Holland & Cejudo GO AFTER Ian Garry & his wife! Chito Vera SLAMS O’Malley for failed D4UG tests!

MMA news today:

DANA WHITE teases massive UFC super fight without Conor McGregor

SEAN O’MALLEY VS. CHITO VERA 2 location confirmed

CHITO VERA slams O’Malley for failed drug test

IAN GARRY reflects on near-fight w/ Khamzat Chimaev

KEVIN HOLLAND shuts down MVP fight rumors & takes a shot at Ian Garry & his wife

HENRY CEJUDO share his honest take on the Ian Garry drama

00:00 UFC 299 location confirmed for O’Malley vs. Vera 2
00:55 Chito Vera slams O’Malley for failed drug test
02:33 Henry Cejudo share his honest take on the Ian Garry drama
04:13 Kevin Holland shuts down MVP fight rumors
04:53 Holland takes a shot at Ian Garry & his wife
05:13 Dana White teases massive UFC super fight
06:34 Ian Garry reflects on near-fight w/ Khamzat Chimaev
07:33 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get the show started Let's kick today's news off with UFC 299 Location confirmed for the omali vers Vera 2 fight during a recent fan Q&A on Instagram UFC president Dana White Revealed that omali vers Vera 2 will Take place on March 9th at UFC 299 in Miami where Elli will put the Bantamweight title on line against the Only man to have beaten him last year we Posted the stown with Cheeto Vera and And uh Shan Alia yesterday and in like 24 hours it did like 8 million views uh On my social media so you can imagine How big that fight's going to be in Miami come on yeah sure let's go yeah Yeah buddy let's go hold you come on Three two one P Marlin Vera slams sha oi for a failed Drug test with ell's positive test Result leading to a canceled first fight With Chito a UFC 229 it's no surprise That Vera hasn't let it leave his memory Vera then went on to deliver the only Defeat in ell's UFC career at UFC 252 Delivered via vicious elbow strikes now Speaking with Michael bisy on the bym Podcast Vera reminded everyone listening Of ell's positive test for Peds and Slammed his rival as being a cheater I Mean if we're already doing something That is really bad for our health in Fighting might as well live our lives The best we can and I just read a lot

About health and like how to get better What type of foods I mean that's what Like that's what I really dislike And would like to punch cheaters in the Face because I Mean you can do it the right way if you Live your life right if you're looking For like uh easier ways or like Shortcuts you won't make it I mean Talking about that this guy already test Positive before I mean it was an acent I Don't Know oh I forgot about that yeah he did That's what our first fight go ccel he T POS it a few times and you know now with They call it micro it's a little thing But that little thing could be because You were cleaning yourself or because You're an idiot that you don't know how To read the ingredients or you don't ask You s about it but that's just another Topic Henry cejudo gets honest on the Ian Gary drama cejudo has just joined a List of Fighters who've been critical of Ian Gary's marriage with his wife Leila Ian Gary has been on the receiving end Of some flak online after it was Discovered that his wife made a book Titled how to be a wag this has led some To believe that Gary's wife is only with Him for the notoriety and money in a Video posted to his YouTube channel Cejudo shared his honest take on the Drama and said that he's worried for Yan

Who's only 26 and and that this Situation might make his fighting career Go down the Drain this sounds terrible Gary Machado I'm sorry I have to do this to you man But what the is going on dude is this Something that Ian Gary and his wife are Actually plotting because if it is you Know what that wag is getting a lot of Attention that book could become a Bestseller because she was able to get a Younger upand cominging undefeated I man And she was able to make him a Machado She was able to give her her Portuguese Last name a Brazilian last name Machado The problem is with a guy like Ian gar Is you're in the fight game man you're Literally in the fight game uh Ian and If you're not careful if you're if if You're not thick skinn if you're not if You're not Titanium you're going to eventually your Career could go down because Psy Psychologically your mind's not there There goes that 26-year-old kid who had Those lofty dreams of becoming The Reincarnation of Conor McGregor and now All that because of Love Goes Down the Drain Kevin Holland reacts to MVP fight Rumors there's plenty of speculation Regarding the UFC signing Michael Venom Page's fans recently spotted an Interesting matchup against Kevin Holland on Dana White's fight board for

UFC 297 however exciting Holland has Just released the video saying that he Hasn't been offered a fight just yet but If he gets the call he'll take it look Y'all want me to fight or drop memes They have both I haven't been offered Any fights that's that's what I'm going About that's why everybody keeps hitting Me up like yo okay you're fighting I Haven't been offered any fights like Whatsoever so it's Like but I'm too Hood for my own good They already know what the I'm going to Say Holland also took some shots at Ian Gary and his wife he saw a little shout Out to all the Wags out there it's been Another good episode on Realize Recognize wagtastic followed up with This Clip Dana White teases a massive UFC Super fight not involving Conor McGregor During a recent appearance on the full s Podcast Dana White said there's a super Fight that just popped up a few days ago And it does not involve Conor McGregor Is there any other like super fights That you could see happening over the Next like two years or year there is We're talking about one right now Actually that just popped up a few dayso So I can't talk about it but you know Till we get a is it involved McGregor at All um well every fight that you would Consider a super fight would would

Involve McGregor but this one isn't no Dana also said that Conor will 100% Fight next year but it's not sure Whether it's going to be against Michael Chandler Conor does he fight next year You think 100% fights next year And is it still versus Chandler or is it Still or it could be anyone now we'll See I mean we'll see the timing of when It goes down the the good thing for guys Like Chandler and you know there's a lot Of talk about fighter pay and all that Other you don't see these guys Hurrying up to fight Jon Jones takes off Years Chandler can hang out and wait Connor you know what I mean I mean ch ch When you think about Chandler Chandler Was fighting Bellator right now Chandler Can just sit around and take his time And you know wait for Connor however Long it takes and you know so these guys Are all in good positions where they can Wait for the right time the right fight Ian Gary reflects on a near fight with Hamah shimay in an elevator in a recent Interview with MMA on point Ian Gary Shed some light on a previous runin with Hamah shimay the two were slated to Fight at UFC 273 in April against Different opponents and ran into each Other during fight week retelling the Story Gary noted that he was with his Wife at the time he said I'll tell you a Funny story about Hamza we got in the

Elevator and me and my wife we are Standing there press the button door is Open Hamza and his Miss are there I'd Love to have a fight here I'd love to Just swing hands with Hamza in the Middle of an elevator the stories would Have been cool my m is looking at me With eyes popped out of school and she's Like do it have a fight with him in my Head I'm thinking my teammate's about to Fight him tomorrow I'm not ruining that There's women in here me and him Are going to go to the death if we fight In an elevator we step out the lift and My wife just looks at me and goes you're here are today's top three memes Third place was found over Facebook and Was posted by usern named Ardam second place meme was found over Instagram and was posted by username Derek and the top pick was found over X And was posted by a username Doy Thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk