Sean Strickland THREATENS ‘to K!LL’ Bryce Hall + shares DMs! Cejudo REMOVES his longtime coach!

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00:00 Merab ‘the comedian’ Dvalishvili posts new video
00:44 Adesanya adds to $20million property portfolio
01:27 Themba Gorimbo chilling with lions
02:38 ONE Championship responds to Sage Northcutt’s warning
03:57 Ilia Topuria reacts to Volkanovski’s ‘excuses’
05:04 Sean Strickland threatens ‘to k!ll’ Bryce Hall
07:03 Henry Cejudo removes his longtime coach ahead of UFC 298
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All right let's get the show Started let's kick off today's news with Morab the comedian dvil sharing a new Video morab has posted a new video on Twitter mocking his UFC 298 opponent Henry [Music] Cejudo Is RNA adds to his $20 million property Portfolio with self-named subdivision According to a report by stuff aisna has Built an impressive real estate Portfolio in New Zealand with the latest Edition being a build to rent Subdivision in Palmerston North on North Island the subdivision is called adisan Close stuff spoke to property manager Wade Thompson who said the aisna clo Listing received 3,000 views this past December and that three of seven units Have already been purchased the article Also cites property records that Estimate osan's real estate Investments To be valued at north of $20 million Thompson added that osia likely owns Well over 19 properties from Auckland to Dunaden Tempa gimbo returns to Zimbabwe The UFC Welter way is enjoying being Back home in Zimbabwe after his recent 32 second knockout win over Pete Rodriguez at UFC Vegas 85 he plans to Build a solar power library in his rural District of mikita here's a clip of Gimbo chilling with lions while back

Home yeah big in Zimbabwe chilling here With my Bros over here I just did this So that you know you guys when you ask Me oh so tber when you're in Africa do You live with lions you like see Lions Every day you are right I do They here as you can see just chilling We are resting and then we go hand Later as you all Know Love one Championship response to Sage North Cut's claims northcut withdrew From a highly anticipated B with Shin Aoki scheduled for 11 165 that took Place in January the broadcast team Announced during the event that there Were unforeseen circumstances with his Cornermen North cut later took to social Media addressing the situation calling The promotion's explanation inaccurate And said he was not informed that two of His coaches would not be allowed to Corner him until close to the start of His match he accused one of not keeping Him informed about the status of his Cornermen until it was too late one has Now responded to North Cut's comments in A statement calling the dispute a Misunderstanding the statement reads one Championship empathizes with sage Northcut in regards to the situation he Faced at 165 where two of his coaches Were not allowed to Corner him leading To his withdrawal from the event due to

A change in external guidance from a Third party Visa consultancy on Certificate of Eligibility requirements For all cornermen at 165 there were work Visa processing issues leading up to the Event which unfortunately impacted Multiple athletes the one team Communicated the ongoing issues to our Athletes and their management but there Was clearly a misunderstanding with the Options presented to Sage and his team Despite his recent comments one value Sage's partnership on a personal and Professional level and we hope that we Can resolve this situation Amicably OT tooro reacts to Alex Volkanovski's excuses for the Islam Makev loss volkanovski recently revealed That he was drinking alcohol every day Prior to getting the call to rematch Makev on just 12 days notice now his UFC 298 opponent ilot poro reacted to vk's Comments saying I don't know if Alexander banovski is making excuses He's saying the truth who cares he lost And that's It to accept such a big challenge like He did without training camp that's for That looks a little bit unprofessional For me because I don't know when you Move up to the next way class and you Fight with with a guy who is a champion In the next division you need a full Training camp right even if he he

Wouldn't drink and this and that you Need a whole training camp to Face such a big challenge you know so I Don't know if he's making excuses he's Saying the Truth who cares he lost and that's it Sean Strickland responds to Bryce Hall's Call out social media influencer Bryce Hall recently called Strickland out to a Sparring session and voiced his Disapproval of the former UFC champ for Beating up sneo actually seeing like That [ __ ] made me mad that's what I Thought he was going to do and dude I Want to see like he's known for being a Hard bar him doing that champion I would Love to just do that to kind of show I I know this is crazy to say but if me And him box it'll be different you think So Yes I can actually put like a [ __ ] ton Of money on it I I don't care it would Be it would be very very close it was it Was scummy man I this influencer found To score uh Sean Shirland and I'm only 180 lb Sean Shri I'm down for it he can go he can go as Hard as he wants in response Strickland Took TX and shared a screenshot of his Interaction with Hall writing you all Want to see a dead body God this is the Only thing I've ever wanted please Please I never ask you for anything Please the DM reads okay deal me and you

This week I'll give you a location you Can bring a GoPro or something just me And you I'm tired of this gim BS you Ready to be a man for the first time in Your life Bryce responded writing you Know I'm down shaie boy Hall is the First social influencer to compete in a Bare knuckle fight when when he debuted At bkfc 48 in August of 2023 against guo Perez he scored a second round TKO Stoppage Strickland was also offered a Million dollars to spar Jake Paul but it Seems like that won't happen because the UFC would likely sue him for taking the Challenge what do you think about Jake Paul you going to fly for a million and Box him what do you think about that kid I think UFC would the out of me if I did That but yes I would do yeah and last Question but more than Likely they would sh the out of me but In the world the desert bro I'm your man Bro just you got the plane show up Henry Cejudo removes longtime coach Eric alar Soo's parted ways with Eric albarin Ahead of his bout against morab dvil at Saturday's UFC 298 alarin was one of Several people Soo dropped in efforts to Reduce his team size the news of the Change was revealed during the UFC's Countdown preview show unfortunately we Can't show you guys the clip due to YouTube's copyright policy however you Can watch it on the UFC's YouTube

Channel in a conversation with his coach Cejudo said you were with me for my last Olympic trials and you've been there for Me but as of right now I just want to Let you know that for this Camp dude I'm Getting rid of specific coaches and That's you included Triple C later Explained his decision saying sometimes You get too close to somebody and people Just get too comfortable right now what I want to do in this fight Camp is keep It strictly Business time for today's top memes Third place was found over on X and was Post posted by Robert second place meme was found over On Reddit and was posted by a usern Named MMA Fan and the top picked meme was found Over on X and was posted by Doy thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk