Three UFC Fighters CAUGHT CHEATING! 11 Fighters RELEASED!Volk ADMITS he hasn’t been training UFC 294

MMA news today:

THE UFC parts ways with another 11 fighters

UFC 294 weigh-ins results

DANA WHITE announces the UFC have re-signed a 5 year deal with Abu Dhabi

ROBERT WHITTAKER gives his prediction for Islam Makhachev vs. Alex Volkanovski

ALEX VOLKANOVSKI admitts he hadn’t been training as much as he usually would be outside of camp

THREE FIGHTERS suspended for prohibited substances

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All right let's get this show Started early weigh-ins for UFC 294 took Place on Friday at the UFC Host Hotel in Abudabi and preceded the ceremonial Weigh-ins for fans here's some Highlights kamaru Usman successfully Weighed in at 1845 lbs for his Middleweight debut 4.5 the official Weight for kamaru Usman here's zman's middleweight debut Compared to his welterweight weigh in From March 170 the official weight for kamaru Usman 184. five the official weit for kamaru Usman hamach shimay have hit his Mark at 185.5 lbs for the UFC 294 Co main Event 185 and a half the official weight for Hamzat shimay and here's how hamzat Looked weighing in as a middleweight Compared to a successful welterweight Weighin at UFC 273 185 and a half the Official weight for hamzat shimay Lightweight champ Islam makev came in at 155 PBS on the dot for his UFC 294 title Defense 15 55 the official waight for The champ Islam Makash and with that your UFC and Alex Volkanovski made Championship weight of 154.50 lbs on 12 days Notice 54.5 the official weight for Alexander

Volkanovski Matel gamra who's the backup Fighter for UFC 294s Main Event also Made the championship limit Muhammed MV Weighed in at 126 lb his opponent Tim Elliot expressed doubts about mv's Weight tweeting at Muhammad MV you know Your ass didn't make weight they gifted It to you what was your weight on the Digital scales before stepping on the Official MV responded what is this guy Talking about laughing emotes making Excuses already made 126 without the Boxers come to my room 4097 we can win Together welcome anytime Old Man Two Fighters missed weight Victoria dudakova Weighed in 0.6 lb over the straw weight Limit she forfeited 20% of her purse to Jingu fry and Mike Breeden weighed in at 159.5mm Robert Whitaker has given his prediction For Islam maette versus Alex volkanovski Too Whitaker believes that despite Taking the fight on 12 days notice vul Will manage to finish makev via KO or TKO $140 Islam maxv $3 Alex vog we don't Know which version of Alex vul he's Going to turn up is he going to have the Gas needed to to to to wear out Islam to To not get taken down to not you know Get put in those bad positions in the Grappling you know but I do believe Alex Is one of those guys that trains all Year round I think he he does have an Extra lung and let's face it I'm going

To go with him anyway let's go Alex Volcanos for the win I think if he wins It's going to be via KO TKO but I'm Going to a $3 Underdog B is is good Enough for me okay I got Alex vul to win You know crazi things have happened and This year is full of upsets in an Interview with TSN Aaron Broner Alexander volkanovski admitted that he Hadn't been training as much as he Usually would be outside of camp and how He plans on turning that into a mental Advantage that you just had your third Child is it less than you would normally Be training I guess in the offseason so To Speak yeah yeah I'll say that to be Honest uh yes um it is less so it's uh It was less but I mean I'm sort of which A lot of people like oh you know that's But i' sort of happy about that because Now I didn't have time you I'm it's like I'm fresh I feel so fresh in the head And my cardio is still great you know What I mean I did some of the session Soon as I found out did some hard Sessions fight simulators and I did so Well in them and I'm like oh wow this This is going to be good so my so I was Able to free my head from fight camp and Fighting and and your know opponents and Whatnot but still manag to to see stay Reasonably fit you know what I mean so Now I get to use that going in I get to

Use this freshness and uh no injuries Not physically me and mentally fatigued Or or exhausted so I get to take that uh Going into this one so I'm I'm excited To to see uh what this 12 day uh vog Looks like because I think he's going to Be as dangerous as ever three UFC Fighters have been suspended for Prohibited substances Arab Bueno Silva's Submission win over Holly Holm was Overturned due to a failed drug test she Tested positive for the ban substance Rinic acid now Myra Bueno Silva versus Holly Holm is labeled as a no contest Along with that Myra has been fined 15% Of her fight purse which is $1,250 furthermore the Brazilian has Been suspended for an additional 4 and a Half months for the failed test meaning That she can return in late November Also Walt Harris and Daniel Rodriguez Have both reportedly been handed Suspensions from the Nevada athletic Commission due to testing positive for Ostarine lgd4033 and their metabolites During a urine analysis following a July 28th drug test Rodriguez has been Suspended for 6 months for serms as for Walt Harris he received a one-year Suspension and a $392 legal fee after a Positive June 24th test for draw Stanolone and its metabolites since the Test was out of competition there was no Purse fine Harris will be eligible to

Return June 24th 2024 the positive test Is the second of Harris's career in 2019 He tested positive for lgd4033 a muscle Wasting medication due to a tainted Supplement he was suspended for four Months by the California State athletic Commission and his UFC 232 win was Overturned according to Twitter account UFC roster tracker nine Fighters have Recently left the UFC the list of Fighters who parted ways with the Organization includes Canadian Lightweight John MCD desie welterweight Andre falo flyweight Hannah Goldie Bantamweight JP buys lightweight Carl Deon welterweight AJ Fletcher Lightweight camwell Kirk featherweight Tucker Lutz lightweight Shane Young Flyweight Jennifer Maya and heavyweight Jake klier Dana White announced that the UFC have resigned a 5-year deal with Abu Dhabi what's up guys we are here at DCT Headquarters you know how much I love Abu Dhabi we just signed a deal to Extend our partnership for many many Years to come this is just we're going To be with these guys forever but uh we Just extended the deal I tell you all All the time you have to come to Abu Dhabi listen let the UFC be the excuse You come here but you have to come see This place it's amazing and uh I could Not be happier to extend our deal with These guys uh I'll see you at the fights

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