Video: Fabio Wardley stops David Adelaye following brutal knockdown; Adelaye shoves referee afterwards


Fabio Wardley picked up the biggest win of his career on Saturday with a vicious seventh-round stoppage, while his opponent David Adelaye will likely face some kind of suspension for his actions afterwards.

In a battle between two undefeated heavyweights on the Fury vs. Ngannou undercard, it was Wardley who scored a devastating knockdown after he blasted Adelaye with a left hook midway through the seventh round that sent his opponent crashing to the canvas. For a moment it appeared Adelaye may not get up again but he eventually stuck out his blood-soaked tongue while smiling before climbing to his feet.

Referee John Latham gave him the required count but Adelaye insisted that he was good to go.

On the restart, Wardley came after Adelaye with everything left in his arsenal as he began unloading huge punches in an attempt to end the fight before the bell could ring again. While Adelaye did manage a good shot of his own during a wild exchange, Wardley was just landing with better power and accuracy.

After another big punch landed clean and Adelaye was left wobbled against the ropes, the referee stepped between the fighters to end the contest before more damage was dished out. As soon as Latham waved off the fight, Adelaye shoved him away.

If that wasn’t enough, when Latham came closer yet while waving his arms in the air, Adelaye threw a half-hearted punch to the side of the referee before pushing him away again.

Cooler heads eventually prevailed with Adelaye congratulating Wardley on his stoppage win, which came at 2:43 in the seventh round as he became the WBO European, WBA Continental, Commonwealth, and British heavyweight champion.

Because this was a sanctioned bout under several major boxing promoters, Adelaye could be looking at a serious punishment for putting his hands on an official after the fight was finished.


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