UFC 300 card to be a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT? Paddy REVEALS why fans hate him! Belal reunites w/ Khabib

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00:00 Sean O’Malley vows to become as big as Conor McGregor
01:29 Ilia Topuria & O’Malley back and forth
02:24 Tom Aspinall argues for title fight over Stipe Miocic
03:43 Belal Muhammad reunites w/ Team Khabib
05:33 UFC 300 card to be a big disappointement?
07:14 Paddy Pimblett explains why people don’t like him
08:34 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show Started sha Elly aims to achieve the Same level of success as Conor McGregor In 2024 ell is scheduled to put his belt On the line for the first time March 9th When he faces off against Marlon Vera in A rematch slated for UFC 299 in an Interview with the SPN MMA Elli said That if he beats Vera and secures Another victory in the latter half of The year then he believes he could Become the biggest star in sports not Just Combat Sports but yeah I mean by The end of 2024 I would like to fight Two times youo Cheeto obviously March I Would love to go out there and put his Lights out you know winning a decision Is it boring just that doesn't sound Very exciting go out there I mean if It's a war maybe but even then it's like Taking someone out they're done they're Finished they couldn't continue that's That's what I'm that's what I want um And then I would like to get another one In by the end of the year and be the Biggest star in sports not just Combat Sports I think I go out there and put Two beautiful performances together I Will be as big as Connor uh the UFC's Grown 40 50% since Connor has really was in his Prime that Co really boosted the UFC so I have a lot more eyeballs a lot more Opportunity to become you know more of a

Star and uh you know people when I say Stuff like that people always like oh You want to be Conor he's the biggest Star in Combat Sports of course I would You know want to be as big as him like When people say that sounds a little Silly Sean ellia and Ilia torya go back and Forth over on X it all started when Elli Tweeted Ila's my Eddie Toria replied I Offered to fight you but the UFC told me That you are only good for fighting in Teenagers places because that's your Only fan base our fight will never Happen after fighting vul I will fight Connor and you will come as a fanboy After seeing your pay-per-view numbers The only thing I can offer you is that You fight in the preliminaries of my Card Elli wrote couple things here first First teenagers places no understand Though second let's make a bet on Pay-per-view numbers 100K cash whoever's Pay-per-view is bigger if you don't have 100K that's fine you can do four Payments of 25k third Conor doesn't know Who you are when syia saw this he Concluded I can't care less about you Kid now the pay-per-view King needs to Sleep stay safe and save your money good Night Tom aspirol makes a case for title Fight instead of Stipe miic asp believes He deserves to fight Jon Jones more so Than Stipe miic does on Thursday the UFC

Interm heavyweight champ took to social Media denouncing the idea of miic Getting to fight for a title despite his Long layoff he wrote surely if you're Interim champ your next fight should be To fight for Undisputed come on Absolutely Stipe has a great resume and Is Legend in his own right so has Tony Ferguson maybe we should give him a shy At the Undisputed title next too last Time Stipe fought in one GTA San Andreas Had just come out on PS2 he will fight Next for the Undisputed heavyweight Title ahead of me who's the inter room Champ active in ranked number one in the World right now this makes me quite Upset final fun fact since Stipe last Won a fight August 2020 I've blown my Knee out went through the rehab process And had a year off also had seven UFC Fights including four wins versus top 10 Ranked opponents and won the interim Title on two weeks notice Stipe is one Of my favorites loads of respect to him His resume is far superior to mine right Now that being said the UFC has never Been about this it's about who's the Best right now and I believe that's me And it's only right I get to prove it #f Free Aspen Bal Muhammad reunites with Team Khabib during a recent episode of Remember the show John anik balal Revealed that he will be training in

Dagistan in anticipation of his rumored Title fight with Leon Edwards Bal said That he's 100% sure he'll get the next Tuttle shot and that he's open to fight Edwards at UFC 300 the last conversation We had with Dana we got next so we know We're next it's just figuring out the Dates you got Leon and his team trying To avoid me but there's no avoiding like That's what it's going to be if he wants To fight UFC 300 I'm down with it and Like I said nothing was ever given to me Easy so like if it if it is during Ramadan bro I've done four five camps During it it ain't going to be an issue Uh and it's only going to make the story That much sweeter yeah for sure yeah Definitely working on stuff right now Visa and stuff to go down there and Train with the guys they you know any Chance I get to work with Them it's another level so especially For this title fight talking with him Talking with the guys over there they're Like come down get some working so gonna Get some work in over there plan on Getting at least four to five weeks down There early since we got so much time Before this but obviously I'm not gonna Lead the team I'm with Mike B leis Taylor they're gonna be coming down with Me like I said working with dagistan He's working with khabib getting the Knowledge from Islam and all these guys

It only makes you that much better and People will say oh man you know the last Time he was with him he he knocked out Sean Brady but like it was the last time I had a full Camp the Gilbert Burns I Didn't have a full Camp I three weeks so To my next full Camp I'm knocking out Leon Edwards it has nothing to do with This or that it's like every fight I'm Doing I'm getting better and better and Better and growing every single fight um So it's not like for a specific reason And that's the only reason I knocked out Shan Brady Ariel helwani provides an Update on the UFC 300 card it seems that The UFC 300 card won't be as big as Dana White has claimed according to Ariel Helani during a recent episode of the MMA hour helani said that the UFC have a Rabbit in their hat but it's not a main Event Ariel also said that none of these Fights are UFC 300 worthy and that Dana White and the company are making a big Mistake by not putting Conor McGregor Versus Michael Chandler on the card I Don't see the big fight out there I I Asked around about Izzy I don't think He'll be on there there's some talk About Izzy praya I don't think that's Going to happen maybe that Changes uh you look you know is there There's some talk about mazal right Mazal uh he came out and said unretired Mazal is not on that card he's not

Referring to 300 in case you're Wondering there was some talk about Nate Diaz Diaz isn't on that card um his Future plans don't include the UFC and In particular 300 so you look around I Don't know if there's something that is 300 worthy now you have a reved and Ready to go Conor McGregor you have a Conor McGregor the biggest draw in the History of the game ready to go you have UFC 300 it's in a little over three Months you got to Unleash the Beast I Think you're playing with fire they have A rabbit in their hat that they're Working on it's not a main event and It's one that would be no no I know There is one oh oh oh wow yeah yeah There is one but it's not a main event Meaning they are trying to make this as Special as can be I know that but to me There's nothing more special than the Return of Connor it'll be almost three Years since his last fight and so it was Right there Patty Pim explains why People don't like him since his Controversial Victory against Jared Gordon at UFC 288 piml has been under Intense scrutiny and has faced severe Backlash from fans and critics like it Got even worse after paty's interview With Dana White where he in the UFC President went on a rant about Ariel Helani now during an appearance on the Happy Endings podcast the UFC

Lightweight was asked why people dislike Him so much here's what Petty had to say In response why do why don't people like You cuz I'm just me I'm on Apologetically myself than anyone that Doesn't like me can Su me Yeah I like Rasa if you don't like Me that's that's how I feel too when You're asking about the um like hate Comments stuff yeah that's it's like if You don't like me off what are you here For and even if it's like the people That are hating usually are the ones That are like they want you they want Something bad to happen to you I'll be Honest I had to get like other people to Telling me that like me manager Mo me B Like like what are you even giving them The time a day for they're commenting That to you so you comment back they're Winning by you commenting back exactly I'm like the buty need to know they need To know know what I mean like that hate Like the Most time for today's top memes the Third pick was found over on Instagram And was posted by MMA Daily second place meme was found over On Instagram and was posted by a user Named Jack Marsters 48 and the top picked meme was found Over on Reddit and was posted by a usern Named

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