Volkanovski CONFRONTS Cejudo for FIRING his coach! Fans SLAM Eblen for dropping $85k on OF Model!

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00:00 Ian Garry unloads on Sean Strickland
01:41 Adesanya shares his prediction for Costa vs. Whittaker
03:12 Coach reveals Henry Cejudo firing him ‘was real’
04:32 Volkanovski confronts Ilia Topuria after he steals his belt
05:29 Volkanovski confronts Cejudo after firing his coach
06:38 MMA fans slam Johnny Eblen for dropping $85k on 0F model
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All right let's get this show Started in today's news Ian Gary unloads On Shan Strickland ahead of UFC 298 Speaking at UFC 298 media day a few days Ahead of his b with Jeff Neil Ian Sweared revenge against the former UFC Champion for calling his wife aile and Blamed him for all the online drama Involving his Family here's the thing here's the two Things that I'll point out here right my Wife was called a by Sean Strickland no woman never deserves to be Called that right that's the truth my Son the the people that follow Shan Strickland commented on a couple of my Photos at the very start of all this Hate saying is the kid even his I should Never have to hear that now those two Things they emotionally get me and I'll Get mine back I'll tum the [ __ ] mouth Off Sean cin one day and there'll be Nothing he can do about it and I'll I'll Talk to him I'll dance in his face I'll Do whatever I want because the truth is When we get locked into that cage one Day he's never going to be able to deal With me but the truth is I have a Target On my back I have the ability to stand Here and shoot shots at anyone I want Because this is my job and they have the Opportunity in return so for me when you Attack people in my circle when they Don't deserve it that's out of line and

Look Sean Strickland is not the voice we Should all be listening to to you know What I mean he's deeply deeply indebted With trauma and he should just be silent And try to deal with his own personal Ises himself and that's where mainly Where it all came from isra [ __ ] shares His prediction for Whitaker vers Costa Adisan has fought both men defeating Whitaker twice once by decision and once By knockout while also beating Costa by Knockout given his familiarity with both Fighters adisan is likely to have a Great idea of how the bout might play Out come Saturday night in Anaheim in a Recent YouTube video Izzy said Stylistically I will say I think Rob's Going to wrestle him Rob can definitely Land the takedown maybe not early on Early on I think it'd be hard Rob will Be at the distance faint pump faking Doing this oblique kick Costa will I Don't think he'll try to bait Rob or Anything like that I think he'll go to Rob I think he might not respect Rob Unless Rob gets some respect straight Away with the jab or his leg kicks or Right hand or something Costa will try And walk him down if Rob's smart don't Get to the fence because that's when he Will bully you use good Footwork if Rob ends up behind the black Line that's when cost is going to put That pressure and just try and Bodywork

It cuz he does his best work when people Are on the fence footwork for Rob to Stay away from the fence Costa to win he Just has to maybe he doesn't really mix It up he barely kicks like low kicks or Anything he likes to box boxing heavy I Think it means well for Rob because that That's very limited osani concluded I Feel Rob will would by decision UD he's Going to land a couple of takedowns Depends who shows up he might Rock Costa Up but I don't think So coach Eric albarin reveals Henry Cejudo firing him was real during Wednesday's appearance on the MMA hour Albarin shared his side to the recent Split with cejudo and revealed the clip Of Triple C firing him was not a skit And provided full context saying the Video was filmed back in December and That at the time he was in Brazil Training Patricio pull and Paulo Costa man so me and Henry got together And bro I'm just joking that [ __ ] was Real stop it stop it what do you mean That that was real that was real you Guys did it in front of the countdown Cameras when was that shot how long ago So here's that's the thing nobody Understands when that was shot so that Was shot in early December okay and then What happened you follow me on my Instagram you would see that I'm in Brazil yes for the last two months with

Paulo and Patricio and and building a uh the Broad Street house down there bringing International fighters in and and and Building the next generation of Fighters So uh that was real it was real I hadn't Seen Henry since after the fight with with Alain he came to Brazil to the Pitbull Brothers in Nal he even trained a little Bit then I hadn't seen him until that Count that day of the countdown Alex Volkanovski confronts syia Toria after He steals his belt Toria took vk's Bel At UFC 298 media day and the two Exchanged [Music] Words May as well make the most of it eh F Week yeah you might as well wear wear it Now wear it now take a couple of Pictures yeah take pictures now cuz you Won't have it after so I'm going to have It after and now how are you good how do You feel Good bro how do you see me sure fine Fine banovski also confronted Henry Cejudo for firing his coach during the UFC's countdown preview Show I said I even had there's no way He's done that I said that but if he did What a piece of [ __ ] I did say that I Know I Heard anyways good I like they can't be

They can't be no Way do we ruin that we ruin the surprise And no one's going to seeare that what Are we waiting On I knew It was funny had to C Frank you guys Mate if you ever do that you ever get Rid of me don't you dare put FR what do You think my hey impress my I mean Eric Wasn't too bad as Well sometime sometime people like throw Rch on wrong with wrong with on the I Mean Uh acting Uh To MMA fans react to Johnny elin's crazy Shopping spree elor Champion Johnny Elin's bank account took a big hit this Weekend cuz he treated an model to a day Full of luxury shopping according to TMZ Eblin dropped 85k on model Rebecca Jay 10 days out from his super fight at pfl Vers Bellator champ Set for Feb 24th no specifics were given In the video but TMZ followed up with a Report stating that eblin spent $330,000 At Alex the Jeweler shop $25,000 at Dior And another $30,000 at Louis Vuitton Here's how MMA fans reacted to the Shopping spree one fan said belor has That kind of money 85k on hog willll is Wild damn he has to pay that much just To get laid that's too bad man why is is

He spending money like he's in the NBA Or making Conor money all the wrong Combinations of Young Money mistakes in This video am I reading F's model Correctly if she wants to do that type Of work and have a significant other There is no way in hell a man should be Spending nearly 100K on her that's why She does that type of work spending 85k On something anybody with $499 can see As a Choice time for today's top memes third Place was found over on X and and was Posted by doy simu Mma8 the second place meme was found Over on Reddit and was posted by a user Named not Monga and the top pick meme was found Over on Reddit and was posted by Siphoner thanks for watching if you like The content smash that like button and Don't forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk