UFC Star Aljamain Sterling Furious After ‘Disgraceful’ Grappling Loss To Kevin Dantzler At Fury FC

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Aljamain Sterling was extremely disappointed about his recent loss against Kevin Dantzler at Fury FC and didn’t hesitate to let the world know about it.

Looking to keep busy and enjoy some healthy competition while he recovers from the vicious knockout he suffered at the hands of Sean O’Malley, Sterling has been fairly active in the grappling scene. Back in September at Polaris 25, the ‘Funk Master’ defeated Mike Grundy via unanimous decision.

Aljamain Sterling looked to keep his newly found winning streak alive at Fury FC against Dantzler but went to another decision, and this time it did not go his way.

Aljamain Sterling Blasts Kevin Dantzler for his ‘Disgraceful’ performance

John Morgan would be the one to conduct Aljamain Sterling’s post-fight interview, and let’s just say Sterling was extremely frustrated.

“I don’t even know how they score that,” Sterling began (H/T MiddleEasy). “Another man can’t drag his ass cheeks on the mat and think that’s a win, doing absolutely nothing. I guarantee you, if that was a street fight, my man would never do that shit.”

Anticipating a more fiery contest, it makes sense that ‘Aljo’ would be disgusted with not only the judges’ decision but also his opponent’s lack of desire for an exciting match.

The crowd was enthused now, and a loud menagerie of boos and cheers could be heard wafting from the stands as Sterling continued: “Why are we turning the sport into some type of weird a weird spectacle where you could win a match off of your back doing absolutely nothing? If I did nothing, what the f*ck did he do?”

“I’m just saying, I want to have a fun match,” Sterling shouted. “I told you guys beforehand, I’m trying to get in his head a little bit. Maybe he’ll engage, pull guard from standing up. Don’t just start the match on your butt. That should be deducted a point right out of the gate. Am I wrong? Am I wrong?

The anger was palpable as the ‘Funk Master’ continued: “Let another man drag you by your ankles in front of your loved ones and friends because that is a disgrace!”

What do you think about Aljamain Sterling’s reaction to his loss at Fury FC?

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