Sean Strickland THREATENS to slap Michael Chiesa! O’Malley on Strickland’s mental health issues!

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All right let's get the show Started let's start today's news with Robert Whitaker breaking down his Upcoming fight against hamzat shimay Whitaker vers shimay has been announced As the headliner for UFC on ABC 6 the Promotion's first card on Saudi soil Speaking on Mighty cast with Demetrius Johnson Whitaker discussed his strengths And weaknesses against shimay and Explained how he plans on neutralizing Hamzat wrestling as well I'd like to Think that I'm going to go in there with A speed advantage and a stri in Advantage I'm going to I'm going in There thinking that his I think one of His greatest strengths is the fact that He can force the wrestling on people and I think it's going to be a little harder To force the wrestling on me just Because of my distance because of my Control of spacing and yeah I'm I'm Really looking forward to this fight I Think it's going to be a hard fight I'm Going to take that same mentality into This fight and look look to take him to War and just just earn this win going to Earn this win and this puts me in Perfect direction for for a title shot I Think he's a good fighter and I think He's got a head good great head space For the for the craft and he knows what He does well and he goes out there with Undoubted confidence in what he can do

And I guess you know that that makes a Very dangerous recipe but also it's it's Something that like if it gets shaken Then you you don't know which way it's Going to the cards are going to fall Sort of thing so I'm I'm looking forward To testing that to see how big the hype Is if you would chel sunnon shares an Interesting theory behind Shan Strickland's delayed UFC return Strickland remains sideline after losing The UFC middleweight title to draus dupi At UFC 297 amidst this ongoing absence Strickland has expressed frustration With the UFC's hesitancy to book him an Immediate rematch against the South African Strickland has gone so far as to Threaten to move to boxing if the UFC Matchmakers don't meet his demands in a Recent episode of good guy bad guy CH Sunon explained how future UFC events Might reveal a possible matchup for Strickland the American Gangster Believes that Strickland will be a Backup Fighter for either adisan vers DDP or Whitaker vers chimaev if that's Not the case sunnon believes that the UFC will match stricking up with the Undefeated Prospect Bo Nickl yeah Hey listen the man into the Masses is the most important thing you Can have and yes it does appear that Strickland versus dupc was the really Big fight now Dana himself before he

Even made dupy versus Izzy tried to make Strickland versus Izzy my only point Being and we all heard the rumors and The attempts that were made by the UFC To bring dupy and Izzy together for UFC 300 I share that because generally when Somebody holds out somebody new does get An opportunity that would be Strickland And I think that was his biggest Argument he's sitting around saying Hey Listen I beat one of these guys in Izzy One of the judges it was fairly Controversial thought he had beaten dup Plusy I don't mind the argument but when You ask what's next for Sean Strickland I couldn't really tell if you were Asking that rhetorically speaking and Wanted to rebuke but let me give you one Cuz I have two guesses and they're very Different one is that Shan Strickland is Used as a backup Fighter for either of These two uh major matches that we're Speaking about and the second Daniel There is a reason b nickel is getting The push there is a reason the nickel is Getting the shine at UFC 300 I don't Know what it is but my guess is at some Point he's going to have to play with One of the big names that big name That's sitting available is going to be Shan Strickland Shan Elly blames daily Sparring for Shawn Strickland's mental Health issues this past month Shawn told

His social media followers that despite Having everything he wants he sometimes Still feels mentally unwell and a danger To others speaking on his Timbo sugar Show Elli responded to these comments Saying anyone that says that they Literally have a desire to kill people Probably aren't doing mentally well you Either love or you hate and if you want To people for no reason I mean he's Honest about it which is pretty crazy Just going in there and sparring and Getting hit in the head not that he gets Hit that much but if you're getting hit Not that much but you Spar every day That adds Up Sean Strickland gets into unexpected Beef with Michael Kessa the beef started After Strickland tweeted my girl watches The Tik Tok sadly she keeps sh join me Miss peaches the bar stool Sports guys Dog and I asked my girl does this man Have kids no let me tell you all Something if you're a grown ass Childless man obsessed about a dog you Got to rethink your life rich or poor Kessa responded if you're a grown ass Childless man hating on someone for Loving a dog you got to rethink your Life rich or poor Sean fired back Writing Mike I'm not saying you're wrong But you talk a lot of [ __ ] to me and you Haven't earned that right you're not Just a random person on next no free

Pass I think it's time you get an Opportunity to be my equal not at the pi But I think it's time just going to be a Light [ __ ] slap I'm not just going to Attack him but just a little love tap Just a hey you ready kind of deal Sean Followed up again man in the world of X Say what you want it's all fair game I Don't know you but if I know you LOL Entirely different set of Rules Jamal Hill posts another skit on Tik Tok the former UFC champ has shared Another entertaining clip showcasing Various styles of cage Entrances Rob devage villy helps Alaine Sterling Prepare for UFC 300 in a recent video Posted to his social media has seen Conditioning Al's Body ahead of his Featherweight debut against Kelvin Ker 3089 10 11 move Tony let's Go 15 16 17 18 19 20 25 Go let's go old school let's go let's go You sh you sh yes don't Breath Go Okay I'm not done Recording What thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't

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