Dana White RESPONDS to Conor McGregor’s accusations! Nate Diaz vs Edwards at UFC 300? Chandler-Colby

MMA news today:

ISRAEL ADESANYA enjoys his life outside of fighting

CODY GARBRANDT on Alex Volkanovki’s mental health issues

MICHAEL CHANDLER slams Colby Covington’s character

DRICUS DU PLESSIS praises Sean Strickland

SEAN STRICKLAND spars 15-0 pro boxer

DANA WHITE responds to Conor McGregor

NATE DIAZ teases UFC 300 return vs. Leon Edwards

00:00 Michael Chandler slams Colby Covington’s character
01:34 Israel Adesanya enjoys his life outside of fighting
02:45 Sean Strickland spars 15-0 pro boxer
03:33 Dricus Du Plessis praises Sean Strickland
05:11 Cody Garbrandt on Alex Volkanovki’s mental health issues
07:17 Nate Diaz teases UFC 300 return vs. Edwards
07:49 Dana White responds to Conor McGregor07:27 TOP 3 MMA memes
08:25 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get the show Started Michael Chandler has some words For Colby Covington Chandler recently Made an appearance on sto's wild rde Podcast where he slammed Covington's Character and hilariously mocked his UFC 296 performance well for a guy who talks About everyone being triggered he sure Was afraid to pull the trigger and then I also said if his if his offense Tonight was an accurate depiction of us Strength we would have never got gained Our independence Lost World War I and Got demoralized in World War II now I Only say that because I don't like to Talk a lot of trash and never do I ever Want to step on a guy when he's down After he loses right cuz I hate when People do that to me we all hate it but Whenever you've created such a fake Character like you've become the Character it's like well I'm not Actually hating on Co Covington the Heartbeat the guy outside of just Fighting you're hating on the character Just like it's WWE and funny thing is I Just I think he crossed the line I think He's a sure I just he's I don't know He's not my style I think he and I might Actually agree on a decent amount of Things but I think his delivery is just Asinine yeah I mean there's there's a Line you won't cross you there's a line You won't let your your character cross

You know just like just like there could Be like actual actors who are like hey I'm an actor and I'll do anything in This fantasy world that we call you know Film but I have a certain things that I I don't want to do on camera or whatever Like it's I don't know it's uh yeah he And I are not I've actually never spoken A word to the guy but I do have mutual Friends who are like oh I swear he's a Nice guy I'm like maybe Israel adna has Posted new video as he enjoys his life Outside of [Music] [Music] Fighting [Applause] Me Shan Strickland recently took on another Professional boxer in a wild sparring Session the UFC middleweight champ did a Few rounds with undefeated pro boxer Robin Safar the footage was recorded Back in April 2023 here's the clip Up Second Dricus dupi has surprisingly praised Sean Strickland despite starting a ball At UFC 296 in a recent interview with UFC news the South African fighter Discussed their upcoming fight and gave Respect to Strickland for being a great Fighter yeah I mean obviously after that Performance there's just no denying the

Guy you know he's he's uh one of those One of those fighters who who's always Going to come out and you know the Lights doesn't bother him the moment Does bother him so he's going to come Out and he's going to fight the way he Fights he never fights worse he never Fights better he always fights the way He fights and that's always uh a good Fight so I mean nothing but respect for Him as a fighter I think he's a he's an He's an exceptional fighter I think um You know him being um almost having the The attitude of I don't really give a [ __ ] about anything I think a lot of People make the mistake that you think That's how he approaches his career Which is not the fact I think he's a He's a brilliant athlete and I think he Takes his career very seriously and he Deserves to be where he is drus also Explained why his fighting style will Cause a lot of problems for Strickland Well maybe if he if he is the best Striker in the world which I very highly Doubt um you know Styles make fights he Was he F the the best style to beat Israa but you know I fought the best Style to knock out anybody in the world And we saw that against Whitaker that's Never happened to him before and um you Have to ask yourself the question do you Think Robert wha loses against Shan Strickland if you want to go on that

Math And no he doesn't there's no no way that Happens but you know I think our Styles We both have a very weird style so I Think it's going to be one hell of a Clash and I'm I think this is a fanf Friendly fight it's going to be Cody Garbrandt has saluted Alexander Volkanovski for speaking up about mental Health issues MMA often Sidelines mental Health athletes in their physical prime Usually try to work out their mental Issues through physical training Recently vinoski opened up and said that He struggles mentally when does doesn't Have a fight booked now in an interview With ESPN MMA garbrandt praised vul for Starting a discussion about mental Health and also opened up about his Mental health anxiety depression like All that stuff comes through you know Like even after a fight for me like the Next few days should be just you know Good I'm thankful you know gratitude I Get to be able to come home and see my Family but even after that I still get Like high anxiety because it's like I've Literally just spent my whole you know Last 10 to 12 weeks you know routine of What I was doing so where it's like After the fight you got to take some Time off let your body heal not Necessarily some people go right back to Training that's why because it's like

Never shut your mind off but you know For me the body needs it you know I have This this week off when I'm come back Home to see my family in Ohio um yeah It's tough It's constantly you know up And down battle you know mental battle Anxiety like I don't know too many People's uh jobs out there in the world That when they go to work they're Driving to work that they pray and hope That they don't get injured you know Inside a training that's just to train This is just to get to the fight you Know and outside you know once you get In the fight hopefully nothing brutally Bad happens inside the you know octagon You could have come home and enjoy that Little bit of downtime you had before You know you get back to training so It's yeah it's a constant mental battle You know and and I you know salute VL For you know speaking out about that I Think more need to um you know Be outspoken about what they're going Through you know um to help the younger Generation understand it's okay to have These feelings it's okay to you know Sometimes have those demons of doubt It's but you know it's what you do it's What you do and how you get through Those you know mental bow what's going To make you a champion Nate Diaz is Eager to make a comeback to the UFC and Has set his sights on a rematch with

Leon Edwards for UFC 300 Nate recently Tweeted This despite Diaz's previous loss to Edwards he nearly pulled off an upset And has expressed admiration for Edwards Skills and performance he has also Declined call outs from other Fighters And currently doesn't seem interested in A Trilogy fight with Conor McGregor who Would you guys like to see Nate fight in His UFC return let us know in the Comments below Conor McGregor recently Attended the Day of Reckoning boxing Event in Saudi Arabia there he had an Interview with talksport where he vended Out his frustrations with the UFC Regarding his return now Dana White went Live on Instagram and mentioned that he And McGregor have recently chatted about Connor's possible comeback date Twitter User named MMA orbit posted this Dana White said we talked tonight I'm in Abu Dhabi he's in Dubai we're going to Figure something out we're talking 1:00 In the morning here in Abu Dhabi Incredible and here are the top three Memes found on the internet today Thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the talk