Vitor Belfort vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama

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Vitor Belfort started knocking out opponents back in the 90s, became UFC champion in the 2000s, and later set the record for most knockouts. Today we will look back at the career of the powerful puncher, who was nicknamed “The Phenom” for a reason.

Belfort has always been considered a spoiled brat. As a teenager he trained with the best jiu-jitsu masters, hung out with Hollywood stars, got the most coveted girl in Brazil and became the champion of the most prestigious world promotion. He has almost 25 years of a successful career and many records behind him. And even if he couldn’t get away in time, Vitor Belfort will forever be a “Phenomenon” who managed to put several generations of opponents out of the way at once.

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Belfor facing off against the Japanese Judo sensation yoshihiro akiyama as the Bell rings for round one it's evident That bort holds a significant size Advantage the initial moments unfold at A measured Pace with akiyama skillfully Blocking a high kick but in the blink of An eye Belfor charges forward unleashing A combination of punches one connects With the top of akiyama's head and he's Hurt akiyama drops to the canvas and Belfor sensing blood goes into full Attack Mode VOR Bel trying to finish this Fight Belfor

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