Brendan Schaub CRITICIZES Sean Strickland over beef w/ Ian Garry & his wife! Conor’s pub in trouble!

MMA news today:

JON JONES goes off on random fan on ‘X’

BRENDAN SCHAUB criticizes Sean Strickland over Ian Garry beef

PADDY PIMBLETT slams Tony Ferguson’s training w/ David Goggins

MICHAEL BISPING defends Ian Garry & his wife from critics

CONOR MCGREGOR Irish Pub faces over $2million loss

00:00 Paddy Pimblett slams Tony Ferguson’s training w/ David Goggins
01:37 Conor McGregor’s Irish Pub faces $2million + loss
02:49 Jon Jones goes off on random fan on ‘X’
03:41 Brendan Schaub criticizes Sean Strickland over Ian Garry beef
05:25 Bisping defends Ian Garry & his wife from critics
07:19 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get the show Started let's start today's news with Patty piml blasting Tony Ferguson's Training with David gogins ahead of Their UFC 296 outing Ferguson has been Seeing training with the former Navy SEAL and Runner David gogins who Recently put El koui through hell week While Tony made it through Petty pinet Has questioned how useful the training Will be during a recent interview with The energized show Petty stated that Tony doesn't need help with his cardio And training with hins is just a stupid Move in his eyes he said I think it's Bizarre and I think it's stupid if There's two things that Tony's never Needed help with it's his mental state Looking at the armar Charles Olivera had Him in he didn't tap that's a Nutter Right there look at his cardio he's Never had a problem with his cardio so I Just don't understand why he done it he Must be thinking that he's not where he Was mentally a few years ago but that's Not the reason he's losing fights lad It's because he's older he's lost Athleticism and he's not as fast as he Once was Despite these comments Petty still Thinks Tony is a tough fight for him and Hopes the fight can be similar to Tony's War against Anthony Pettis back in 2018 He continued I want a war I want to look

Like Anthony Pettis after he fought him And I want to look worse than Anthony Pettis after he fought him I want to Scrap lad I'm going to come in and throw Down I see this as a lose lose fight for Me because if I did lose people will be Like oh you got beat by a wash Tony and When I win people are going and be like Oh Tony was washed anyway it doesn't Matter even though I'm seeing everyone Online picking Tony to beat me I know For a fact even when I win I'm not going To get any Credit Kor McGregor's Irish Pub is Running at a staggering $2 million plus Loss McGregor made around a $2 million Investment when he purchased the Dublin Bar he named the black forgin however The pub is still experiencing Growing Pains based on the latest Financial Disclosures per a new report according To records filed by Jimmy ventes the Company that oversees the pub owned by McGregor the restaurant and bar recorded Losses of € 432,000 last year which translates to Just over 600,000 us while in 2021 the Black Forge posted losses totaling 1.13 Million EUR or approximately $1.8 Million this was the Pub's opening year And was during the global pandemic all Told McGregor's Pub has accounted for Over $2 million in losses since the Business venture started per Financial

Figures reported by The Independent in Ireland although losses have accumulated Jimmy Venture valued black Forin and all Of its assets at a net Book value of $4.4 million which is 6.1 million at the End of 2022 according to the report the Outstanding loan amount for the business Decreased from 5.3 million to 4.1 Million EUR by the end of last Year Jon Jones goes off on a random fan On X a Twitter account named Rand bets Posted a video trolling that running is Tougher than MMA here's the video Alpha Than MMA the reality is that many martial Arts practitioners are simply childish Men who never grew out of the phase of Play fighting with their friends and Fantasizing about being Superheroes martial arts are all about Learning techniques while running is Purely about enduring pain anyone with a Brain could tell you which of these two Is when Janes saw the video he commented Dude definitely got his girl smashed by An MMA fighter when you're running too Hard you can simply stop or slow down a Bit being in a mixed martial arts fight Is like being in the middle of the ocean You don't know what you're doing you Drown you could literally die it's the Most real sport to ever exist can't even Call it a sport it's a way of survival a Way of life brand sha gets honest on Ian

Gary Shaw and Strickland beef Gary has Been on the receiving end of some Flack Online after it was discovered that his Wife made a book titled how to be a wag This has led some to believe that Gary's Wife is only with him for the notoriety And money Strickland chimed in on the Situation with a video posted on on Social media warning Gary to get out of His marriage this led Ian and his wife To threaten suing Strickland who didn't Take too kindly to the threat during the Most recent episode of the sha show Brenan shared his take on the beef and Criticized Strickland for how he went About the Situation so Sean Strickland finds us Out Sean Strickland is going to Sean Strickland this why we love him right he Just shoots from the hip but he says He's trying to help being Gary out if You want to help being Gary out you Don't go public with this and make it This entire Storm of info for Ian Gary and his Family my only caveat there my only Criticism of uh Sean Strickland which You know it's good content for what we Do and all that stuff but I could care Less about that but if Sean Strickland Want to actually helping Gary he would Have message him Privately that's be like oh you're not Trying to help him dude here's the other

Thing I don't give a if Ian Gary likes Older women and she's his manager and She's direct him in this this way and Influence him in this way okay why do You guys care if that works for him who Are we to judge what works for Ian Gary If they're in an open Relationship monogamous whatever it is Who gives a [ __ ] all I care about is Ian Gary perform inside that octagon why Everybody want has this thing to say About the way he deal it's his private Life man Michael Bisping defends the and Gary from critics during a recent Episode of his Podcast Bisping waited on the drama Between Ian Gary and his wife Lea and UFC middleweight champ Sean Strickland Bisping believes that Strickland and the MMA Community went too far and things Such as family shouldn't be talked about In public oh I don't want to get into This either the big story over the Weekend this whole thing with Shan Strickland talking about Ian Gary's wife Right people are coming out YouTubers Are talking about it they're mocking the Whole Situation Ian gar is clearly pissed off And responding in a manner he's Threatening to sue Sean Strickland I get it I understand it That's his wife that's his lady all Right he came out and did this book that

Was a long time ago I'm not going to Comment about somebody's wife I'm Certainly not going to make tittl tattle Of it I'm not going to make light of it You don't do that you know what I mean And to be honest to be honest it's not I Mean he's fortunate he's fighting vincen Luk because V C Luca is not the type of Guy to bring up any of this stuff you Know and the whole thing it's in bad Taste and people say well she she did a Book how to be a wag do you know when She came out she said no if you know the Context she did that it was satire it Was sarcasm I don't know if it was I Don't know if it wasn't all I know is It's his wife it's the mother of his Children I think people should have a Little bit of respect I said that Yesterday on a YouTube video uh I just Touched on it very briefly because I was Talking about UFC 296 and people came Out and said well hold on he was talking About Neil magnet right and he kind of Twisted his words there and I get that Right I get that but you can say Whatever you want about your opponent And your opponent can say whatever they Want about you I feel like talking about People's family talking about their Wives is a little bit of a Stretch today's top three memes third Place was found over Instagram was Posted by a username that shopped As It

Gets Second place meme was found over Instagram and was posted by a username Beaver Smash TV and the top picked meme was found Over Reddit and was posted by a usern Named Twinks thanks for watching if you like The content smash that like button and Don't forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk