Dana White Makes BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Bisping LAUGHS at PFL CEO’s comments about Dana White!

MMA news today:

DANA WHITE makes big announcement

DEMETRIOUS JOHNSON posts impressive BJJ footage

MMA COMMUNITY celebrates Thanksgiving

MICHAEL BISPING laughs at PFL Ceo Donn Davis’ comments about Dana White

00:00 Bisping laughs at PFL Ceo Donn Davis
01:48 MMA community celebrates Thanksgiving
03:58 Dana White makes big announcement
05:39 Demetrious Johnson posts impressive BJJ footage
08:04 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get the show Started let's start today's news with Michael Bisping reacting to the pfl Bellator merger on Mondo's revealed that The pfl has bought Bellator in a massive Deal that will change the landscape of MMA the general consensus is that it Will be good for the sport as it could Be a legit promotion that could rival The UFC pfl CEO Don Davis also said that Dana White should be worried by the Bellator merger speaking on his b Podcast Michael Bisping reacted to the News and left off Davis's comments about Dana White in the UFC I saw what's his Name I think it's Don Davis he's like The chairman or something like that and I'm not here to criticize or anything Like that and I'm very happy that Fighters have other avenues to compete And make a living and earn money and all The rest of it but it just made me laugh And again this is not me Swinging off Dana's nuts I saw a headline the other Day Dana White is worried do you know What I mean that they both Bellator and I was like I don't think so I really Don't think so I don't think they're Going to lose any sleep at night and I Went Through um because I was going to do a YouTube video on it and I didn't do it In the end so I Googled Brian just do it Bring up the pfl roster and bring up the

Bellator roster and when you scroll Through it I'm sure they're really good Fighter so I'm not talking [ __ ] about Them I was just the headlines Dana is Worried you know cuz he's talking about Us now and I'm like I really really Don't think so and when I went through The roster other than people that used To be in the UFC I didn't recognize any of the names And that doesn't mean they're not a good Fighter doesn't mean they don't have Value but it just I'm I'm like I don't See how you're coming to the conclusion That Dane is going to be really worried About this here's how the MMA Community Celebrated Thanksgiving over social Media Sean strin posted this clip hey Happy Thanksgiving guys hey hey Brad as A Hawaiian Happy Thanksgiving what is Your one message Sean told me never Trust a white man don't trust the white Man of all people he knows they come in Here trying to get some core next thing They know they take half your paycheck Don't trust the man Andy the white man's Clever you guys now they got the black Man being the man now they're taking Half our paycheck don't trust the man Nina drama posted this video captioned On my way to the pool to meet Helen LOL Happy Thanksgiving at Helen ye Helen Replied just finished swim practice Waiting for you need a drama I B

Floaties too just in case Happy Thanksgiving Happy Thanksgiving guys I'm Headed to California to celebrate with My family and I'm super excited to Feast On some good food and football at my Bookie in celebration of Thanksgiving my Bookie is hosting a bunch of cash Contest as well as boosted bets and much More um use my code Tatiana to get a Cash deposit Bonus and you could B anything you don't Have to be a sport Wiz To bet bet at my bookie you can bet on Your favorite Shows politics you could even bet that Tatiana is about to smoke Pat and Uno at The H Party anyways Happy Thanksgiving guys John Jones Happy Thanksgiving for my Family to Yours and here's turkey mask widman we Go my first turkey I've ever smoked in My life first turkey I've ever cooked in My life and this is I did two of them This is the 12 pounder the 18 pounder I Started way earlier so that's already Out this guy's at 160° I just hit it With a little bit of a honey glaze to Finish it up thanks all the everybody That helped me figure this out including YouTube uh here we go I'll let you know How it tastes there been a new Announcement from Dana White the UFC President shared a few fight

Announcements on Thanksgiving the first Fight that white announced was that Jaylen Turner has stepped up on short Notice and will face Bobby Green in the Co-main event of UFC Austin on December 2nd the fight will also now just be Three rounds instead of the scheduled Five what's up guys I got a couple fight Announcements for you so for the December second fight here in Austin Texas Dan hooker broke the same arm that He broke in his last fight so he's out So number 13 ranked Bobby green will now Face number 12 ranked Jaylen Turner in The co-main event and it's going to be Three rounds instead of five another Fight announced is Sona dong versus Chris Gutierrez for the December 9th Main event December 9th number seven Sona dong versus number 14 Chris Gutierrez and that fight will be at the Apex in Las Vegas Dan has also confirmed That Alexander volovski vilia tooya will Headline UFC 298 on February 17th and The event will take place at in Anaheim February 17th volkanovski versus topor Will happen at UFC 298 at the Honda Center in Anaheim and the final announcement is That on February 10th the UFC Apex will Host an exciting Fight Night card Headline by 10th ranked middleweight Jack Hermanson and Joe Piper last one February 10th the main event will be Joe

Piper versus the number 10 ranked Jack Hermanson at the Apex in Las Vegas pyer Has four great win since his Contender Appearance and they are all by finish Have an amazing Thanksgiving everybody And I'll see you not this Saturday but Next Saturday Demetrius Johnson has Posted new grappling footage Mighty mes Posted new training footage to his Social media showing off his impressive BJJ skills DJ has a Brazilian jiu-jitsu Brown belt and has eight submission wins In his MMA Record How you doing Man Oh I'm Sorry Oh that was nice SM The Wor you can't ride a ball without your Hooks that's right baby you tell him Baby he just the Kid he has a thick neck by the Way Sorry Top three memes found on the internet Today third place was found over Reddit And was posted by a username demon Venerable second place meme was found Over X and it was posted by a username Liam and the top picked meme was found Over Instagram and was posted by a usern Named MMA

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