Fighters BRUT4LLY ROAST Jake Paul’s win over a ‘TAXI DRIVER’!Masvidal RESPONDS to weight gain rumors

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00:00 UFC Vegas 87 results
00:50 Umar Nurmagomedov sends a warning to UFC’s 135 division
01:45 Jorge Mavidal shuts down rumors of his huge weight gain
03:28 Junior Dos Santos becomes GamebredBK MMA heavyweight champion
04:04 MMA community roast Jake Paul’s victory over ‘uber driver’ Ryan Bourland
06:34 Demetrious Johnson criticizes Jake Paul’s selection of opponents
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All right let's get the show Started let's start today's news with UFC Vegas 87's results josino Rosen Strike concluded Saturday's UFC Vegas 87 Event at the Apex with a referee Stoppage TKO victory in the fourth round Over his previously undefeated opponent Shamil gaziev in the co-main event Vitor Patrino defeated Tyson Pedro via Unanimous decision after the fight Pedro Announced his retirement from MMA Muhammed MV passed the toughest test of His career defeating Alex pz via Unanimous decision Umar nuraga remains Undefeated after securing another Dominant Victory this time against bzka Alakan despite facing an early knockout Scare in the first round after the Victory Umar sent a warning to the Bantamweight Division and called for a Fight with Cory sandhagen to say yes to Fight you right now I don't care because They said I'm going to uh we have date Like International Day With Cory s again they before this fight They talking about this and Cory talk About this and I think it's going to be Happen great because I know what what Job I did I know other guys what they Doing I know my Team and way I'm talking I can smash and I can finish pan I'm seriously I can't Do this when I'm talking about K and can Finish him I'm serious not because of

I'm kak or some something like that no But guys I have very very good team look At our team to Tri Four Guys likewe Division Champions who else teams have Or mpal addresses a leaked video Exposing a significant weight gain while Attending a power slap event in Sin City 2 weeks ago fans observed a significant Weight gain in mosal when he was Photographed meeting with fans at the Arena The king of Miami me I'm the king of Miami what's up brother oh yeah oh yeah What's up brother now in an interview With Mike Perry on the overdogs podcast Mosal addressed the video saying that it Was edited and then showed off his Current physique as proof for you he Said that he saw you and that you put on A lot of weight like you was going up to Heavy weight you've been eating pretty Good out there so what what do you think Man you going where did he see me at Where did he see me at that picture Going around Twitter Where It's the Weird in there that's what I get you you The man game bre cuz you pulled that out Oh the P the P the picture on Twitter That's nobody was mad at me to edit that Come on man I thought cuz I do get fat There is period I get fat I ain't fat Right now you know what I'm saying I Ain't going to lift myir but I'm telling You I ain't fat man your boys ready to

Rock and roll shortly you look like I Like all this [ __ ] let let let them Put it on Twitter that I'm fat that I'm This that I'm that when I get in that Ring in this fight time I will be in the Best shape of my life and and that's Something that me me and you both might We we we like respect a lot like we we Take it seriously and I always see it in All your fights you do it you come Prepared in shape mentally physically You know that's something that a lot of These people that are coming in the Boxing are not doing they not respecting They're not giving it it's fairo process To get in the best shape you can Possible to deliver the most violence Possible cuz that's what you're doing When you sign up for boxing you know D Becomes game breed's bare knuckle MMA Heavyweight champion former UFC champion Junior dos Santos faced downen Belcher In the headline bout of game redbear Knuckle MMA 7 on Saturday contending for The promotions inaugural heavyweight Title in what was a bloody battle do Santos was able to secure a nasty second Round TKO stoppage closing the show at The Kia Center in Orlando Florida Dereck Brunson mocks Jake Paul's Victory Jake Paul has picked up yet another Victory in the boxing ring this time With a first round knockout win over

Ryan Borland on Saturday at the coliseo Jose Miguel AO in San Juan Puerto Rico After the fight Paul was criticized by Fans for continuing to step into the Ring against lackluster opponents one of Jake's critics was former UFC fighter Derek Brunson who posted this video Mocking Jake's Victory go man these asss Be getting worse and worse man where the Hell is Uber at I've been at here for a Long damn time let me check my damn App This man got over 10,000 rods Ryan Ballard and the counts to my ride man I Got time to waste now let me check out This boxing match Jake Paul got going on Borland right now looks Dazed and Confused Jake looking to end it right Here right Now and they stop I can't make this Stuff up Jake just knocked out my Uberdriver I can't make this stuff up Here's some more reactions Dylan danis Tweeted there's someone in Puerto Rico Right now wondering why their Uber Drivers taking so long KSI said I didn't Even realize Jake fought Aaron Broner is There any demand for Jake Paul fighting Randos there was at least Intrigue when Mixed martial artist crossed over to Face him even the most well- versed on Boxing couldn't pick Ryan Borland out of A lineup a few months ago Ryan Garcia

Posted this Message I can't I can't do this I feel so bad for introducing Jake Paul To boxing I Up this is I can't allow this to happen I can't I can't he's disrespecting my Sport he disrespecting Everything I just I don't Know call my team Jake [ __ ] you to which Mike Perry responded Ryan you a less Than me let me get that I'm telling Y'all I'll beat Jake Paul as fast as He's beating these taxi Drivers in a video shared on his YouTube Channel former UFC fighter and longtime Champion Demetrius Johnson also Expressed criticism of Jake's choice of Opponents DJ advised Paul to challenge Himself against top level competition to Establish his credibility Paul's Evolution as a boxer and he is evolving Don't get me wrong he is getting he is Evolving but what are you doing when You're fighting these guys and you find Off the Street like I said before when he fought Andre August if gentleman was you know Running Pizza routes okay go find Somebody who's 25 26 year old who Eddie Hearn or or or somebody can find that's In the gym that's grinding that's hungry Put yourself in the fire put yourself Against top level Competition to build your credit ability

Ladies and gentlemen there is a Difference between a professional boxer Or professional athlete and an amateur Right these fights that Jake Paul are Doing not the fights that he did against Anderson Silva Tyron Woodley Nate Diaz Tommy Fury I don't know if him and Tommy Fury are f i I don't know I can't keep Track he fights all these random guys But those fights he fought against Professional athletes now now against Andre August against uh Ryan and the Basketball player he fought in very Beginning those aren't professional PLS it's time for today's top memes Third place was found over on Facebook And was posted by Robert the second place meme was found Over on X and was posted by a user named MMA Fan and the top pick of the day was Found over on Instagram and was post by MMA Pack thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk