Watch: Sean Strickland brandishes handgun after kids play ding-dong ditch at his house

Some kids picked the wrong house to prank after former UFC champion Sean Strickland showed off security footage from his home where he brandished a handgun to greet them.

Strickland posted the footage on Instagram on Wednesday along with a caption that described the incident, where it appears some locals were playing the age-old game of “ding-dong ditch,” which requires ringing a doorbell or knocking on someone’s door and then fleeing before they can answer.

“It’s 1 a.m. and I get a ring alert,” Strickland wrote on Instagram. “Car pulls [up] and some guys jump out and go to the side of my house, in the process of covering my white ass I hear a bang.

“You guys have a car, it’s Friday a night why aren’t you out trying to get P? Kids these days. All the wrong priorities.”

The video shows the car pulling up outside Strickland’s home and then one person covering their face as the approach the door and it looks like they knock rather loudly before running away again.

The next moment, Strickland walks outside in a bathrobe with a handgun as he casually strolls out to what looks like his front porch.

Obviously nobody was harmed in the incident but Strickland posted the footage as a warning to anyone else crazy enough to approach his house.

“Didn’t see the doorbell alert till after,” Strickland said. “Just so you all know! I get crazy stuff sent to my house.”

Of course, Strickland is no stranger to bizarre happenings outside his home that require him to carry a firearm.

The UFC veteran infamously confronted a man outside his home who was allegedly fleeing from police during a domestic violence incident. Strickland ended up holding the man at gunpoint until police arrived to place him under arrest.

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