Kamaru Usman injured? Islam Makhachev on Colby’s replacement! UFC NEWS

Welcome to Glory MMA! Get ready for tournament 294 this Saturday. Kamaru Usman had a scare at practice, but he denies injury rumors. Khamzat Chimaev is impressive at 185 pounds. Islam Makhachev eyes Edwards-Covington winner. Lightweight division’s next challenger TBD. Makhachev, McGregor, and Jones exchanged words. Makhachev and Volkanovski look sharp in pre-fight photos. Petr Yan teases a fight in Abu Dhabi. Subscribe, share predictions, and stay tuned with Glory MMA. See you tomorrow! Bye!

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Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Glory MMA Channel I'm here to bring you the Latest and greatest in the world of Mixed martial arts so let's Dive Right In we kick off today with a bang as we Gear up for tournament 294 and I must Say folks it's just a few short hours Away Saturday night it's all going down And you won't want to miss it now let's Talk about kamaru Usman the man who set To fight in the co-main event there was Some serious drama at his open practice Yesterday after a grueling wrestling Session kamaro's knee seemed to give him A a he had a little chat with Justin Gia And word on the street is that there was A distinct crunch heard wrestling ceased And they moved to stand up training Social media went Ablaze with conspiracy Theories speculating kamaru might be Injured Usman himself denies it but you Know how Fighters are they're not Backing down not when they've traveled Halfway across the world to Abu Dhabi Cashed in some serious Benjamins and are On the cusp of UFC 294 we're all hoping He'll be in top shape when the time Comes he looks good in those training Photos either muscles bulging he's no Donut folks and let's not forget he's Fighting at 185 lb now up from his usual 170 and still not looking much bigger Than Islam makev speaking of makev folks Take a look at how kamza Chimay is

Shaping up at 185 lb he's been throwing Sparring partners around like ragd dolls At his open training even Daniel Cormier Got a taste of Chimay ev's power when They crossed paths in the hallway in an Interview Jamaya boldly stated that he's Ready to take on Usman just as he Aggressively approached Kevin Holland We'll see if that strategy pays off Against a former UFC champion now onto The main card where Islam makev is Calling the shots as the champion he's Making some waves folks he's been eyeing The winner of the Edwards Covington bout And he's even mentioned that he might be Ready to fight again in December at UFC 296 it's clear that he won't be getting A fight with Colby and Leon leading the Card however he's open to discussions About ensuring the fight between Edwards And Covington makev believes he can Maintain his Peak condition until December no need to rush the weight cut But there are rumors that Bilal Muhammad Might be the one ensuring that fight so It's up in the air as for the next Challenger in the lightweight division With Ola ruled out in the last second Makev suggests that Gaia and Ola should Battle it out to determine the main Challenger and Let Me Tell You Folks Makev isn't happy with the Pound-for-pound rankings and he got a Rather colorful response from Conor

McGregor Jones however handled it with Class wishing Islam good luck and Shifting his Focus to bigger challenges Perhaps hinting at mochic let's not Forget the pre-fight forms of makev and Volkanovski they're both looking sharp In those photo shoots volkanovski even Pulled off a Boston crab at open Training some folks are joking that he's Got a secret move for makev now that Would be a sight to see and a little Curveball here Petra Yan is suddenly Talking about a fight in Abu Dhabi What's going on there whose fight is it Is he pulling our leg we'll have to wait And see don't forget to subscribe to the Channel folks it's absolutely essential Share your predictions for the main card And stay tuned with Glory MMA that's a Wrap for today and we'll see you Tomorrow bye-bye Everyone

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