Video: Fighter almost knocks herself out in Czech Republic freak show bout

The wonderful world of Czech Republic freak show MMA remains as vibrant as ever.

On Saturday, while top-tier MMA promotions like the UFC, Cage Warriors, and KSW all had fight cards going, the smaller, less reputable Red Face 3 event took place at Praha Unyp Arena in Prague. Featuring a number of specialty fights and influencer fights, Red Face also brought back the spectacle of early Pride era freak show fights with a matchup between alleged “judo champion” Drobenka Kotlarova and actor and influencer Regina Labajova, which featured a massive size difference.

Kotlarova failed to put her significant advantage to use as she was unable to track Labajova down, walking around the cage in pursuit with her hands down. Finally, Kotlarova charged in and tripped, nearly knocking herself out along the fence.

Labajova allowed her opponent up and the bout continued. Not long afterwards, the television actress shoved her larger foe down and finished the bout with a forearm choke. Then, in a show of good sportsmanship, she checked on her fallen foe who was being given water and a canned beverage of some sort. And afterwards they were all in good spirits.

Check out the rest of the absurd spectacle below.

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