Video: Fan taunts Jon Jones in challenge, ends up on crutches

Almost as long as modern MMA has been around, fans around the world have wondered how their legs would fare getting kicked by a professional fighter.

The answer is almost always the same – not well – with the main variable being how badly one gets hurt when they allow someone who kicks legs for a living to kick them.

For one very brave fan, the end result was a pair of crutches, courtesy of UFC heavyweight champ Jon Jones. This guy didn’t quit at just one leg kick, but decided to grit his teeth through two – and he really paid for it.

Check out the video below, and enjoy the look on Jones’ face as he congratulates (?) the fan on allowing his leg to get mangled.

Jones has kicked – and elbowed, and kneed – a lot of civilian limbs in recent weeks on a tour of Australia and Thailand. Still on the mend from a torn pectoral muscle that ruled him out of a title defense against ex-champ Stipe Miocic at UFC 295, “Bones” has kept himself busy teaching seminars. Naturally, a few folks have emerged from the woodwork to get a signature less permanent than a sharpie to a t-shirt, but far, far more memorable.

Jones is expected to face Miocic later this year in his first title defense as heavyweight champion. The fight could serve as his retirement from the sport after more than a decade atop the MMA world as light heavyweight and heavyweight champ.

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