WTF?! Dana White SHUTS DOWN Conor McGregor’s June RETURN! Rampage APOLOGIZES to Ian Garry! Lee-Conor

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00:00 Kevin Lee wants the winner of McGregor vs. Chandler for his UFC return
01:26 Themba Gorimbo ‘offended’ by Dricus Du Plessis’ comments
03:15 Dana White shuts down McGregor’s June return
04:08 MMA community not happy w/ Dana’s update
05:17 Ian Garry fires back at Rampage Jackson
06:37 Rampage Jackson apologizes to Ian Garry
07:59 TOP 3 MMA memes



All right let's get this show Started Kevin Lee reveals the real Reason behind why he's returning to MMA Lee anoun plans to come back just 6 Months after hanging up his gloves Following a 55c submission loss to rat Fov under the UFC Banner in July now in An interview with middle easy the 31-year-old revealed why he's coming Back saying I've probably been thinking About it for the last 2 months or so the One that really kind of pushed me over The edge was a conversation that I had With my mom she said that the smile in My soul is gone I remember repeating it Back to her to make sure I heard it Right I was like man that's deep my Takeaway from it was just that I needed To fight again it had already kind of Been like in my mind it had already been Something that I keep being driven to When she said that I was like okay what Am I going to do I'm 31 now if I'm going To make a run now is the time and I Don't want to live with no regrets I Really need to see this thing through I Need to see my life through and feel Good for myself Leo also named Tony Ferguson Conor McGregor Michael Chandler As possible return opponents he Continued there's a couple great fights I'm interested in Tony Ferguson maybe The winner or loser of Conor McGregor And Michael Chandler I'm honestly not

Focused too much on opponents right now I think I have a long road ahead of me As far as getting healthy goes two Getting into shape and three signing a Contract then maybe we can look at Location and then talk about Opponents Tempa gimbo explains why he's Offended by Drake's t African comments Zimbabwe and UFC welterweight TBA gimbo Aims to become the next UFC champion From the continent following in the Footsteps of kamaro Usman israa Francis Nanu and dupi DDP claims to be the only African UFC champion who both trains and Resides on the continent however gimbo Is skeptical of dup's remarks in a Recent interview on MMA today the Zimbabwean fighter said that DDP should Have never said that as he's also Training and living outside of the African Contin continent he is African Right he was born in South Africa raised In South Africa trained in South Africa But the issue comes when he said That um the TR in his statement people Want to brush it off and whatsoever but You know when you see things for what They are I saw it I saw the interview And I was offended by it I don't see I To I with triggers right now because of That you know uh because you don't Like you don't discredit people just Because they left a place and go Somewhere else to for the better of

Their lives uh of course I am I am Admiring what he has done or as a person Achieving what he has done to become the Champion living and training in Africa But don't get us wrong he has been Traveling to Thailand since he was 17 His parents have got money he can afford To go and train all around he was Florida recently or whatsoever and then For us as African African guy like you Know who come from the poor background And stuff like that and when you see us Having our paring and stuff like that Leaving the continent to go for greater Good Dana White shuts down a June return For Conor McGregor on New Year's McGregor announced that his return would Be on June 29th to face Michael Chandler However it seems that the fight is no Longer planned for international fight Week let alone for UFC 300 in a recent Interview on the pat mcae show the UFC CEO mentioned that they still don't have A date and expressed his hope for the Fight to take place in the fall yeah so Just I'm a mark Conor McGregor's Fighting Chandler uh eventually yeah hopefully This year no I heard I heard we got a Date we didn't have a date Chandler's Pushing for a date people are pushing For a date Connor said he knows a date Everybody has a date you're the guy that Got us set the date you should say the

Date there is no date come On I'm hoping for uh I'm hoping for uh The fall we get it done in the fall okay So is that for when are you playing Blackjack with me as soon as possible we Were playing the MMA Community was Clearly not happy with the update here Are some reactions I feel like Dana's Lion has a Conor fight lined up for 300 Why why sideline Connor and waste his Remaining fight years he's old now in The fight game if I'm Chandler I'm swing Dana in the UFC because they did this Reality show last year in no fight now You are making Chandler weight literally Almost two years for this big money Fight when he could have made that bag In that two years but now you are having His career on hold shaking my head the UFC is sideline and Conor because they Want to try to prove to themselves they Can Thrive without him went from January 2024 to UFC 300 to fight week summer now Fall the fact McGregor fans can't Realize he's never coming back is sad if He does it's for retirement fight Dana Is always trying to change the subject Now I'm convinced he likely does not Want to pay McGregor in another month Dana will be talking about exus 20 24 by June he'll be planning Conor's comeback For March 2025 if Chandler had fought Two three times in this two-year weight He'd have earned what he would earn

Fighting Connor I'm convinced the UFC Just doesn't want to pay Connor fall They are totally screwing Chandler Unless he's getting paid behind the Scenes Rampage Jackson apologizes to Ian Gary during a recent appearance on the MMA hour Rampage revealed that he and Gary was invited to come on as Jackson Podcast but allegedly rejected it saying That Quinton was going to make fun of Him Rampage also touched upon the long Running rumors pertaining to Gary and The latter's wife and even called I in a Shortly after Gary fired back and Revealed he will no longer go on Rampage's podcast which they had Scheduled to record on Monday Rampage Jackson went on aiel last night and Spoke about how I turned down his Podcast because I was afraid of being Made fun Of I've got the on Monday of fight week I've got him in like 4 days I'm on his Podcast and he goes on and he calls me a Cook and he's Ian the cook he didn't Even know my name and he's like asking Ariel does his wife really have a Boyfriend no you tick no because you're Believing absolute bollocks and Li some Other people imagine running a Podcast and not knowing who your next Guest Was imagine being that stupid and then Going on AAL and speaking about it well

I can tell you thing yeah definitely not Having me on there because you're a Idiot and chatting mad good luck take Care I wish you nothing but go now Jackson posted a video where he Apologized to Yan for his comments and Said that it was just a joke yo guys This is your boy Rampage I just got to Tell y'all man you fights to come on the Um Jackson podcast man it's all respect It's all love I'm y'all know I just be Joking man I got much respect mad Respect mad love all y'all I just I just be joking man I I be trying to be A comedian too much but I've been trying To tell y'all for years I'm a comedian Pretending to be a fighter man so you Know I I've seen some of the some of the Clips that I've been doing I mess up Vasi's name how how you say his Name V I say oh God damn it's it's hard It is hard to say to I Gary you know What I'm saying I I do I do feel bad cuz He don't he don't know me he never met Me he probably didn't even you know see See my fights or whatever he don't know My my personality don't know that I just Be joking but it's all love man I love All y'all man B respect to everybody to Get out there and fight everybody I got Respect and love for everybody but Shannon bridge that mother that choc [ __ ] warus looking [ __ ] but Everybody is like all fighters mad love

To all y'all but Shannon B that [ __ ] Time for today's top memes third place Was found over on Reddit and was posted By Sam's Manga second place pick was found over On Instagram and was posted by dram Madro and a top picked meme was found Over on Instagram and was posted by Beaver Smash TV thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk