Brandon Moreno STEPS AWAY from MMA! Islam Makhachev FIRES BACK at Dustin Poirier! Merab-Costa

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00:00 Igor Severino’s purse withheld by NAC
00:39 Bisping slams Severino for biting his opponent
01:56 Merab gets back at Paulo Costa for stealing his foo
03:44 Maycee Barber hospitalized 9 days after UFC 299
05:02 Islam Makhachev fires back at Dustin Poirier
05:43 Brandon Moreno is stepping away from MMA
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All right let's get this show Started in today's news Igor severino's Purse gets withheld by the NAC according to MMA fighting severino's Purse was withheld by the Nevada Athletic commission after he was Disqualified for biting Andre Lima in The second round the exact amount of Saverino's purse is unknown because the NAC does not publicly disclose salaries He was released from the UFC fing the About also srino faces a potential Suspension and fine at next month's NAC Meeting it's uncertain what the Punishment might be but as of right now His purse has been withheld and he faces Further Discipline Michael Bisping goes off on Eigor saverino on his bym podcast Bisping addressed the unusual conclusion Of the fight and criticized srino for Biting his opponent condemning his Actions as quote unquote disgusting Listen he he he he's a skilled makes Martial arts he was looking good Apparently was undefeated they both were Yeah I don't know much about where he's From in Brazil I'm assuming it's a tough Part of town right it's not the first Person he's been I would imagine because You got to be a certain type of person To resort to biting somebody he wasn't Even getting his ass kicked he wasn't Even getting choked out you know like if

You get choked out you like your bastard Give him a little nibble you know what I Mean you're winning you're in the dve See and you just Fall even on the streets in in a street Fight if as L unless you're unless You're going to get murdered you do Whatever you can unless the guys you Know what I mean come to your house and He's trying to really do something bad Then whatever you can find you know what I mean but if you're getting into a One-on-one fight and you resort to Biting the guy I'm sorry that's Disgusting utterly disgusting Rob devv Gets back at Paul Costa for stealing his Food Costa recently stole Mor Rob's food At the Ufcpi now morab has gotten his revenge And stolen some food from Bor today is Beautiful day here in Las Vegas and I Saw Pao Costa Wow but I think it's time to stall his Food I'm going to go Here caet area and Then stole his food I'm going to I need My rematch now let's see What what kind of food this guy Has Okay now I'm stalling ooh mushroom some Steak Wetes What's up brother you bring you bring

Our Food brother I'm okay but It's oh [ __ ] food is the so this is actually Your food not my food this is your your Food this is your food I stole your food Today let me check this you got my food Today we are friends okay one and one I Got my rematch back okay one one but Macy Barbara reveals she spent N9 days In the hospital after UFC 299 Barbara Picked up one of the biggest wins of her Career when she beat the former FlyAway Tuttle challenger but following the Event she dealt with plenty of adversity Macy revealed on Instagram that she was Dealing with an infection that kept her In the hospital for 9 days and during That time she wasn't sure if she was Going to be okay she Capt in the post Writing well the past few weeks were Quite the ride and included lots of Highs and lots of lows following my Fight I spent N9 days in the hospital Being tested and treated for an Infection that they thought were a mix Of different things from strep to staff Being in the hospital and still not Having a true definite answer while Battling 105 degree fever for days Having extremely low blood pressure HR And oxygen was incredibly hard despite Having multiple IV antibiotics and

Medications over the course of several Days they were unable to get my fever to Drop which eventually led me to Developing pneumonia it definitely Wasn't what I had planned and was Honestly very scary at times there were A few moments where I wasn't sure if I Was going to be okay but I know that Whatever happens was meant to happen and That it's all just another piece of the Puzzle of life grateful for everyone who Has been by my side through it all Little scares like this make you really Step back and appreciate those around You God is good and I am Blessed Islam makev fires back at Dustin Poier in a recent interview porier Responded to the lightweight champion Mentioning him as a possibility for his Next title defense saying that it's the Only fight he's interested in right now Porier added I've done more in the sport Of mixed martial arts than he has I've Been around a long time I was doing this Before it was cool and I'm still here Still here doing it at the highest level I can beat anybody in the world and I Hope he's next now Islam fired back Tweeting Dustin if you could be anybody You'd be holding this belt right now not Me fought up with his level is permanent Contender how many title losses two Three Brandon Moreno is stepping away From MMA Brandon has announced his

Decision to make a temporary break from His MMA career emphasizing that this Leave does not mean retirement Moreno Who has a record of 21 8-2 in MMA and 95-2 in the UFC see promised that he Will eventually make a comeback to the Octagon Mareno made the announcement in A lengthy and detailed video posted to His Instagram account on Monday Okay Okay Time for today's top memes third place Was found over on Instagram and was Posted by daily do MMA the second place meme was found over On Reddit and was posted by Street Actuator 447 and the top picked meme was also Found over on Instagram and was posted By Beaver Smash TV thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk