Tyson Fury: Francis Ngannou ‘needs to get on his knees and kiss my feet’ for what I’ve done for him

Tyson Fury doesn’t care who wins the heavyweight matchup between Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou, but he believes Ngannou owes him a lot following their boxing match this past October.

Joshua and Ngannou headline Friday’s Knockout Chaos event in Saudi Arabia, with the former UFC heavyweight champ looking to build upon an impressive showing that saw him lose a split decision to Fury after dropping the champion boxer in the bout.

Ahead of the matchup, Fury was asked about Ngannou’s rise in the boxing world and essentially said to the PFL fighter, ‘You’re welcome.’

“It’s a good fight [between Joshua and Ngannou],” Fury told The Stomping Ground. “When I was fighting Ngannou, it was a mismatch and it was a bulls*** fight, but it is what it is, isn’t it? Styles make fights and that’s what it is.

“I’m not sure what people expected of the man before [our fight]. I know it was supposed to be like a 1,000 to 1 shot, and he was useless and he couldn’t fight and all of that, but he proved everyone wrong, so fantastic for him. I put him on the map, made him a multi-millionaire, and now I’m making him even more money. So he needs to thank me. He needs to get on his knees and kiss my feet, doesn’t he, for what I’ve done for him.”

Fury is scheduled to face Oleksandr Usyk in an undisputed heavyweight championship unification bout in Saudi Arabia in May, one of the most anticipated fights in years for the division. The winner of Joshua vs. Ngannou could face the winner of that blockbuster showdown.

As far as a prediction, Fury doesn’t have one, but he’ll certainly be watching closely.

“I don’t know and I don’t care, to be honest,” Fury said.

“Listen, whatever happens, happens. The best man will win on the night. They’re heavyweight giants, aren’t they? So anyone can win. Brilliant fights, actually, on Friday. I’m looking forward to the bill, the whole bill.”

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