Conor McGregor SHOWS what WENT WRONG in first TUF 31 loss! Till SLAMS True Geordie! DC WARNS Pereira

MMA news today:

KHAMZAT CHIMAEV posts impressive sparring footage as he prepares for Kamaru Usman fight at UFC 294

CONOR MCGREGOR reacts after first loss at TUF 31

DARREN TILL defends Conor McGregor in True Geordie beef

DANIEL CORMIER warns Alex Pereira not to stand and trade with Jan Blachowicz

AKA COACH JAVIER MENDEZ gives update on Khabib Nurmagomedov’s coaching status

00:00 – Daniel Cormier warns Alex Pereira
01:13 – Conor McGregor reacts to first loss at TUF 31
02:39 – True Geordie fires back at Conor McGregor
04:37 – Darren Till defends McGregor in True Geordie beef
04:57 – AKA coach gives update on Khabib’s coaching status
05:59 – Khamzat Chimaev shares impressive sparring footage
07:56 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show started In today's news Daniel Cormier sends Warning advice to Alex Pereira before Jan lavish fight Conor McGregor reacts To First loss at The Ultimate Fighter 31 YouTuber true Jordi fires back at Conor McGregor there until backs up McGregor In true Geordie beef AKA coach gives Update on habib's coaching status and Hamza shimayev shares impressive spine Footage During a recent episode of ESPN's DC and RC show Daniel Cormier warned Alex Pereira not to stand and trade with the Polish power of yandlavic but Izzy also Was like that fight I think arasani Weighed like 195 whenever he fought yeah Against uh Beyond beholders right so it Took a little bit of time for him to uh Get it going but he thinks that Yamahovich is gonna try to take him down And beat him up there because Izzy got Taken down by yamaholic but we have seen Edison hurt Ferreira Um in two fights he can't get hit by Yambo how much beholders it's so hard Okay I have seen behold which almost Decapitate guys Luke rockhold uh Dominic Reyes the way that he was knocking guys Out for a while was very scary on Tuesday the 31st season of The Ultimate Fighter premiered and it didn't take Long for the show to deliver a Jaw-dropping moment Conor McGregor's

Fighter was knocked out in less than 10 Seconds later in an interview with UFC News McGregor shared his reaction to the Loss and explained what he believes went Wrong While on the topic of McGregor the Notorious recently sent a fired up voice Message to YouTuber true Jordi here it Is What's happening Biscuits Five kids hits Are you you little born's victim looking Thing My little skull did you with a kettle You're fat you're a fat nobody you Little feminine the other thing Keep my name out of your stupid [ __ ] Secretary in your fat burn face Head Oh my God you can't understand what I'm Saying You've got subtitles under the thing Saying exactly what I'm saying so what Are you saying you little fat no name In response true Jordi called out Conor McGregor to a charity MMA or boxing Match talking about fighting Michael Chandler Michael Chandler right now is The safest money you're ever gonna bet On a fight in your life he is in no way Ready to fight anyone not even me and The funniest thing is the way he's Talking about this in this video the way

He complained about Nate the us being Too big for him too strong for him at 170 pounds mate I'm 300 pounds and built Like a rugby player I'm the size of the Guys who Floyd Mayweather and you hire To protect them when you're walking Around in public I would pick Conor McGregor up like a shopping bag with one Arm he is so small compared to me and I Know his fans are gonna think he's like Superman or whatever but they've got Weird classes for a reason bro I'm more Than twice the size of this man and look If you want to do a charity fight Anything MMA boxing I don't really give A [ __ ] because I'm literally a giant Compared to you we'll donate the money To victims how about that anytime Anywhere any place I really don't care Someone needs to shut that [ __ ] hole In your face now Darren till his Responded to jordy's video by tweeting This pisses me off because I like true Jordi but Connor would [ __ ] Monument There's no charity about it he hasn't Trained his whole life for some fat 300 Pound to act like he'd pick him up no Connor would punch you up and down your Studio pal because he's a real fighter American kickboxing academy head coach Javier Mendez says Habib nurmag Madoff Is still heavily involved in his Teammates training camps Habib was Recently spotted training at AKA which

Caused Mendez to clarify its fans that The Eagles still coaching he just won't Be making trips to Corner Fighters Anymore he said well it's gonna be me For sure I'm pretty sure khabib won't be In the corner he stated that one thing People don't understand he never said he Wouldn't coach people he said he's not Going to be in the corner and travel to Fight camps because he's spending time With his family never said he wouldn't Come and visit here and there and train The guys he's never said none of that He's still holding true to everything he Said and he never said never either I'm hoping at some point he can come Back and help me because him being in The corner is such a huge motivator for The guys in me because then my job's Easier because I hardly have to worry About anything I just sit in the Backseat and let him drive because he's A hell of a driver Hamza shimayev has posted new training Footages he prepares for a possible Future fight against Kamara Usman which Is targeted for UFC 294 set to take Place October 21st hamzat said that During this session he knocked out 10 Rounds of wrestling and 12 rounds of MMA Check this out Thank you Thank you Thank you

Here are the top three funniest memes we Found on the internet today third place Was found over Facebook and was posted By a user named UFC kink Our second place pick was found over Reddit and was posted by a user named Gandalf the racer And her top pick of the day was found Over Facebook and was posted by a Username to UFC news and memes I'd like to thank you all for your Support and kind comments while I was on Vacation in Mallorca Spain I'm back and Excited to continue sharing news with You all Life is Beautiful