Sean Strickland WARNS he’ll LEAVE UFC! Conor RESPONDS to Joe Rogan! Khabib REACTS to GSP’s comments!

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00:00 Khabib reacts after GSP claims he’d beat him
01:12 Jamahal Hill sends a message to his doubters
02:00 Sean Strickland warns he’ll leave the UFC
02:54 Strickland goes off on Planet Fitness
03:47 Demetrious Johnson not happy w/ CM Punk’s UFC earnings
05:23 Jacare Souza body shot challenge
06:00 Igor Severino apologizes for biting his opponent
07:21 Conor McGregor responds to Joe Rogan’s comments
08:21 TOP 3 mma memes



All right let's get the show Started let's start today's news with Khabib n mov responding to George St Pierre's comments GSP recently made an Appearance on the pound-for-pound Podcast with Kamar Usman and Henry Cejudo there he was asked about what a Prime GSP fight against Habib would look Like GSP said that he's confident he Would have beat khabib stating that he Was never intimidated of his wrestling Skills unlike khabib's other opponents Well well I don't know it's easy I can Say whatever I want but I think kabib Could have beat me you know I don't I'm Not saying I would have beat kabib all The time I'm not I'm just I was Confident enough to take that fight that I'm I was thinking that if I take that Fight I'm going to beat him that day at That particular place at that particular You know that doesn't mean I will beat Him all the time but I I'm I was Confident but maybe I'm wrong you know Like I I think I would have beaten Because in a way that I was I was going If he would have come to put pressure on Me I would have put him down I would Have not I would have been have a Confident to try to go for it khabib Issued a classy response writing I Learned from this guy a lot even hearing Him talk about me is so interesting just Pee all day Jamal Hill sends a message

To his doubters the former UFC champ has Posted a skit of how people envisioned The UFC 300 Main Event will go versus How it will actually unfold oh no no Hell no I can see my leg but I can't Feel that mother cu is that a Tiger Woods 99 on your leg no he ain't about Another it's been a misunderstanding These things for walking coach talking About a check only check I'm going get His for showing up I'm about to check Out to beat me in the race cuz he ain't Going to keep beating on my Leg what the is your leg made up check My kick like Nike my nerves and feelings Didn't check completely out maybe I Should stick to boxing this strong leg [ __ ] must be stepping for Jesus Somebody else going to have to step up I'm out Shan Strickland gives boxing Ultimatum to demand Drake's dupi rematch On Thursday reports came out that isra Ver draus dupi is in the works for UFC 305 of course Strickland wasn't happy With the news and once again pleaded his Case for a rematch against DDP over isra Adania he tweeted the UFC fans want me And draus to settle it draus wants to Settle it we all know I fought in a Dirty liberal country who me Dana knows It the UFC knows it if it was anyone Else on the roster the rematch would Happen do the right thing UFC f up with You know man I'm not climbing that

Ladder again if that isn't for me I Don't know boxing a fan then wrote Boxing would be fun to watch you and You'd basically get paid to beat up YouTubers Sean replied yeah go make Millions beating up Jake Paul laughing My ass off Strickland also posted a Video of him going off on Planet Fitness well guys I had to cancel my Planet this membership it sucks it's Like right down the street but man you Got to understand these corporations are The enemy of America they are the enemy Of the family Dynamic like their only Sore purpose is to make you depress and To spin and you know it started with Like started with a flag you know accept The flag accept the alphabets we're Going to put it on a bottle we're going To put on a shirt if you don't buy it You're a bigot we all said know whatever Dude I'm not a bigot like I I'll buy the Flag I'll buy the shirt sure I'll buy The bottle but like look at how much They've taken from us look at how much They've tried to destroy the American Family and how much they've tried to Change us these people are the enemy to America we don't accept it we don't want That person that thing on the bottle we Don't want it stay out of Demetrius Johnson is not happy with CM Punk's UFC Earnings as many fans know WWE star CM Punk gave mixed martial arts a try many

Years ago he competed in the US u c Losing in both of his outings while some Showed him respect for stepping in the Cage others criticized him for receiving Such high-profile opportunities in Particular a lot of his haters didn't Like how much he was being paid recent Reports reveal that CM Punk earned over $500,000 per fight speaking in a recent YouTube video Demetrius Johnson shared His honest take on the topic and Admitted seeing CM Punk's UFC earnings Left a bad taste in his mouth so the UFC Went went on the limp and gave this guy A very uh delicious contract if I may Say this guy was making more money than The champions in the UFC how do I know That because his paycheck was bigger Than mine he was clearing a flat $500,000 I will pull it up right now to Show you guys um absolutely just uh a Big spit in the face of all the Champions but at the end of the day um It's more of a popularity contest that Get you the money in mixed martial arts Than actual your skills obviously he Made that money because of his Mixed Martial not mixed martial arts history His wrestling history but I'm not going To lie to you guys this put a chip on my Shoulder and a bad taste in my mouth Because I was doing mix Mars my whole Entire life and the most I've made in The UFC was like 380,000 plus 50 40,000

I mean it's all public record jakare Saa's teammate takes the body shot Challenge like a champ saza who's known For vicious body shots has been Challenged to a body shot contest by his Teammate here's how it Went we got to build that Power they it to that power he going Straight to the same Spot Igor srino apologizes for biting his Opponent an emotional srino has spoken Out for the first time since the Infamous biting incident and revealed That his family has been receiving death Threats in an interview with MMA junkie Eigor said it's been crazy some crazy Days one day I was fighting in the best Promotion in the world I was making my Dreams come true the next moment I'm Banned from the promotion to see all of This go away and in the way it did it's Something that is not part of me it's Not who I am as a person that's not who I am as a fighter I just feel very Regretful it makes me very emotional and Sad about it my dream became a nightmare Overnight I'm very regretful to my Opponent I apologize to Lima to Dana to The Nevada athletic commission to sha Shelby who spoke to me after the fight To Mick Maynard everyone in the Organization and the fans sorry to Everyone who was watching that on TV

They didn't deserve to see that I Remember everything that was happening Until I got hit with something really Hard I watched the video later and I Thought it was an elbow from there I was On autopilot I don't remember anything You can talk with anyone that we fought With or anyone who has promoted one of My fights I've always fought with Respect and laid it down in the cage I've never done anything outside the Barriers of the sport to me I couldn't Comprehend what's going On Conor McGregor responds to Joe Rogan's recent comments following the Filming of Roadhouse McGregor said that After experiencing his first movie role He believes that acting is harder than MMA speaking on his podcast Joe Rogan Refuted McGregor's claims calling it Crazy acting is harder than UFC cuz he's In roadh house that was a quote from Connor oh really acting is harder than UFC listen to me that's not true that's Not true tredc his whole life okay Acton Roadhouse are fight kabib again shut the Up that is crazy talk that's crazy talk I think he probably just meant that he's Bad at it he broke hising leg in a fight He broke his leg like that's harder yes That's way hard talking actually harder I think he just making a statement a Quote Conor responded to these comments Tweeting Hey Joe I kidnapped khabib's

Barar and put it in a 2 two and shot it In the back of the head and he still Won't come Back it's time for today's top memes Third place was found over on Reddit and Was posted by down botel if you're gay Second place meme was found over on Facebook and was posted by Robert and a top picked meme was found Over on Instagram and was posted by MMA Fan thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk