is so good that Las Vegas casinos have Barred him from playing at their resorts In a recent interview with Lex fredman Dana was asked about his passion for Gambling while speaking with Lex he Opened up on his biggest win and Revealed that he's won a staggering 12 Mil playing blackjacket Caesar's casino Won a million dooll hand uh one night It's happened one time a million dooll Hand one night at um man Le Bay and then uh one summer I beat uh I Beat Caesars for 12 Million uh throughout the summer Throughout the summer yeah and then uh I'm going a pretty good run right now Too no this is Jack yeah Kobe Covington Continues to take shot shots at Shan Strickland Covington recently appeared On value tment TV where he took shots at Strickland and said that Shawn is Currently under investigation for pistol Whipping a man in Las Vegas you know he was uh wash out my Division he got he couldn't handle it my Division he got beat up knocked out you Know so he had to leave divisions cuz he Couldn't cut it so you know I think he's

A bum he's been hit in the head too many Times he's got CTE so straight up yeah Straight up anything that guy says you Can't follow along that guy's going to End up literally probably killing Someone someday he's under investigation Right now in Vegas some drunk uh guy was Wandering the streets in Las Vegas like Near his home he goes outside the home Pistol whips the dude in the middle of The street and so he's under like crazy Investigation in in Vegas right now he's Going to be going to court so we're Really going to take that guy's opinion On something really Kobe also discussed His return to the octagon and said he's Hoping to return in June at UFC 303 During International fight week was big Cities and bright lights every time I Fight I'm always on the top of the Marquee so you know when I fight next It'll be a big pay-per-view Blockbuster So I think that the biggest show that The UFC does is it's called International fight week that's their Big uh Mecca show where they do a Sporting experience and it's like an Event uh thing that they do together for The fans to get them excited followed by This massive Pay-Per-View fight so you Know I'm hoping that I'll fight International fight week doesn't matter Who I fight I told him you know if he Wants to do these three stipulations we

Can fight but if he doesn't you know I I Got to move up the rankings I'm not Trying to go behind me you know so right Sean Strickland continues his beef with The Navy Seals Community last month Strickland went viral when he mocked Navy SEAL training and said there is no Navy SEAL who could withstand his MMA Training regimen while one Navy SEAL has Already fired back at Strickland's Claims another seal has now challenged Strickland to a no rule street fight a Fan then posted this clip on X captioned Thoughts on this Navy Seal saying he Would eat you alive in a street fight I Don't think there's one one Navy SEAL Who could survive a week training with Me the weakest seal that has ever been Created would destroy you in a street Fight as I would there are no rules we Are fighting for our life every single Time you went for an armar or a choke or Something like that I would chew your Face off those ugly ears sitting on the Side of your head I would rip off if I Needed to I would run my thumb up your Butt but it's okay because I'm a nice Guy I would Lube it with tier three Before I did it so didn't hurt so bad Yet you think you can break men like me But come to the street where there's no Rules where we don't have to worry about Hitting you in certain areas where There's no Bells when it's all about

Survival Instinct it'll be a different Story for you sea immediately accepted The Seal's challenge but has been unable To contact the seal on Instagram he Wrote I messaged him on IG and he didn't Message me back roll through does he Have a Twitter tag him lol foued up with Listen fighting is my job ask me to Fight tell me how much if it's a good Number I say yes I train when I'm sick I Train on vacation I take my job Seriously but violence is my love and if Some Navy SEAL influencer wants to give Me a therapy session I'm game LOL Sean Elli sends a warning to his Fans during a recent episode of his Timbo sugar podcast Elli sent a warning To his fans after receiving multiple Unwelcomed visits at his family home in Arizona the UFC champ warned that that If people keep showing up at his house Then someone could get Shot speaking of security dude I had This kid the people keep finding my House it's annoying I want to put a sign Way out there on the road says if you Pass this line you could be shot or plan On eating a bullet something because Dude I it's and it's it's fans that are They like me but that doesn't mean you Could come to my my house yeah don't Come to my house even if you like me Even if you want to give me a gift don't Come to my house I got I had uh this uh

Security come put crazy security cameras In motion light all that like Just Highend sh down there for a second she Was expensive but yeah so don't please Don't come to my [ __ ] house man it's It's not it's not a game I don't know I Don't know if someone's trying to give Me something or Cheeto house got broken Into I don't know if someone's trying to Steal my [ __ ] they think oh he's r he's Got money he's got well I see jewelry Iing I just like oh you get in a mindset You ready yeah and someone's like I'm Ready to die I'm like I'm ready to Kill morab valvil runs into Shan Elli on His podcast Elli recently announced that He will face Mor robed valv next instead Of moving up to 145 PBS for a super Fight against OT Toria now morat posted A video of him running into Elli at the UFC pi and getting completely ignored by The Champ okay brother why you keep D we got To fight you should mention my name bro Come on bro stay here come on talk to me Bro come on SE bro we got to sell this Fight Bro this Joe Rogan reacts to Conor McGregor's crazy claim that acting is Harder than MMA it was just last week That the movie remake of Roadhouse was Released on Amazon Prime video the movie Features Conor McGregor making his Acting debut and starring alongside Jake

Joen Hall following the filming of roadh House McGregor told Joe that After Experiencing his first movie role he Believes that acting is harder than MMA During a recent episode of his podcast Rogan reacted to Conor's claim saying Listen to me that's not true that's not True even for him okay act in Roadhouse Or fight khib again shut the up that is Crazy talk he broke his leg in a fight He broke his leg like that's harder that Is way harder harder than acting the Guy's promoting a movie he's a great Promoter he's the best promoter in the History of the sport no one's even come Close it's Conor McGregor and then Everybody else Joe continued McGregor Reveals why acting is harder than MMA That's just a clickbait [ __ ] Headline that you fell for a son acting Is harder time consumption it takes a Lot of time there's a lot of sitting Around if you're acting you're going to Be on a set 16 hours a day you're Probably going to be sitting around for 10 waiting for your line especially if You're Connor you're not Jake Gyllenhaal Alex Pera posts intense Sparring footage p is currently Preparing for his first title defense at UFC 300 against Jamal Hill in a new Video posted on his Instagram page peda Can be seen sparring Pro MMA fighter Hadalo trator bellato who has a record

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