Strickland RESPONDS after Dana White BLASTS canadian reporter! Ian Garry’s LIVE REACTION to UFC 297

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00:00 Dricus du Plessis responds to Khamzat Chimaev’s callout
01:27 Israel Adesanya responds to Du Plessis’ callout
02:39 Mike Mallot reacts after TKO loss to Neil Magny
04:05 Canadian fans go crazy on Sean Strickland
05:12 Strickland gives respect to DDP after UFC 297
05:38 Strickland responds after Dana White blasts Canadian reporter
06:26 Ian Garry’s live reaction to Strickland losing title
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All right let's get this show Started let's start today's news with Draus dupi shutting down a potential Fight with Hamza shimay following UFC 297 sh have took to Twitter and called Out drus dupi writing see you soon bissy UFC 300 then during the UFC 297 postf Fight presser dupi responded to the call Out saying that he doesn't take shimay Seriously and said that he only wants to Fight rightful contenders like is risna Do you want to you know go after these Title defense records do you want double Champ status what do you ultimately want Your Reign to be yeah listen I Definitely I want to do what is expected Because do I want double champ status Absolutely but I'm willing to uh to earn That if there's contenders that makes Sense I don't want to fight my um Contenders that doesn't make sense you Know fighting isra makes sense fighting Guys that deserve the title shots make Sense but I don't want to just fight Somebody because I don't want to be isra The signer that for on Strickland yeah Strickland won that fight but they Should have never Fought in my opinion when you say uh Contenders that don't make sense do you Mean Fighters like hamzat who maybe Haven't fought a middleweight ranks Because he's also tweeting like see you Soon and referencing UFC 300 yeah but he

Said that to Jon Jones so I mean who Takes that guy seriously Anyway isra signing response to Dr dup's Call out after securing a split decision Victory against Shan stricklin a UFC 297 Dupi challenged his Rod assigning to be His first title defense now in a video Posted to his YouTube channel Izzy Responded to the call out congratulating His rival on becoming the quote unquote Fourth African champion in UFC history You can watch the full video on is's YouTube channel links below and in the Main event uh it's nice to watch I Thought driers would take him I thought He uses wrestling more in the middle of The fights the middle of the rounds but He didn't he used it at the end which Was uh you know smart of him to seal the Rounds I thought maybe from my Guesstimate or watching this 3 four five He took now he is the fourth African Champion in the UFC history so congrats To you my African brother drias dupes I'm actually not like legit I'm happy For him I actually like his story and Whatnot but he's still what he did I'm Still going to test that ass Hey hey yo Hey Mike mot reacts following UFC 297 Loss after a dominant opening two rounds Mot was finished by Neil Magny with Ground and pound strikes in what will Likely earn Magny a comeback of the Year

Nomination for 2024 it was a crazy end To the contest and it resulted in male Canadian Fighters going winless on the Toronto held UFC 297 card now in a Recent post on social media a clearly Devastating mot reacted to the loss and Thanked his fans for the Support hey guys so it's the morning After UFC 297 didn't go my way last Night uh which hurts to say but it's the Truth um I wanted to jump on here and Take a moment to express some Gratitude a lot of Fighters have said That you know after a win you've got 10 10,000 messages from fans and after a Loss you've got four Miss calls and Three of them are from your own Mother that's not been the case for me I've had so many people reach out And share positivity with me and wish me Well and and you know tell me I'll be Back and And the support is is unbelievable I Appreciate you guys so much I really Want to make you guys proud I'll be back Stronger and uh I just want to say thank You it means the world to me I love You Canadian fans go absolutely crazy on Shan Strickland the Instagram page Exile Apparel has posted behind the scenes Footage of Canadian fans going Absolutely nuts when sea Strickland Arrived at the arena for UFC

297 I got you Bro Cheers Thank Sean Strickland pays respect to drus Dupi after UFC 297 taking to social Media on Monday Strickland posted a Photo of dup's face after fighting Robert Whitaker and then compared it to Ddps face after their fight he captioned It writing I won but it was still a good Battle LOL respect Strickland also Shared a photo with the coach and Dan Ban captioned thanks for the lift back Can't get used to that private jet life At Dan delarian Strickland also praised Dana way and his company for blasting The reporter who suggested Dana gives His Fighters a Long Leash I don't give Anybody a leash well I'm saying you a Leash I'm like free Speech going control what people say Going to tell people what to believe Going to tell people I don't can tell Any other human being what to say what To think and there's no leashes on any Of Them what is your Question I was asking that question I'll Move on though yeah probably a good idea You that's ridiculous to say I give Somebody a leash Free Speech Brother People can say whatever they want and They can believe whatever they want

Reacted to the clip Strickland wrote the Last American company in Gary reacts to Sean Strickland's UFC t 7 loss Gary who Has been engaged in a verbal war with Strickland in recent months took a great Amount of pleasure in seeing Strickland Lose his title to Drake his dupi at UFC 297 in a video posted to his social Media Gary shared his live reaction to Strickland losing his title and slammed The former champ for an amateur Performance watch the highlights of the Sha Strickland and dupy fight was it Help sha get sparked and conscious there Is no way I ever would have bet against Dupc losing this fight considering he Mauled Robert Whitaker and Shan Strickland isn't half the fighter Robert Whitaker is too sloppy Boxing swinging look at This the [ __ ] State this zero Technique just slugging it out Now oh my God I feel like I'm watching To amateur this Fight oh my God what they Got oh my dear Jesus Christ if I ever Have a fight like that please tell me to Retire Yeah there you Go [ __ ] you Sean Strickland now that fight's even more Avable Course listen up fight fans we've been

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