Adesanya’s Coach SHUTS DOWN Khamzat Chimaev fight! DC eats sushi w/ Joe Rogan! Dana White on Jones

MMA news today:

COACH EUGENE BAREMAN shuts down Khamzat Chimaev fight

MICHAEL BISPING talks what’s next for Alex Pereira following UFC 287 loss

SEAN O’MALLEY shares advice to Raul Rosas Jr.

DANA WHITE gives an update on Jon Jones

DANIEL CORMIER eats sushi for the very first time with Joe Rogan

ALJAMAIN STERLING posts intense sparring footage as he prepares for the Henry Cejudo fight

00:00 – Daniel Cormier eats sushi for the very first time
01:14 – Coach Eugene Bareman shuts down Khamzat Chimaev fight
02:26 – Aljamain Sterling posts intense sparring footage
03:26 – Dana White gives an update on Jon Jones
04:39 – Bisping talks what’s next for Alex Pereira
06:15 – Sean O’Malley shares advice to Raul Rosas Jr.
07:27 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show started [Music] Today's video we have a fun clip of Daniel Cormier eating sushi for the very First time coach Eugene bearman shuts Down Hamza she might have fight Al Jermaine Sterling posts intense new Sparring footage Dana White gives an Update on Jon Jones Bisping talks what's Next for Alex Pineda and Sean O'Malley Shares advice for Raul roses Jr Well okay Before but you've never steered me wrong Before so I'm gonna try this all right Here we go I might be steering you wrong Right now Yeah [Laughter] Oh man That's not bad it's good it's not it's Really good I took it like my son takes his medicine It was actually really good it's really Good it's really good oh my gosh you Just gotta get over the idea No I choose it I'll try something next Time [Music] It looks pretty clear that Israel Adasani's next title defense will not be Against Hamza shimayev in a recent Interview with submission radio coach Eugene bearman said that she might have Hasn't done enough turn a shot against

Dizzy Biermann clarified that there are No ways shying away from The Challenge He just thinks shimayev needs to climb His way up at middleweight he said His Hamza fought at middleweight yet we Can't be ridiculous this is the most Prestigious title in the sport sometimes Business takes precedent I understand That you're just devaluating the Organization you're devaluing the sport You're devaluing everything that we've Stood for at the minimum fight three Guys that no one's ever heard of like Pereira I'm not arguing against fighting Hamzat I think hamzat would be a great Fight he's a big name he's a challenge And we're all about challenges he brings High level MMA wrestling to the sport That's a challenge and I love the Challenge but I'm arguing for The Prestige of the UFC for the brand and For the sport Hamza would be a great Fight and like Israel says to all these Opponents I hope you go out there and Get the job done do your job so that you Can see him How do you go Hello [Music] During a recent interview on the Pat McAfee show UFC president Dana White was Asked about Jon Jones's future he Revealed that Jones disappeared and he Hasn't heard anything from him since his

Win over Cyril gone last month at UFC 285. then he pops up and says he wants To fight one of these guys he doesn't Care who it is either fought Francis He'd have fought Steve a he you know Cyril whoever it is Then he comes in and he starts talking Like I'm gonna walk right through this Guy I'm gonna make it look so easy and I'm like Jesus Christ that's a that's a That's a pretty bold statement to say When you then he does it and who He's gone again Jones goes back underground and uh you Know and and let me know when the steepe Fight's done and it's it's he is a he is A fascinating talented artist to deal With so you have not heard from him Since wow haven't heard a word on him What do you mean like hey John Congratulations on the on David Copperfield Yeah that is back in New Mexico doing Whatever he does man he's shooting guns He's got German Shepherds he's you know Doing his thing On his believe you me podcast Michael Bisbee explained by Alex Pineda should Aim for a Trilogy bout with Israel Sanya Instead of moving up to 205. so According to Izzy he's closed the Chapter he's closed the book that's done And dusted and he's moving on according To Dana why there's a potential that

Pereira might move up to 205 which is a Potential but if he doesn't I still believe the next fight that Needs to happen is the rubber match Because it's one a piece forget about The kickboxing stuff if you don't it's Three to one but in the UFC it's one a Piece there were both stoppages they Were both title fights you know if we're Going to close this chapter once and for All the natural course of events and This is neither because I'm an easy Or Pereira fan it's just what always Happens that's why we've got Juliana Pena taking on Amanda Nunes for the Third time it will be very telling if Pereira is not making the noise for the Rematch because as we said before it's Not easy to come back when you've been Knocked out if he doesn't make noise and Ask for it if his team is management his Fans if they're not all making noise and Company campaigning on social media well Well then of course it just moves on and Maybe goes to 205 or whatever fights Whoever you know but he has to make Noise he has to say listen Do the right thing but if he doesn't That's on him I guess Sean O'Malley has shared some advice for Raul Rose's Jr following his first Career loss at UFC 287 while speaking on His Timbo sugar Show podcast O'Malley Advised Rose's Jr to take two years off

And just focus on Improvement Doesn't mean rajos roses Junior's done But I mean it's like where do you go From here maybe you don't even sign him At that age you let him fight for two Three years rack up some more wins this Kid's coming in 15-0 undefeated but you Know what I mean I think it's just but UFC's that's the risk they're willing to Take hey we're gonna have a potential Star he still can be but I don't know Yeah what's next for him I think yeah Like you said there's definitely guys in The division that he he can go out there And beat but it doesn't I don't even Think he needs to go out there and get a Win you need to go out there and get Better two years take two years off lift Grind Because you said he was walking around He said Daniel told me I never seen him Daniel said he was 140 fight week it's Four pounds overweight I don't think he Should go to 25 I think he should stay At 35 just don't fight for a couple Years get good yeah just improve Everywhere come back you're 20 years old He wants to be the youngest champ maybe That humble and bit okay well that's not I mean it's not not realistic take two Years off your 20 still have a Possibility Here are the top three funniest memes we Found on the internet today

Third place was found over Facebook and Was posted by a user named UFC news and Memes Our second place meme was also found Over Facebook and was posted by a user Named the meme Elite And her top pick was found over Twitter And was posted by a user named Wonder Bread MMA Thank you guys for watching if you liked The video please leave a like And Subscribe to our channel to keep up with The latest MMA News Foreign

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