Sean Strickland’s FIERY REPSONSE to Ian Garry’s wife! Merab CONFRONTS Costa for STEALING his food!

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00:00 Merab confronts Paulo Costa for stealing his food
01:18 Belal Muhammad’s prediction for Colby Covington vs. Ian Garry
02:39 Cormier reacts to Sean Strickland’s recent video
03:59 Strickland fires back at Ian Garry’s wife
06:18 Brendan Schaub reacts to UFC losing $335million in lawsuit payout
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All right let's get the show Started let's start today's news with Mor Rob vaj villy confronting Paulo Costa for stealing his food Costa Recently stole Mor Rob's food at the UFC Performance Institute now the Georgian Fighter confronted Costa in the parking Lot you my foot again come [Laughter] Come you already Big Guy look at me I'm Small bro I need I need more food than You More you keep getting big from Big okay Okay long as you're not stoling my P Juice don't okay let's change are you Give you a sec juice juice and I still Have your food and give you a secret Juice is exchange no I have my prominent Juice I'm good I'm good so this guy guys No no it's it's he's good guy it's okay I give him food no he pay yeah yeah yeah I I I I I I I will sell you some money Z Money no no no uh yeah okay but I I I Bought you I buy for you American dollar Not Brazilian dollar Mexican dollar Mexic okay Mexican good Bal Muhammad Provides an update on the Leon Edwards Title fight during a recent interview on MMA today Muhammad revealed that he Still hasn't received an offer to fight Edwards for the title but believes that Something is going to happen soon bro if If you you wouldn't believe how many Times I get asked that question any

Anywhere I go like I'll be at the I'll Be at the grocery store and I have like An old lady walk up to me like when are You fighting for the belt uh but I feel I feel like something's gonna happen Soon right that I'm staying positive With it I know that uh there's rum Blends of this Manchester card coming up So I'm just like bro I don't even care Where I don't care location I just want A contract with his name on it and uh Five rounds headle play please Bal was Also asked about a potential fight Between Kobe Covington and Ian Gary if The fight happens balah believes it Would go very bad for Covington I I Don't think so I I think he his time is Done I think he's gonna sit there and Keep playing this these cringe videos Weird videos and uh honestly I got Ian Gary lighting him up like he looked Terrible his last fight and I think if He does end up fighting Gary uh Gary will end up like Gary's Good with his distance especially in a Big cage I think he'll end up piecing Him up and uh using his movement to get Away from him Daniel Cormier reacts to Sean Strickland's most recent video Earlier this week Strickland opened up About his mental health struggles Highlighting that despite his Fame and Fortune he's still grappling with Challenges that he cannot overcome

Speaking in a recent YouTube video DC Said that Strickland needs help and Feels that the MMA Community should come Together to support Sean in this regard Sean Strickland is a guy that has a very Very dark past we all know that but that Dark past has served to make him a world Champion fighter and a guy that is Willing to go through so much adversity Said he's rich and still can't get past The hurdles mentally I want to make sure That we as the consumer treat this in The same manner in which we treated Alexander volkanovski when he spoke About his issues mentally whether you Love him or you hate him we have to look At the human being because when vul said He was in his own head we all rushed to Speak to him his strength we need to Make sure we do the same thing for Shan Strickland Sean Strickland that's a plea For help so we as the the mixed marar Community should rush to his side again Just like we did for Alexander vinoski Shan Strickland fires back at Ian Gary's Wife in a recent video posted on our Instagram page Gary's wife took some Shots at Strickland blaming him for all The hate she and Ian have been receiving Calling him a current multiple world [ __ ] title holder this tsunami of Aggression towards the undefeated Welterweight all exploded when former Middleweight title holder and current

Multiple world [ __ ] title holder Shan Strickland read a clickbait Headline but didn't bother to fact check Or read the whole article lie number Three Ian is a step back up Sean Strickland a man who's unlikely to be o With the Shakespearean English He Unwittingly used when calling Ian a First Penn in the story of AOW the word Cold refers to the fear of a man who's Been betrayed by his wife Shan Strickland has been talking an awful lot About Ian Gary's wife I've been called a Sexual predator a p an abuser or by the Man who alleges he suffered that exact Abuse as a child growing up now Strickland fired back with his own Statement in which he labeled Gary's Wife a demon who wants Attention all right succubus I'll give You what you want you talk about me I'll Give you what you want attention I don't Want to call you by your name cuz if we Know anything about demons the moment You start using their name it gives them Power and that's all you want right Power and Attention when you post a picture this Is why you're talking about me when you Post a picture and you get those Fake Plastic T and that tiny little dress and You realize man I'm an old lady no one Wants to see me half naked in a dress You think to myself how can I get the

Attention that I want how can I get what I want you talk about me you bring my Name up you've never done anything You've never accomplished anything the Only thing you've ever done is seduce Famous men and let me tell you why You're such a despicable person Everybody is has gone and went and Forgot about this we've accepted in We've accepted you the best it may seem And you bring this back up and tarnish Your husband's name just because that Little insecure succubus demon inside You wants attention whatever suub B cave You came from just go back to it Brandon Shaw reacts to the UFC losing $335 Million in a lawsuit payout the UFC has Just wrapped up a decade long lawsuit Against them Fighters such as Nate quy Kungle John Fitch and others began suing The company in 2014 they alleged the Company broke several Anti-Trust laws in Their pursuit to become the sports Biggest promoter the fighters were Searching for a $1.6 billion payout for Over 1,200 athletes who competed between 2010 and 2017 the two sides were set to Go to trial on April 15th instead the fighters settled with The TKO group in the UFC earlier today The UFC will pay out 33 $5 million Instead with no injunctive relief Meaning that the company can essentially Operate as normal and won't have to

Configure contracts speaking on the Fighter in the kid podcast Brendan sha Chimed in on the topic and explained why It's a win for the UFC the antitrust Lawsuit and I was on Reco they're not Going to settle these guys are looking For a change they're not going to settle And then we get news today they settled For $335 million this is a massive Massive victory for the UFC and it's Such a blow the fighters or for the UFC For the UFC no no no awful for the Fighters nothing changes there's no Alli Act there's no nothing's going to change But then also the UFC is fine even if They would to lost six billion they're Fine here's the issue pfl ryzen all These other leagues Bellator screwed why Cuz the Monopoly carries on the say it Went to a trial and the fighters won it Would change the course so the UFC Wouldn't have such a stronghold on the Game so you would have the other Organizations be able to thrive now all This does suppress everybody in the UFC Just keeps getting bigger the fighters Need a union they need a union just like MLB and NFL NBA has that's the only way They're ever going to make a Change it's time for today's top memes Third place was found over on Instagram And was posted by as shapped as it Gets the second place meme was found Over on Instagram and was posted by

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