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Vitor Belfort started knocking out opponents back in the 90s, became UFC champion in the 2000s, and later set the record for most knockouts. Today we will look back at the career of the powerful puncher, who was nicknamed “The Phenom” for a reason.

Belfort has always been considered a spoiled brat. As a teenager he trained with the best jiu-jitsu masters, hung out with Hollywood stars, got the most coveted girl in Brazil and became the champion of the most prestigious world promotion. He has almost 25 years of a successful career and many records behind him. And even if he couldn’t get away in time, Vitor Belfort will forever be a “Phenomenon” who managed to put several generations of opponents out of the way at once.

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This video is brought to you by thorum Take a look at this Rings they have Rings made from 4 billion-year old giian Meteorite and genuine 65 Million-year-old T-Rex bone if you are a Fan of Vikings they have Odin ring the Norse god of war the Thor ring and all Of them are crafted by hand head the Link in the comments and use promo code Living history to get 20% off a truly Unique Ring let's delve into the time when vtor The Phenom Belfor was the Talk of the Town in the Mixed Martial Arts world now I may be throwing a little shade at his Current form but make no mistake there Was a time when vtor was a force to be Reckoned with a true phenome in every Sense of the word back in the day vtor Fought with the exuberance of your Younger sibling playing Tekken For the First Time picture it walking forward With an unrelenting determination Spamming those buttons like there's no Tomorrow and all the while maintaining a Misplaced sense of optimism and you know What it worked it worked like a charm in His prime VOR was built like an 8s Action movie villain and he fought like One too speed power and a Killer Instinct that had opponents questioning Their life choices let's celebrate the Moments that made Vitor a beloved figure In the sport The Knockouts the victories

The Glory Days when he was on top of the World number nine on our list takes us Back to 2008 when VOR Belfor faced off Against the formidable at the law Lindland the odds were against Belfor With questions about his takedown Defense and conditioning lingering in The air but oh what a comeback it was in A blink and you'll miss it moment Belfor Unleashed a lightning fast left hook in Response to Linden's right hand sending Him crashing to the canvas The Knockout Was so brutal that lindland remained Unconscious for what felt like an Eternity that Victory marked a Resurgence for the Brazilian and shortly After he found himself back in the UFC Unleashing Dynamite on on none other Than Rich Franklin lindland didn't know Where he was lands on his butt and Credit to uh Matt linlin tries to work The take down on the ground but now on To number eight where we witness Bel For's early dominance against Japan's Kazuo Takahashi back in the day Belfor Was a Powerhouse and Takahashi with his Solid grappling background was no Pushover the fight was shortlived but Intense as Belfor showcased his striking Prowess with a barrage of punches that Overwhelmed Takahashi he's come up short In his two appearances right I got to Tell what I've been oh my god oh that's It oh that's it oh my God the referee

Had no choice but to step in declaring Belfor the winner by TKO this Victory Further solidified Bel for's reputation As a striking sensation in the MMA world But let's not forget takahashi's Resilience despite falling short against Bord he continued to compete showcasing His grappling skills in subsequent bouts It's moments like these that remind us Why we fell in love with the sport in The first place there was a nice oh an Incredible at number seven we witness Belfor facing off against the Japanese Judo sensation yoshihiro akiyama as the Bell rings for round one it's evident That Belfor holds a significant size Advantage the initial moments unfold at A measured Pace with akiyama skillfully Blocking a high kick but in the blink of An eye Belfor charges forward unleashing A combination of punches one connects With the top of akiyama's head and he's Hurt akiyama drops to the canvas and Bel Sensing blood goes into full attack Moding to Finish now on to number six where we Revisit UFC 46 headline heavyweight champion Randy Couture and Challenger vtor Belfor this Was a rematch from their memorable Encounter at UFC 15 where Couture Against the odds dominated the younger Belfor in a fight lasting less than a Minute a seemingly innocuous punch from

Belfor grazed Couture's eyelid causing a Cut that reached into his eye despite Couture's determination to continue Doctors intervened insisting on Immediate hospitalization to prevent Potential blindness Belfor was awarded The light heavyweight championship via Stoppage however lingering questions Remain as Belfor didn't inflict any Damage on Couture other than the freak Injury perhaps in hindsight a no contest Ruling might have been more fitting for This enigmatic chapter in their rivalry Randy's still trying to talk to the Doctors Dr Mar it looks like it just Grazed the eyes at number five the stage Was set for a rematch with Dan Henderson At UFC Fight Night rewind to their first Bout at Pride 32 in 2006 where Henderson Claimed victory in a hard-fought Decision this time the anticipation was Palpable with Belfor Riding High on a Wave of knockout victories including Those against Michael Bisping and Luke Rockold yet controversy loomed with Bel For's use of testosterone replacement Therapy the fight kicked off with a Feeling out process on the feet but it Didn't take long for the fireworks to Start hendo charged in with his Trademark right hand and Belfor Responded with a vicious counter left Hook that literally lifted Henderson off The canvas seizing the moment Belfor

Swarmed In For the Kill The Iron chinned Henderson valiantly got back up but Bel For's Arsenal proved too much a picture Perfect left high kick landed flush Putting Henderson out for the count it Marked the first time Henderson tasted Defeat from a stoppage due to strikes And solidified Bel for's path to the UFC Middleweight Championship the pheno was On an Unstoppable role that sent shock Waves through the MMA World and now at number four we witness A high-stake showdown between vtor bort And Michael Bisping in the main event of UFC on fx7 in sou Paulo Brazil Bisping Eager for a title shot faced the Formidable challenge of Belfor on Hostile territory in the early stages Belfor allowed Bisping to be the Aggressor circling cautiously however Belfort's calculated approach paid off As a left high kick at the end of the First round caught Bisping flush Although he weathered a late round Flurry Bisping failed to adjust his Defense in the second round Belfor Unleashed another left high kick that Sent Bisping crashing to the canvas Belfor capitalized with heavy punches Forcing the referee to intervene as the Brazilian crowd erupted in cheers for Bisping it was a missed opportunity to Secure a title shot underlining the Danger posed by belf for in the early

Rounds of a Fight number three Belfor facing off Against the likes of Anthony Rumble Johnson from the get-go Johnson Unleashed a barrage of aggressive front Kicks attempting to establish dominance But did it rattle Belfor not in the Slightest the Phenom weathered the storm His punches unable to find their Mark Initially a tussle on the mat ensued With Belfor to defending an Oma Plata And the referee the ever watchful Dan Mir alota intervening to stand them Up the drama continued as Johnson Perhaps feeling the weight of those Extra 11 PBS he carried after missing Weight through lazy punches Desperately Seeking Takedowns Belfor however had other Plans snaking his way to Johnson's back He secured the hooks and hunted for a Choke with the Precision of a seasoned Predator Belfor softened up his foe with Elbow strikes before sinking in a rear Naked Choke so close to got his back choke out Rumble he's got his hips down and win Here home this could be it that's it it Is all over it is all over the top came At 449 in the first round sealing Bel For's triumphant submission Victory it Was a master class in resilience and Strategic Brilliance fast forward to number two

UFC 103 a perplexing chapter where where Vtor faced the formidable Rich Franklin The Narrative was uncertain Belfor the Explosive force fresh off two Affliction Knockouts against Franklin the ex-champ Looking to reclaim his former glory 3 Minutes into the bout a left hand from Belfor appeared to miss its Mark Entirely yet in a moment that would Become octagon folklore Franklin Channeled his inner James Brown legs Split as Belfort's fist seemingly defied The laws of physics the left hand struck With such speed that it sent Franklin's Head sign ways and as if in a trance he Crumbled to the Canvas it was a knockout so surreal the Replay resembled an urban legend a tale Told in slow motion of a fist faster Than the blink of an ey Upp CAU him he Heard Franklin is in Trouble Looking number one the tale of vtor BFF For's clash with lukee rockold a Showdown that unfolded in Brazil on that Fateful night of May 18th 2013 at UFC on Fx8 two middleweight juggernauts both Eyeing a shot at the winner of Anderson Silva versus Chris weitman entered the Cage but it was bord who left an Indelible Mark rockold the reigning Strikeforce middleweight champion Initially took charge stalking Belford With intent however his Pursuit lacked

The Strategic finesse needed in the Unforgiving Octagon Chasing The elusive Belfor around the cage rockold found Himself off balance setting the stage For a spectacular Turning Point Belford Ever the opportunist sees the moment Twitching on the Canvas And a spinning head kick from the Phenom Found its Mark catching rockold off Guard and sending him to the canvas in a Heap of trouble bfor a known finisher Wasted no time he pounced on rockold Delivering a barrage of ground strikes That culminated in a decisive first Round Victory now here's the twist in The tail B for's highlight real Performances including those head kicks Against Dan Henderson and the spinning Wheel kick against rockold are viewed Through a different lens today the Spectre of trt casts a shadow over those Moments the once Mighty Belfor who Exhibited blistering speed and awe Inspiring power faced criticism for Allegedly abusing TT in the post trt era Bel for's performances have been to put It mildly a far cry from his prime a Shell of a shell of himself as some Would say for newer fans it might be Puzzling to understand why Belfor once a Force of nature is regard with a mix of Admiration and skepticism but remember This VOR the young man who navigated

Immense family tragedy carved out a name With unparalleled speed and left a Legacy that despite the controversy Remains etched in the annals of MMA History so as we reflect on the highs And lows of vtor BFF for's Journey let's Not forget the era when he stood as a Symbol of speed power and the Relentless Pursuit of Victory inside the Octopus Tank can handle punishment but Be that will be

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