UFC 298 Fighter Salaries REVEALED! Michael Chandler SIGNS w/ WWE?! Pereira gets ‘tapped’ by a woman

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00:00 Alex Pereira gets ‘tapped’ by a woman
00:38 Kamaru Usman live reaction to Topuria’s KO of Volkanovski
01:53 Volkanovski arrives in Sydney after UFC 298 loss
02:46 Michael Bisping gives advice to Alex Volkanovski
04:23 Ray Longo reveals Merab ‘fough’ Sterling moments before UFC 298 walkout
05:44 Michael Chandler teases signing w/ WWE
07:04 UFC 298 fighter salaries revealed
08:15 TOP 3 MMA memes



All right let's get this show started in Today's news Alex POA gets tapped by a Female BJJ partner a video has emerged On Reddit of P grappling with a woman The UFC champ is seen struggling against The smaller fall while the two Take It To the Ground Kamar usman's live reaction to Toria Vers vulk Usman has shared a YouTube Video of him reacting to volkanovski Getting knocked out by Toria at UFC 298 You can check the full video on kamaro's YouTube channel we've added the link to Today's video description yeah but it's Hard it's hard to it's hard to bet Against vog though but this dude nice so He ah I think Ilia I think Ilia that Combination both touching him starting To break him Down Y i just got It Yo I just said it I like his Patience told I told you that Combination they're not ready for that Combination bro it's the combination It's not just two punches he sto More Alexander volkanovski arrives in Sydney after UFC 298 loss volkanovski Arrived back home to a warm welcome from His family after having suffered a

Vicious knockout lost toia Toria this Past Weekend Michael Bisping gives advice to Alex Volkanovski after UFC 298 loss F UFC 298 Volkanovski ask for an immediate rematch Against Zia Toria in Spain speaking on His bym podcast Bisping suggested that It's not the best idea and advised vul To take some time off to fully recover After two back-to-back Knockouts the Next let me Paul did you ever get Knocked out not like that no I mean I Got more of my damage probably in Sparring than I ever did in the cage Luckily um the reason I asked that is Because I did you know on multiple Occasions and definitely regardless of However tough we all say we are and we Think we are when it comes to it on the Night when you've just been stopped when You've been knocked out in your fight Before there's a little bit of doubt in The mind because no longer you're not Invincible you know you're only human Being and the entire world does more Importantly so does your opponent they Know you can be hurt uh and now as I say Two times in a row so for volkanovski Listen I get it right I'm I'm not going To say don't do that right he's an Incredible fighter he was the Pound-for-pound number one but I take Some time off only 35 I'd say take a

Year off take a year off take six months Off enjoy The Spoils of your riches Enjoy all your success spend some time With the family and come back hungry as A dog maybe let Toria defend it against Someone else in the meantime because Tooya probably wants to stay active um But yeah I agree we're gonna see a Rematch coach Ray Longo reveals morab Fought Sterling moments before his UFC 298 fight villy was dominant in his Victory over former two Division Champion Henry cejudo at UFC 298 this Past weekend interestingly according to Coach Ray Longo the high octane Performance was not devish V's first of The night in an interview on the anak And Florian podcast Longo detailed how Dville had sparred with his teammate and Former Champion Al Jamaine Sterling in a Full-blown three- round bout ahead of His UFC 298 walk out I'm gonna tell you Something the you know guys do a shake Out before the fight He literally fought aljo three rent Penny like brutal Little swinging for the fences like Alo Complains about my boxing play sometimes Way worse what I just saw dude they went At it three fives he had so that's his Second fight of the night I'm Not Kenny that's a fact that's not even Made up and you know I believe you man You could check with John Wood you could

Check with with uh with uh aljo full Phone Fullblown fight aljo I go aljo your Cardio looks pretty good we were in good Shape fight that's in like two months Michael Chandler teases signing with the WWE two days after UFC 298 at the Honda Center WWE Monday Night Raw held an Event in the same venu Chandler was not Only featured prominently on the Broadcast he grabbed the microphone and Cut an intense promo calling out Conor McGregor for a showdown later this year Now there's a man from Ireland that's Been making me wait for way too Long and I still got one dude on my Mind Conor McGregor get your K in the Ass back to the Octagon we got some Unfinished business boys God Bless Chandler also sparked speculation about Joining the WWE after posting photos With WWE executive Triple H captioned Contract signed many believe that Chandler's signing with the WWE makes Sense since his McGregor fight has been Stalled although some fans think that This is just Chandler promoting himself Many of Mike's fans are expressing Disappointment that Chandler may leave MMA for WWE startup what do you guys Think of Chandler suggesting that he Signed a deal with the WWE UFC 298 fighter salaries have been

Revealed the California State athletic Commission released UFC 298 salary Report on Saturday after the event these Amounts reflect the disclosed payouts Only and do not include any off-contract Bonuses sponsor payments or Discretionary bonuses ilot Toria earned 350k volkanovski made 750k Robert Whitaker 4 100K Paulo Costa 250k Ian Gary 110k Jeff Neil 108k morab vaj villy 210k Henry cejudo 150k Anthony Hernandez 122k Roman kopov 80k Amanda Lemos 160k McKenzie D 200k Marcos rogerio de Lima 200k Junior tafa 23k ring Nakamura 46k Carlos Vera 12K Jen mingyang 20K renson Hibo 10K Danny Barlo 20K Josh quinland 12K Oben Elliott 20K B Woodburn 15K Miranda Maverick 150k Andrea Lee 70k what do you guys think of these Payday drop your thoughts Below time for today's top memes third Place was found over on X and was posted By Doy second place meme was found over on Reddit and was posted by a user named Capital RB and the top picked meme was found Over on Instagram and was posted by Cosmic MMA thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk