He thought to scare and he was HARD PUNISHED FOR IT – Michel Pereira

Get ready to witness the explosive journey of Michel Pereira, the mad capoeira sensation who has taken the UFC by storm. Join us as we delve into the unpredictable world of this UFC maverick, his unorthodox style, and his rise to stardom. Michel Pereira is rewriting the rules of combat sports, and you don’t want to miss a second of it. Subscribe now for all the adrenaline-packed UFC action!”

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He slapped the Brazilian and it all Started Michael Pereira promised that Emma dayev Would regret it the nickname Demolisher Doesn't suit the Brazilian I'd rather Call him a showman in the cage he does a Lot of wild things but it's that Wildness that effectively stuns his Opponents he's like your friend who Presses all the buttons in Mortal Kombat And accidentally throws super combos and Here's the promised comeback from Pereira [Music] Adding more to it after winning both Rounds easily the Brazilian decided to Have some fun in the last round when all Your punches hit the mark the opponent Doesn't realize it and starts to give The fight away making a lot of mistakes Pereira is just having a blast with Imodyev and constantly reminds him of That slap So with this pre-flight move he got the Brazilian fired up and ended up facing a Super motivated version of Pereira as His opponent if you want to watch more Knockouts like this click on the pinned Comment in the comments section

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