Dricus Du Plessis’ FIRST REACTION to Strickland vs. Adesanya! the NEW Sean Strickland?! Alex Pereira

MMA news today:

ALEX PEREIRA posts new intense sparring footage as he prepares for his next fight

DANIEL CORMIER gets honest on the Strickland vs. Adesanya rematch

DRICUS DU PLESSIS shares first reaction to Israel Adesanya’s UFC 293 loss

ALEX PEREIRA reacts to Sean Strickland’s shocking win over Israel Adesanya

DANA WHITE reacts to the homo*obic language from fighters at UFC 293

CONOR MCGREGOR calls out Alexander Volkanovski – Volk responds

SEAN STRICKLAND shares first messages after becoming the new UFC middleweight champion

00:00 – Dana White addresses the homo*hobic language from fighters at UFC 293
01:52 – Daniel Cormier gets honest on the Strickland vs. Adesanya rematch
02:53 – Alex Pereira reacts to Strickland’s shocking win over Adesanya
05:19 – Dricus Du Plessis sends a message to Adesanya after UFC 293 loss
05:48 – Alex Volkanovski responds to Conor McGregor’s fight challenge
06:22 – Alex Pereira shares new intense sparring footage
07:05 – Sean Strickland shares his first messages after becoming the new UFC champion
07:48 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show started In today's video Dana White addresses Homophobic language from Fighters at UFC 293 Daniel Cormier gets honest on Strickland versus Sonia rematch Alex Potato reacts to Strickland's shocking Win over Izzy Drake is dupless he sends A message to arasani after UFC 293's Loss Alex volkanovsky responds to McGregor's fight challenge and Alex Perida shares new intense sparring Footage After their Clash at UFC 293 both Charles Radke and Manuel cop dropped Homework slurs during their respective Post-fight Victory interviews Radke has Since publicly apologized for his Actions during the UFC 293 post fight Press conference Dana White addressed The phobic language from both Fighters And insisted that neither fighter was Told that they need to apologize for the Slurs used Yeah I was flying around a little bit Tonight I think these guys get uh You know Um get a little excited Um And you know you make bad mistakes uh Radke did the same thing you know and And You know me We didn't run over to him and say you Better apologize and you better he did

That on his own you know when he got Back Stage he was embarrassed and you know Got caught up in the moment and Uh did you guys talk to him tonight no So he felt like he was treated like [ __ ] And you know all that stuff and you know Got emotional and and uh whatever reason We make mistakes Um I am not holier than thou either so We've all been in positions where we've Made mistakes and uh like I always say It's how you recover from it and how you Uh carry yourself after you make the Mistake and he came out and apologized On his own Free will we didn't tell him to do Anything and uh The fact that he did that means he means It the annual Cormier doesn't think that Is radissania should receive an Immediate rematch with Sean Strickland Speaking during the post fight UFC 293 Pay-per-view broadcast DC said the last Time as he lost all we could speak about Was he should be next again I don't Think that this time I don't think he Should fight for about next I don't Think he should get an automatic rematch I think the division needs to move on a Little bit it's like a brand new world Right like The Little Mermaid A Whole New World Sean Strickland now opens up The possibility of so many fresh

Matchups Canon here just wait in also And has a victory over Sean Strickland But I've got to imagine Drake is dupless He will be the next guy especially after Being the one that was supposed to be Here tonight I'll tell you he's kicking Himself in South Africa right now Because if there was a time to get out Of Sanya tonight was the night there was A lot that goes into this fight and Sean Strickland did what he was supposed to Do but I figured duplessy unless Hamza She might have just completely wiped out Paulo cos stuff In a recent YouTube video Alex Pereira Has weighed in on Sean Strickland Pulling off a stunning upset over his Sonia at UFC 293 in the video Alex said That he wasn't shocked by the result Because he knew Strickland was going to Be Izzy after he had trained with Sean During the recent sparring sessions You can watch the full video on Alex's YouTube channel links below Foreign Should take a break from fighting YouTube Also shared some words for anyone and Everyone who's making excuses for why is He lost he tweeted talking about the Fight yesterday everybody gave their Opinion before the fight but I didn't See any MMA expert who gave Sean the Credits he deserved now everybody is

Having excuses they weren't right this Time it's the minimum they can do said Is this guy never changed Drake is dupless he has shared his first Reaction to Sean Strickland pulling off A stunning upset over his Rod Sania at UFC 293 duplessy initially had the UFC 293 headlining spot but pulled out of The fight due to injury after the Shocking result of the UFC 293 Main Event dupless hero whoa did not see that Coming you can be so glad I'm not the One in there with you tonight hashtag UFC 293 makes no difference to me the Belt is coming home Conor McGregor strikes again this time He went after UFC featherweight Champion Alexander volkanovski Connor tweeted ask My Bullocks that little sausage Volkanovsky is no way pound per pound One silly that's quick work for me 100 Accuracy work readable hittable herdable I like he has this title though we Should fight at some stage so the Featherweight goats will have all faced Off and let there be no debate bulk Accepted McGregor's challenge tweeting Let's do it at UFC 300 at the notorious Alex Pereira has posted intense new Sparring footage to his social media as He prepares for his next fight possibly For the light heavyweight title against Yuri prohaska Thank you

Strickland whose InFamous first Controversial tweets has shared his First messages after becoming the new UFC middleweight champion tweeting Flying back home to Vegas and Joker was Playing man that movie is a mental [ __ ] Sean you're not that person anymore life Has been good to you be happy be Positive people are nice sparring will Be on Tuesday and it will make the Thoughts go away LOL after I punch that Fan in Sydney the UFC gave me a Bodyguard thanks for not pressing Charges but The Bodyguard my God was an Absolute Savage told me one special Forces story and from that I will Forever feel like in comparison well you Guys once again we're in customs do not Letting me leave the country Here are the top three memes we found on The internet today third place was found Over Reddit and was posted by a username Magician mushin Our second place meme was found over Facebook and was posted by a user named UFC kink And her top picked meme was found over Instagram and was posted by a user named As shopped As It Gets Thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the talk