Dana White LOSES IT over ‘false report’ & GOES OFF on MMA reporter! Dustin Poirier APOLOGIZES! Reyes

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00:00 Dominick Reyes ‘lucky to be alive’ after dealing w/ blood clots
01:34 Robert Whittaker vows to ‘hurt’ Paulo Costa at UFC 298
03:17 Sean Strickland gets back to work after UFC 297 loss
03:54 Jon Anik clarifies his recent podcast controversy
05:50 Dustin Poirier ‘apologizes’ for ‘misunderstanding’
06:02 Dana White loses it on MMA reporter
07:26 TOP 3 MMA memes



All right let's get this show Started Dominic Reyes reveals he's lucky To be alive after dealing with blood Clots Reyes was scheduled to face Carlos Olberg at UFC 297 in Toronto scheduled For January 20th but the fight was Scratched after olberg suffered an Injury the two were then rebooked to Fight on March 30th at UFC Atlantic City But Reyes was forced to withdraw after Discovering that he had a series of life Threatening blood clots in his calf now In an interview with James Lynch of Middle easy Reyes opened up on what it Was like going through a Life-threatening blood clot that will Keep him out of the Octagon for quite Some time he said Carlos and I were Slated to fight on January 20th he Pulled out I don't know why an injury Obviously but he's not going to say what His injury is then a week later I ended Up getting blood clots deep vein Thrombosis so I'm going to be out for a Minute I'm lucky to be alive that's Always nice we caught it early so it Didn't become a pulmonary embolism and Thank God for that which is kind of Crazy because I got a massage while my Leg was hurting I thought I pulled my my Muscle in my calf so I got a massage and That's the worst thing you could ever do I'm lucky I didn't die on that massage Table right there despite being on a for

Fight losing skid and three knockout Losses in a row and now dealing with Blood clots Reyes says there was no talk Of retirement he continued no I'm not Ready to retire at all like I said to Everybody else the difference between me And most every other single fighter is My faults happened on a world stage when Everybody was paying attention Reyes Concluded I didn't lose in the regional Circuit I didn't make those mistakes in The Regal circuit when nobody saw it my Mistakes happen in front of the whole World Robert Whitaker vows to hurt Paulo Costa at UFC 298 on Thursday Whitaker Spoke to Media where he discussed a Variety of topics including his most Recent loss to drus dupia at UFC 290 There he stated that he still believes That he's a better fighter than DDP that He'd beat him nine out of 10 times I'm Always an animal in a fight I'm always Ready to fight you know you could jump Me on my worst day and I I'll give you a Good showing it's it's it's one of those Things that when you fight for so long And you have so many changes in your Life sometimes all it takes is just Loosening the reins a little bit you Know when you fight these hungry dude Dck is a hungry guy man you saw in his Last fight and I think I underestimated That hunger you know I I I still do Believe I beat him nine times out of 10

I still believe that I'm a better far Than he his that I have a better skill Set than he does but mate a big strong That's hungry and willing to leave it All there you need to you need to match That Whitaker also said that the loss Made him change his mentality and now he Wants to really hurt his opponents Starting with Paulo Costa at UFC 298 we Went back to to the gym we went back Home we we saw things in hindsight which Is always 2020 and we took things the Way that we liked added things that we Wanted to add made some tweaks here some Changes there and honestly I would think It's been for the better like I'm I'm Coming into this fight hungrier than Ever I I'm I've been really focusing on Trying to bring that animal back I'm not Just in it this fight to win I'm in it To hurt Costa and I think that mentality Is a you know it's a it's a powerful Thing to have Shan Strickland gets back To work after UFC 297 loss in a video Posted to his Instagram stories Thursday Strickland said that he's back in the Gym just two weeks after he lost to Drake's dupy and to No Surprise his First day back kicked off with the Sparring session just got back to the Gym first day back after two weeks man It's a beautiful day all my little Nervous ticks and twitches and [ __ ] are Going away it's a good

Day split good Split time one minute short time John Anic reflects on the recent podcast Controversy one week after his Impassioned rort to MMA fans who Attacked him for scoring the UFC 297 Headliner for Drake is dupi over sha Strickland John anik reflected on the Controversy surrounding his comments in An interview with MMA fighting the Longtime UFC play-by-play man admitted That he shouldn't have taken it so Personal and revealed that he hopes to Renew his contract with the UFC after it Expires in 2026 you can watch the full Interview on MMA fighting's YouTube Channel the link can be found in today's Video description and I think anybody in The public eye as a figure to whatever Degree comes across these learning Lessons at times and uh I think it's What you sort of do going forward but I Think for me as a play-by-play guy when There are Myriad allegations of bias or People suggesting that there's a lack of Objectivity I got sensitive to that but I shouldn't you know like I'm certainly Not sensitive to personal attacks and Things like that I really need to not be Sensitive to allegations of bias because 95% of the fan base felt like it was an Even call and actually felt like at Least half the fanan base felt like Drake is dupy won the fight yeah I am a

Full-time employee right now I hope they Extend my contract at the end of this Contract October 2026 if you want the Exact date I'll be 15 years in man you Know this is my life's work so I'm not Going to be that guy who sticks around Forever and and prevents a young guy From getting an opportunity I'd be very Surprised if I'm doing this into my 60s Even if it is the greatest job on Earth Uh but I have no intention of leaving uh In 2026 Dustin poier apologizes for the Misunderstanding poier announced Thursday that the upcoming fight against Benois St Den at UFC 299 is no longer Happening he initially explained he Couldn't come to terms with the UFC on a Contract poier later dropped another Message confirming the fight with Stan Is Now official and the whole ordeal was Nothing more than a misunderstanding he Tweeted sorry folks I jumped the gun I Couldn't get a hold of my manager for a Few days I just spoke with him and Hunter misunderstanding on my part fight Is on see you March 9th Miami Dana White goes off on an MMA Reporter G Cruz a Brazilian reporter for MMA fighting has accused Dana White and The UFC of announcing fights before they Are officially signed by Fighters he Tweeted Vicente Luc ver Shawn Brady and Now Dustin por ver benw St Dene two days

In a row where fights announced By Dana White are now off because well they were Never really a done deal followed up With BSD coach Daniel waren told me Weeks ago they had no video about the Fight before it was announced By Dana They loved it sure but were surprised by The announcement Beno was sleeping when News broke his wife woke him up saying Hey you're fighting poier Dana White Later refuted this posting a photo of a DM with Beno s talking about the poier Fight the message read I may have done It today just wanted to make sure those Days worked if it's Miami it will be Five rounds Co M an event at UFC 299 I'll text you later to confirm please do Not say anything to anyone don't want it Leaking please Beno said oh no worries I Keep it for me March or April is okay For me Dana replied March five rounds Got it done we just filmed the Announcement get ready my man Dana also Blasted the Brazilian reporter writing Hey G Cruz go yourself com Dana Then Followed up with you media guys are such Pieces of [ __ ] writing whatever Clickbait you can to be first and not Right this is why nobody trusts or likes You it's time for today's top memes Third place meme was found over on Instagram and was posted by MMA Fan second place pick was found over on Facebook and was posted by a user named

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