Song Yadong NOT HAPPY w/ Sean Strickland’s China remarks! FOOTAGE of Ilia Topuria SPARRING Usman

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00:00 Tom Aspinall responds to Stipe Miocic
00:44 Michael Chandler vows to retire Conor McGregor
02:20 Belal Muhammad at risk of losing UFC title shot?
03:42 Michael Bisping gets honest on Strickland’s trash talk
05:53 Footage of Ilia Topuria sparring Kamaru Usman
06:39 Song Yadong not happy w/ Strickland remarks about China
07:27 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show started Let's start today's news with Tom aspal Responding to stie miic a few days ago Aspal made an argument on Twitter Stating that he should be the one to Fight Jon Jones for the Undisputed Heavyweight Tittle rather than stie mic Asol expressed his frustration with Mic's lack of activity noting that Stipe's last fight was in March of 2021 Where he suffered a second round Knockout lost Fran Sanu relinquishing The UFC's Heavyweight title in the Process me and later responded to Aspen Preaching Patience by writing I've never Caused a delay in the John fight Tom Once I get this win let's talk to unify The belt to which Aspen replied why wait Ready when you are Boss Michael Chandler vows to retire Conor McGregor the long awaited bout Between Chandler and McGregor has Finally been announced for June 29th in An interview with ESPN mma's Brett Okamoto Chandler shared his frustration With the long delay of their fight and Said McGregor will pay for that in in The octagon and he'll be the man to Retire the UFC star no no there's Definitely a certain certain aspect of That uh Revenge aspect make him pay for The last year you know some of it was Outside of his control but some of it a Lot of it he created I knew what I

Signed up for I knew I I knew I signed Up to do The Ultimate Fighter against The guy who was coming back from a Devastating leg injury and it could have Been you know delayed um but I didn't Think it would be delayed this long and All of that is going is just uh is just Uh deposits in the Bank of me just Wanting to absolutely smash this dude um Now I got want to stay Within Myself I Don't need to get emotional about it and Uh fight outside of myself but there Will be an extra hint of satisfaction of I think ending this guy's career I think Um doing something on the biggest stage I could have asked for the stage I've Been asking for and looking forward to Since we signed on the on the dotted Line for the ultimate fighter and and uh Yeah man it's been a great career and uh I still got a lot of gas left in the Tank even after this so I'm ready to Ready to dismantle this guy and then see What's next hopefully the [Laughter] [Music] Title Henry cejudo gets honest on balah Muhammad's UFC title shot Muhammad is Still waiting on the UFC to confirm his Long awaited title fight against Leon Edwards possibly on the upcoming UFC 300 Card although Triple C believes that Bal Might be skipped yet again in a recent YouTube video so hudo said that with the

Recent announcement that Jorge mol was UN retiring there is a good chance that Muhammad could lose his bid to fight Edwards for the belt as Leon versus Mosol would be a much bigger fight here From Triple C I mean as I said before Guys a UFC's a marketing company if he Can fight somebody like a leon he's Probably chasing for Leon cuz right now What he's thinking UFC 300 you know what They're probably thinking we're probably Going to exit out Balan muhamad and give George maswell that three piece in the Soda and give him an opportunity to Eventually fight Leon Edwards you know Who would have mind that Leon Edwards Why because I think stylistically Leon Edwards feels that that George lazardo Fight is probably uh a better match up For him not saying it's an easier fight For him but if I had a pick and I'm a Leon Edwards shoes you know who I'm Thinking about I want that threepiece in The soda if I'm the UFC you know what I'm thinking we get George Mass doll our Pay-per-view SS just gone up that much More Michael Bisping gets honest on Shan Strickland's trash talk last month at The 2024 UFC seasonal press conference Strickland went after Gary for turning Off his Instagram comments amid fan Backlash regarding his marriage Strickland also called Gary out for Trash talking fellow Fighters but then

And not dealing well with criticism when It was thrown his way moments later at That same press conference Strickland Found himself at the receiving end of What he considered to be unacceptable Trash talk when drus dupi brought off Shawn's abusive childhood after all that During a podcast appearance with theovon Strickland said that dupi went too far By mentioning child abuse however Michael Bisping believes Strickland Can't change the rules for something That he started speaking on his bym Podcast the former UFC middleweight Champ reminded strickly that all bets Are off with trash talk because he was The first to Target Ian Gary's wife hear It from Bisping yeah well I I was going To say that it comes down to more about The individual you know what I'm saying It's not necessarily certain things are Off limits you know what I me it's like What kind of person are you you know What kind of you know how far are you Willing to go like I would always talk About my opponent and fair enough maybe Their coach or whatever whoever kind of Inserted themselves into the equation to A certaint degree you're not going to Talk about people's mothers children's Wives whatever because number one They've got nothing to do with it right I guess the cornermen if they insert Themselves they have got something to do

With it because they're the cornermen Right they're going to be their wings Side and all the rest of it but people Like wives Etc is just how good of a Person are you if you're a silly person Then maybe you'll come out with that sub If you're a decent person then you know Better anyway you shouldn't need to say This it's not that this is off limit It it's off limits everywhere well if Anything if anything there's one person Where is on the table I would say that That would be Shan and again I'm not Talking [ __ ] against sha we're just Looking at it looking at the facts Looking at the data that has presented Itself with a clear view well if Sean's Going to talk about people's wives and All the rest of it then I guess well That's fair game right that's the game You want to play well how about this Footage of kamaru Usman sparring OT Porya one of the best mixed martial arts Gyms in the USA kill Cliff FC has posted A video to their Instagram stories of Ilot torya boxing kamaru Usman the Footage was recorded in 2023 when tooro Was preparing for his fight against Josh EMT check this [Music] Out [Music] Sad dong is not happy with Shan Strickland's remarks about China

Strickland is known for making Controversial comments and over the past Few months he has made several remarks About Chinese people as well as is risia Whom he called the China man for Carrying a Chinese flag during the Walkouts to his fights recently the UFC Middleway champion once again to Kad of China writing China's biggest exports Plastic and these remarks did not sit Well with UFC bway standout song yadong Whom hails from hey long gang China Yadong responded to Strickland's tweet Writing hey champ I respect your skills As a fighter but we should be talking Facts not baseless stereotypes as Athletes we ought to focus on what we Know best and avoid making unfounded Comments let's set a good example all Right time for today's top three memes Third place was found over on Reddit and Was posted by cat bean Soup second place meme was found over at Facebook and was posted by a usern named Robert and the top picked meme was found On Instagram and was posted by Conor McGregor thanks for watching if you like The content smash that like button and Don't forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk