Israel Adesanya RESPONDS to backlash over ‘dog fet*h’ allegations! JDS looking JACKED! Whittaker

In Today’s MMA News:

Tai Tuivasa discusses his upcoming fight against Alexander Volkov at UFC 293

Robert Whittaker predicts Israel Adesanya vs Sean Strickland

Junior Dos Santor shows off his new jacked physique

Israel Adesanya finally responds to the recent accusations

Michael Bisping on why people shouldn’t underestimate Strickland

Nate Diaz turned down $10 million MMA fight offer

00;00 – Nate Diaz turned down $10 million MMA fight offer
01:53 – Bisping on why people shouldn’t underestimate Strickland
03:03 – Robert Whittaker predicts Adesanya vs Strickland
03:46 – Israel Adesanya responds to backlash over ‘dog fetish’
05:04 – Junior Dos Santor shows off his new jacked physique
06:25 – Tai Tuivasa on his upcoming fight against Volkov
07:47 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show started In today's video Nate Diaz turns down a 10 million dollar fight offer basically On why people shouldn't underestimate Strickland Robert Whitaker predicts Arasana versus Strickland Israel Response to backlash over Dogfish Junior Dos Santos shows off his Jack new Physique and tied to ivassa in his Upcoming fight against volkov In a recent interview with TMZ sports Jake Paul claimed that Nate Diaz turned Down a 10 million dollar MMA fight offer He said we're at the drawing board right Now Nate Diaz ducked the 10 million Dollar offer so he's not the badass that Everyone said he was I wanted to fight Him in MMA and do something that no Boxer has really ever done which is in The prime of their career go over to MMA MMA fighters have gone over to boxing But I want to go over tamame and Nate Diaz duck the offer after seeing this Diaz issued a fiery response tweeting Here's your MMA fight your easiest [ __ ] We can box or fight MMA at real fight Inc no problem pfl and Cube Jake responded by posting this clip Captioned reality Diaz fired back writing what would you Have done in a real fight jumped on me And get stubbed you don't know what's up In a real war zone Paul replied saying I Just made your little half-assed

Promotion I just taught you and your Half-assed Team how to run a major event You're just trying to latch on we Offered you 10 million dollars to fight Me in pfl MMA plus pay-per-view but you Don't want it because you scared to lose And that dog walked you So go back to your daddy Dana's cage and Let him tell you what to do you are used To being owned Nathan Yeah it's closed out the heated exchange Writing you lost in boxing match anyway Fight yourself lame ass Speaking on the most recent episode of His bym podcast Michael Bisping weighed In on the upcoming title fight between Israel asani and Sean Strickland and Explained why people shouldn't Underestimate Strickland's chances of Winning this fight but in terms of the Fight I think when you yeah look listen Izzy knocked out Um Alex Pereira and that was a stunning Knockout and he has had a few stoppages In the UFC but I don't think that one Shot knockout power is the way that this Is going to go down because I don't Think he's necessarily a knockout artist Oh sorry that's what I was going to say You're right Sean's got no pressure on Him he's got no pressure he knows he Wasn't supposed to be here he knows he's The underdog he knows that probably Everyone's writing him off and I compare

It to when I fall rockhold the second Time again I took it on short notice I'd Already been beaten no one gave me a Chance so it's like you know what I'm I'm here I've got no pressure so Therefore I'm just going to go out there Show up do my job swing for the fences And you never know on the other side of This I might just be champion of the World and when you don't allow yourself To feel that pressure and when it Doesn't mess with the mind and we talk About this all the time now then you are Going to perform way better Here's Robert Whittaker's prediction as To how the izever Strickland fight goes Down I'm staying away from Israel out of Sanya and Sean Strickland because I'm Not gonna be able to help myself and I'm Gonna go for Sean Strickland and I want Him to win okay I wanna I wanna see him Beat Izzy yeah yeah and I just don't Think he can I don't think He wins this fight Sean really needs to get in Israel's Face to close that distance being a Threatening range to mix in takedowns And to make him uncomfortable but I just Think That he's going to take too much damage Trying to achieve that I think he's Going to take too much damage trying to Close the gap trying to chase down

Israel Downs israelisanya has remained Mostly silent as fans human reaction Says he's dog it's video surfacing now Is he continues to Fan the flame posting This clip captioned y'all Gremlins Missed this one I made a Laughing emotes Later in another video posted to his Social media Izzy explained why he Hasn't been reacting to Sean Strickland's trash talk Teaching moment for all of you Man well everybody really but so man Because we're a little bit too aggro Sometimes you know but I'm gonna talk About Don't react respond this is what I'm Talking about I love the fact that I don't work on Myself over the years and I know how to Handle my emotions in a certain Situation even if I for example my son Do something in my brother so I didn't react I reacted but then I came Back I wrote it back now and I was going To respond so Yeah even with Strickland You know didn't react And I'm gonna respond so yeah Teaching moment I don't know what you Want to get from this but just try it Just try it don't react respond you Already know wow Thank you

X UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos appears in exceptional form ahead Of his forthcoming bout against fabricia Over Doom scheduled for September 8th Under Jorge masparall's game red bare Knuckle MMA promotion in a recent Interview with morning combat dos Santos Highlighted his excellent physical Condition attributing part of his Fitness to the absence of fusada Interference now demonstrating his Impressive physique JDS shared a Snapshot on Instagram captioned when you Arrive in front of the bathroom mirror After that hard workout and face to face With Junior Gypsy Reddit fight there's No way you have to roll some pictures Right when you get in front of the Mirror after that hard training income Face to face with Junior dos Santos Ready to fight well time for some Pictures right [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign Will be part of UFC 293's co-main event And will face off against Alexander Volkov speaking to UFC news Ty discussed The upcoming fight hear it from Bam Bam Himself definitely I feel uh a lot more Fresher this Camp I think maybe just uh Taking my son to training and stuff like That and I really

Makes you push that extra bit and having Him there kind of get through the Session easier so it's been good I really love the this camp at home so I Feel good ready to roll I think it's a Great matchup uh he's a guy I've watched For many years and someone that I've Always wanted to shed a cage with so It's a great I get to do it at home uh He's coming off a two fight winning Streak I'm coming off a two fight loss So This is definitely my uh time to get Back on top there's you know every fight That you win is is a great feeling and Something you can't ever you know that That that one time is something you Can't get back but I think at home my Family there Um Full of bunch of the crowd full of Westies you know um it's going to me It's going to be special but Until then you know I've been working Hard and I've put everything I've had to Put into to get the win so I'll be ready You know the top three memes found on The internet third place was found over Reddit and was posted by a username Giants fan The number two meme was found over Facebook and was posted by a user named Artem to go low Bob

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