Former Teammate SLAMS ‘stupid’ Ian Garry + CLAIMS Ian got KO’d in the gym!Pereira-Adesanya reconcile

MMA news today:

MMA COMMUNITY react to McGregor’s firm forcing 70-year old family Barbershop to close

SEAN STRICKLAND shows off his impressive wrestling skills

TOM ASPINALL smashes a punch machine

BRENDAN ALLEN claims Ian Garry got knocked out cold in training

JUSTIN GAETHJE sparring his strength & conditioning coach

ALEX PEREIRA ‘willing’ to train w/ Israel Adesanya

BOBBY GREEN provides details on his hotel alterc@tion w/ Arman Tsarukyan’s team

SEAN STRICKLAND continues to slam Ian Garry

00:00 MMA Community react to McGregor’s firm forcing 70-year old family Barbershop to close
01:10 Tom Aspinall smashes a punch machine
01:33 Sean Strickland shows off his impressive wrestling skills
02:16 Sean Strickland continues to slam Ian Garry
02:53 Former teammate claims Ian Garry got knocked out cold in training
04:28 Alex Pereira ‘willing’ to train w/ Israel Adesanya
05:26 Bobby Green provides details on his hotel alterc@tion w/ Arman Tsarukyan’s team
06:50 Justin Gaethje sparring his strength & conditioning coach
07:43 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show Started in today's news Conor McGregor's Firm triples rent prices forcing 70-year-old family barber shop to close A 70-year-old family run Barber Shop Will reportedly have to close its doors After a company run by Conor McGregor Has tripled rent prices on them the bump Is from €550 to 1,500 per month the shop Itself is located on crumlin Road in the Same building as McGregor's famous black Ford Jin McGregor is yet to come comment On the situation given that the UFC star Rarely involves himself in the Nitty-gritty details of his business Empire he's unlikely to make an official Statement here's how the people reacted One person wrote not surprised by this One bit he was never about class or the Everyday person he is only about himself Weird way to frame it like they hate old Family barber shops or something rather Than a commercial real estate company Raising rent to the market price I Actually think they hate old family Barber shops yeah scumbag move move 550 Rent is pretty cheap in this economy It's this scumbag move whichever way you Look at it Connor could have dropped in For a cut put it on Insta then after They get a huge increase in Rent Tom asol shows off his impressive Punching power in a video posted social Media the UFC interim heavyweight champ

Showed off his power by Smashing a punch Machine at the talk sport Headquarters I don't Sean Strickland shows off his impressive Wrestling skills the UFC middleweight Champion posted a video to social media Where he goes against MMA fighter Alex Poy in a pure wrestling match here's the [Music] Clip [Music] Strickland has another message for Ian Gary this time when a fan posted this Video on X captioned it was his wife's Idea to make t-shirts with Jeff Neil's Mug shot now his wife is crying on Social media because people are calling Her a wag and calling her a 40-year-old Cougar laughing Otes Strickland commented yep the Succubus doing her demon work I don't Know how the MMA Community let this BS Slide Sean also reacted to Gary making His ex account private Writing made his Twitter private Laughing my ass off yall bullied him too Much Brenan Allen has slammed teammate Ian Gary and tells a new gym story Brenan Allen has joined a list of Fighters who are very critical of Ian Garry's recent decisions in a recent Interview with ESPN MMA alen a former Teammate of Garry's blasted him for Calling out Vicente luk who's also a

Former training partner of Garry's alen Believes this is a move to ask a former Teammate to fight especially a very nice Guy like luk I think it's a really move To leave the gym and then literally ask For somehow or somehow it comes about That you're going to fight a guy that You were training with and vente is one Of the nicest guys ever like he don't Talk about Nobody um he barely even talks in the Gym you have to ask him questions to get Him to talk but um yeah I don't know and Then you I don't know I just think Ian's A Little wow okay so bit a little bit of Heat on him at the Gym I mean that's just my personal Feelings I'm not going to speak for Anyone else in the gym I just think It's I think it's I think he's whack Like I think he's young I think he's Misled I I think he talks way too much but I Understand he's trying to be like Connor But man there's only one Connor sorry There's one Connor Brenan Allen also Revealed that Gary got knocked out cold By somebody from the Gym but just know there's video and he He he knows who not what name not to say To let it come out of what happened to Him I'm not going to release it but just Know there is someone in that gym that

Has slept him Out how p is interested in training with His R Sonia P has confirmed that he Would be interested in training with his Longtime rival is he in the future pada Posted this clip to his Instagram page But that's easier to said than when You're actually in the ring trying to do The work but then um yeah this fight I Fought and I got knocked out my first And only ever knock out loss and then my Only backto back loss as well so for me It was um a lot of learning a lot of Learning but I'm glad it happened Because I wouldn't be here where it was And even the same guy now doesn't he Watches all my fights and every time I Fight like clockwork he'll try and put Something out like I beat this guy but I've never ever watched any of his Fights ever so at the end of the day no One knows who the he is he captioned it Writing this is not personal with isra Adna I would even train with him in the Future but adisan got to watch this Video so he will never underestimate Someone's potential again PS poon to Division Champion Bobby green and Arman cukin get Into anation in the Hotel this weekend Green and serukan will both be in action But not against one another however Earlier this week it was reported that The two had gotten into some kind of

Physical at the fighter Hotel green has Now confirmed the news on his IG stories And provided more details which includes Him punching someone from Arman zukin's Team hey I don't be starting nothing With nobody but if you start that [ __ ] With me I'm definitely going to finish It this sh just starting it's just Starting might go to jail tonight [ __ ] Around playing with me [ __ ] this ran up on me and [ __ ] trying To start that [ __ ] he didn't know I was Going to finish it I suck one of his Homies stop playing with me bro we from Dino we from the dino where really go Down you be trying to do all that Talking hey I need somebody else too to Tell me who that is in that video I Don't know who the he is but he was Acting super tough when ran up on me by Myself they all ran up on me by they Self and they was acting all that tough As soon as I ran into the again with my Then he was oh no no no no no no no no You started this and then then soon as Security come and all that now he want To act tough again Justin gatei has Released new sparring footage G has Posted new training footage where he's Seen going against his strength and Conditioning coach and it doesn't go too Well for the the snc [Music] Coach

Oh there you go Justin [Music] Nice here today's top three memes third Place was found over Instagram and was Posted by username Beaver Smash TV second place was found over Reddit And was posted by a user named I'm ra MMA And the top pick was found over Instagram and was posted by username Trailblaze to Top thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk