Sean Strickland GOES CRAZY on MMA reporter! Du Plessis REVEALS DM’s from Strickland! PFL CEO-Dana

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00:00 Cormier says people underestimate Strickland’s mental toughness
01:19 Du Plessis reveals what Strickland sent him in a DM
03:15 PFL CEO slams UFC’s planned Saudi Arabia debut
04:50 Brendan Schaub predicts Strickland vs. Du Plessis
05:55 Sean Strickland loses it on MMA reporter
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All right let's get this show started in Today's news Daniel Cormier makes a case For Shan Strickland's mental toughness Being overlooked despite Strickland Appearing emotionally charged ahead of Saturday even going as far as Threatening to dupie if he brought up His past again Cormier praised Strickland's mental toughness on the DC And RC show and said he expects the Champ to be levelheaded when he fights The South African you know what's you Know what's funny I think that we as a Sport overlook look how mentally tough Sean Strickland is because we talk about All of the things from the past some of The absurd things that he might say but The moment he gets into the Octagon he Stays the Course RC you made a great Point there he was talking about isra Aagna and dogs and all kind of crazy Stuff in the build to the last fight They stepped into the octagon and he Looked like he had no issue with Izzy he Was there to do a job and he was going To do it in the best way possible I Think that is what's most overlooked About Sean Strickland is because Regardless of the emotional Outburst That he may have in the build to these Fights when he's in there he fights with A game plan and I don't anticipate That's going to change against Drake's Dupi Drake's dupi has revealed what

Strickland sent him in a direct message Dupi and Strickland set a few rows in Front of each other at UFC 296 where Some trash talking led to an eventual Physical alteration shortly after the Cage side Skirmish Strickland revealed On his podcast that he sent a message to Dy and at UFC 297 media day the South African opened up and what was said in The text I was actually surprised that I Saw him make it public that he did Message me because I didn't want to Al Him on that but since we're talking About it and he uh yeah so he said if There's anything that he's not he Shouldn't say like he'll lay back but if I bring up the thing with his uh of his Childhood again again he said I'll K you And ruin your life and mine way before We step into the cage something like That that's exactly his words So I'm like okay so this we guy it seems Pretty serious I feel I feel bad for him But I just replied and said Listen there's nothing you can say that Has any effect on me like go crazy You're talking about me kissing other Dudes I have more photos I post them Online I don't Care you think I care I'm completely Comfortable with my sexuality have you Seen my girl my Guy yeah so I don't care about that you Know me kissing my coach kissing my dad

Kissing my brothers I don't feel like People saying oh that's so what I don't Care I love those people that's my Family and uh you know it doesn't really There's nothing he can say that can get Under my skin there's a shield I'm I'm The mentally strongest fighter in the World and I told him you can say Literally whatever you want All is fair In Love and War but I won't say anything About your childhood again uh cool pfl CEO has slammed UFC's planed Saudi Arabia debut The Dana Whit Le promotion Was scheduled to hold their first event In Saudi Arabia in March however earlier This week the fight night was formally Postponed to June the announcement came Around the same time that the pfl Announced their card in the Middle East Slated for February appearing on the MMA Hour with Ariel hanani pfl executive Don Davis stated that the announcement Wasn't a coincidence in his eyes the UFC Attempted to put forth a poor Fight Card Which led to Saudi Arabia stepping in And wanting a better return on their Investment Davis is confident that this Won't be the case for them in the future On February 24th he will head to Saudi Arabia to promote their first event in The form of pfl versus Bellator the card Features names such as Ryan Bader and Patricio piple as well as the return of Cl of shields hear it from Davis I don't

Think it's any coincidence that the UFC March 2nd event was cancelled the day Before our fight event those who know MMA said that is not a mega event that Is not worthy of being hosted in Saudi Arabia that is a poor fight quality card The UFC put forth on March 2nd could UFC Load up a card and have a mega card they Could do they do it that often they Don't we're going to do it every time we Do it and so our partners who are host Partners like Saudi Arabia our partners Who are pay-per-view Partners like Doone Or ESPN plus they know they can count on Us for these two fights a year best of The best of the best so that's how we're Thinking about it in terms of the Business model going forward Brandon sha Gives his prediction for Strickland Versus dupi speaking on his thick boy Podcast shop made a short breakdown of The upcoming title fight between Strickland and dupi and explained why He's got Strickland beating dupi UFC 297 So the question is what happens on Saturday's Main Event so if Strickland Can dictate the pace he's going to blow DDP out of the water if he can dictate The pace just like he did with Izzy just Like he's done before and avoid the big Shot which I think he's learned from the Alex Pier fight not to play that game if He can control the pace if he can Continue to put DDP on his back foot

He's gonna blow the doors off DDP I do Have Shan Strickland winning this fight I have him win this fight I think he can TKO him in the fourth round Sean Strickland has been in much bigger Fights so all signs to me Point towards Shan Strickland unless he gets caught Which can definitely happen but my money Would be on Sean Strickland I think we Show him a little more respect I think Just going ah Izzy had a bad night Strickland's not that good that ain't Going to work for me the kids damn good Shan Strickland has gone off on a Canadian reporter ahead of his title Fight Strickland was at media day when a Reporter asked the middleweight champ About his past comments regarding the Lgbtq community the reporter mentioned That Toronto is known for having a Strong lgbtq Community which Strickland Wasn't thrilled about and proceeded to Criticize the reporter then asked Shawn About his past comments on the trans Community which led the UFC middleweight Champion to go on a rant well I'm asking This is a part are you are you a man I'm An ally of the community okay if you had A son and he was like you know he had a Son he was gay you'd be like oh man you Don't you don't want a grand kid no Problem with it man well D you're a weak Man dude you're like you're part of the Fing problem you elected Justin Trudeau

Like with you when he sees the Bank accounts like you're Pathetic and and the fact that the fact That you have no backbone and And has he shut down your Country and seiz bank accounts you ask Me some stupid like that Yourself move the on 10 years ago to was A what a mental illness and now all of a Sudden people like you haveing weasel Your way in the world World you are you are an Infection you are the definition of Weakness everything that is wrong with The world is because of you and the best Thing is is the world's not buying it The world's not buying your You're pedaling the world is not saying You know what you're right chicks have The world's not saying that world's Saying no there are two genders I don't Want my kids being taught about you know Who they coulding school I don't my kids Being taught about you know their sexual Preference like dude this guy is aing Enemy you want to look at theing enemy To our world it's that right There asking these stupid fing questions Time for today's top memes the third Place pick was found over on Facebook And it was posted by Robert second place meme was found over On Instagram and was posted by a Username Beaver Smash

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