Video: Ian Machado Garry’s wife reveals biggest lies about her husband, points finger at ‘bulls*** title holder’ Sean Strickland

Ian Machado Garry’s wife Layla has had enough of the lies being spread about her husband.

Machado Garry decided to reveal — and then debunk — the three biggest lies that she has seen told about her husband in an Instagram video, and then pointed the finger at the man she believes is responsible for a lot of the misinformation, Sean Strickland.

“This tsunami of aggression towards the undefeated welterweight all exploded when former middleweight titleholder, and current multiple world bulls*** title holder Sean Strickland read a clickbait headline but didn’t bother to fact check or read the whole article,” she said in an Instagram video. “Unsurprising gullible behavior, but why would we expect anything else?”

Machado Garry revealed the three lies in the video above, which include “Ian took his wife’s ex-husband’s surname,” which she explained Machado is her maiden name before adding their names together after they were married. She then went on to send a message to those who spread, and believed that particular narrative.

“It’s not that big a deal,” she said. “Now that you know it was a lie, you can kick yourself for believing it — preferably in the face.

The second lie is that Machado Garry’s ex-husband lives with them, which she flat out said was not true, and the third was that “Ian is a cuck,” before turning her attention back to the outspoken former middleweight champion, and a man becoming one of the biggest stars in the promotion.

“Step back up Sean Strickland, a man who’s unlikely to be au fait with the Shakespearean english he unwittingly used when calling Ian a cuck. First penned in the story of Othello, the word cuckold refers to the fear of a man who’s been betrayed by his wife. Sean Strickland has been talking an awful lot about ‘Ian Garry’s wife’. I’ve been called a sexual predator … an abuser, all by the man who alleges he suffered that exact abuse as a child growing up.”

She then went in to the plot of Othello where character Lago tells Othello about his wife Desmonda’s adultery, which Othello “blindly believes the rumors,” even though Lago — as revealed in the story — was lying.

Machado Garry then compared Strickland to Lago, and the Anaheim crowd during UFC 298 fight week, where her husband picked up a split decision win over Geoff Neal, to Othello for believing Lago.

“Othello, like the crowd at UFC 298, was cruely misled by Lago’s jealousy and insecurities. Othello was never the cuckold he was called, his wife was never an adultress and, notably, when the lies were exposed, Lago was taken away to be tortured and killed. Thank you Shakespeare.”

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