WrestleMania 40 video: Logan Paul retains U.S. title thanks to IShowSpeed

Logan Paul defeated two former world champions on the biggest stage in pro wrestling, but he needed a little help from IShowSpeed.

Paul put his WWE United States Championship on the line against former world champions Randy Orton and Kevin Owens on night two of WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia. At the conclusion of a fun, and hard-hitting match, Paul launched himself off the top rope for a frog splash on Owens for the three-count to retrain the title.

Check out the highlights, including the finishing move in the video below.

All three wrestlers got their stuff in, all hitting their finishers. At one point, Paul hit both competitors with his signature brass knuckles. Orton was able to deliver his RKO finisher on Paul, but before the referee could count to three, someone dressed in a PRIME bottle pulled him out of the ring before revealing himself to be YouTube star IShowSpeed. Orton went on to RKO him on the announce table.

Paul captured the title when he defeated Rey Mysterio at Crown Jewel this past November in Saudi Arabia.

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